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First of all great theme! I loved the design and in the process of building a personal blog based on that.

But for some reason I can’t get the custom post types to work! I followed the steps in the documentation but it didn’t work. Is there any prerequisite that I might have missed?

Thank you very much

Hello Sudaththa,

What excactly isn’t working? :)

Kind regards

When I follow the instructions and post an item as a video or quote, it comes out as a normal post. with just the video URL in the body.

Could you give me an admin login via mail or send me some screenshots? :)

It’s hard for me to otherwise help you in a decent manner :)


Hey Hi – Need some help please. After the last update – the widget slider is not working. I tried re uploading the theme and everything… but doesnt seem to be working.

please help. :)

Actually – its not working on the home page.

Can you give me a URL? :)

Hey sir,

It was down to a plugin that was disabling the slider for some reason! :)

Kind regards

hi please is it support ARABIC language?

thanks alot


Hello nahar,

The font used can support arabic language with a small adding of code to the css! :) if you want i’ll help you with it.

Kind regards

wonderful i will purchase it and when i will start on writing i will tell u that time

thanks my brother

Hello Nahar,

Great, just let me know!

Kind regards


I purchased the theme however when i put a link in the custom fields, the read more button does not appear? I am doing something wrong?


Hi Again, This will be my last question I promise :P Is it possible to edit the CSS or something so that there is a smaller gap between the website title and the page title as shown in the picture below?

Any help greatly appreciated!

Thanks! (again :))

Hello Quick,

Just look for:

.flex-container-homepage .flexslider

and change the padding! :)

Kind regards

Thats brilliant Thanks!

Hello there, first of all, congrats on this neat and good looking template. :) I have a few questions, but please, take the fact that I’m no IT specialist under consideration. ;)

1. I’ve translated a few lines in the “po” file, but it seems to have no effect on the web after I’ve uploaded the modifications. Actually, it’s quite weird, because some text are in Polish (the way I want it), and some remain in English (the most frustrating for me is the “read more” button, because I’m sure I’ve made changes in right place). Could you give me a hand with that?

2. The page works nicely on Chrome, but: - in IE10 there are no icons (social media and the stipes next to the menu button) whatsoever - Opera can’t handle Polish diacritic marks in the font (I don’t know if it’s related to the template or is it a common problem with Opera), so I get half a word in one font, and the other half in another ;) - in Firefox, when you place the cursor over an image, instead of the zoom effect, the image vanishes

If you have a second or two, please look me up at and let me know if any of these problems can be fixed. Thanks in advance! :)

Hello roshi,

If you want i’ll take a look at it tonight see if I can dig anything up about this :)

You can rate a theme by going to your downloads page, you’ll see stars next to the item you want to rate! :)

Kind regards

If you have time, it will be much appreciated. :) Thanks a lot for your help – 5 stars comming up.

Thank you so much roshi, I really really appreciate it :)

Just searched a bit , what domain host are you using? Best thing to do is check how your domain is configured!

Kind regards


Love the theme and super excited to use it, however I’m having trouble getting the slider to work on the main blog page :(

Images are distorted and not displayed correctly. How can I get it to work properly?

Please check out to see what I mean.

Thanks a bunch!

Thanks for your reply – it seems the fix and updated theme work fine for vimeo videos but not for youtube :( Please have a look on on the 2nd and 3rd pages.

Hello George,

I’ve got this issue on my older themes aswell it has something to do with the new way of youtube’s embedding code.

i’ll keep you updated!

Kind regards

Hello George,

Just fixed it! :) Either replace your old ‘responsiveness.js’ with this one:

or wait for the update to be released! (I think within a day or two)

Kind regards


I just ordered your theme last week and starting to install it now. I just have the one question about where you got your background image. I really like it. Can you tell me where you got it or can you distribute it for free? The lady that provided you with your images….this one in particular is not in her portfolio.

I tried to buy another one which had high resolution, but when I tried to upload the background, the image was so small and this was an image around the size of 3005×1996. I thought for sure this was large enough. It seems to come up as a thumbnail and the only way to overcome this small image is to tile it. Tiling looks ugly.

Thanks, Steve

It seems perfect?

Mine is so big because the slider is there aswell. You can enter a slider text under “slider” in the left hand column! :)

Kind regards

Thanks! Oh. under Appearance—> Widgets .. there is no social media widget to drag over …in the demo ..there seems to be one. I can see the social media links at the bottom.

How do I add this?


Hello steve,

These can be set via “appearance” -> “customize” -> “footer socials”

Kind regards

Mats makes beautiful themes, is super fast and amazing to work with, wow! Very very recommended!! :)

Thank you Julia! :) much appreciated!

