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While it doesn’t show up on the frontpage, the More function creates a square button if you go through the Archive pages. So, if you have a post where you’ve used the More function to control the length of the excerpt, it shows fine on the main blog page or frontpage of the domain, but if you search by month, through the Archive page, the output will include a little box where you used that function.

Many thanks This page purports to have an answer. Can you verify and let me know where to place this code in the theme? At least it will be a quick fix until the update arrives :)

Hello Immanence,

This isn’t relevant to the issue present! However I did fix it already so send me an email and i’ll send you the updated files! :)!

Kind regards

Seems the theme is incompatible with Ultimate Tinymce. Can you look and provide a fix? Thanks

Resolved: If I understand correctly, your theme uses the Styles dropdown in the Visual editor. De-selecting that button in TinyMCE settings resolves the error :)

Ah great! :)

Hi again,

I’m a photographer and using your theme. My problem that I have is that I can’t choose if I want to show the whole post