What are the new updates? I got an email saying there is one but can’t really figure out what the new updates are (to see if they’re important or not)

By the way, I really do love this theme :)

Hello Pokidot!

The latest update was a small fix with youtube video posts not scaling correctly! :)

Glad to hear that :) i really appreciate your purchase!

Kind regards

Hi there,

I am desperately looking for a very clean and simple blog theme and this one looks great, but when I try to view the menu in the demo, I can only see the top part and I see ‘Social’ but nothing underneath it. When I scroll it just disappears. How’s that? (I use Safari, Macbook 13”)


Could you show me a screenshot of the first issue? The menu automaticly closes when scrolling down, it was coded that way, however you can delete the code that does this so it stays open.

Kind regards

Hello, I keep getting a 5px white border near #pageslide. Probably I messed something up but I cannot find a css div responsible for that. I’d be greatful for your help:)

Hello Hofft,

go to “appearance” -> “editor” and open up “style.css”.

Look for ”#pageslide” and change “overflow-y:scroll” to “overflow-y:hidden”

That should fix it! :)

Kind regards

Thank you so much!:*

You’re welcome! :)

Hi there,

Thank you for a wonderful theme—I am really enjoying working with it :)

Just a questions though:

1. Is it possible to make the menu slider “persist” on reload for desktop use. I realise that on mobile this is not feasible but on desktop it would be great not having the user click menu after each page reload;

Kind regards

Francois Wessels

Hello Franwess,

Thank you!

You could try doing this. It requires some changing in the jquery though! :) go to your custom.js file and firstly delete this line:

    //Close Sidebar On Scroll
    $(window).scroll(function () {
        if ($(window).scrollTop() > 500) {

This stops the sidebar from collapsing when scrolling.

secondly to make sure it opens you’ll have to call the pageslide function on window load! :)

Kind regards

Hi there,

Thank you for your response—I will try as suggested and let you know if I have any issues.



Is it possible not to show all the blog posts on the home page and just set it to one page that i can add information into? i like the slider, just want to add my own content into the section below this?

Hello velvet,

Go to “settings” -> “reading” and set a page as your static front page! :)

Kind regards

Hey there, Lovely theme. One question; is it possible to have the portfolio grid, separate to the blog.

I.e I’d like to use the portfolio grid as the home page and then have the blog as what you have as the home page now but have different stuff on the blog. Is that possible? Thanks,

Hello Bongo,

This is a common issue when resizing the iframe where the site is viewed in. It has nothing to do with the theme itself rather with the way the preview code works on my website! If you’ll view it on a phone or just by resizing your browsers window and refreshing the page you’ll notice that it appears fine! :)

Kind regards

Sorry. One other thing; is it possible to have the grid on the home page AND the slider.

Hello Bongo,

What do you mean exactly? :)

Kind regards


Love your theme, but i want the widget-area in the header to always stay open, is it possible ? and if yes, how do I fix it ?

Regards Kim

Hello ekkify,

thank you for the compliment! :) Yes this can be done.

  • look for #box in style.css on line 2608
  • Delete the line that says display:none;
  • Look for .flex-container-homepage .flexslider on line 1922 and add the line display:none;

Kind regards

Thanks for the help ! :)

You’re welcome :)

Is it possible to create a page similar to the portfolio columns template but using the posts instead of the “portfolio” posts?

Hello Velvet,

This could be done but it would require some recoding!


would you be able to DM me a quote?

Hello velvet,

sure just send me an email via the profile page!

Kind regards

Hi -

How do I customize the font of the site title?

For reference, my site is



Hello Ryan,

Go to “appearance” -> “editor” and edit “style.css (stylesheet)”. Sezrch for ”.logo-text” and you’ll notice a line stating: “font-family”. You can change the font there! :)

Kild regards

Great, thanks!

One more question: How do I create the moving slider of recent posts, as seen in the demo?

Hello ryan,

Just go to your admin panel and you’ll notice a tab called “slider” just create a new slider item there just as you would a post! :) then add a button via the shortcodes plugin with color=”accent”.

Kind regards

Fabulous theme. Rated 5 stars.

Is there a maximum number the infinite scroll function can load? I have hundreds of posts in one year, but I get to about 50 (there’s no other way to see them) and infinite scroll stops loading. You click the button and nothing happens. If there is a limit, how do we get round this?

Hmm normally there shouldn’t be any limit on posts? I’ll take a look at it! :)

I just noticed when posting a longer post that the excerpt function is not working. I went back and used the Wordpress except box in the post, but this didn’t limit the frontpage output either. Any ideas? Right now, the theme is outputting the whole post, making the Read More button rather useless. Ideally I’d be able to customise the excerpt in each case.

Hello Immanence,

You can just use the more tag to controll the length of each post individually :)

Kind regards

I always forget about that! hehe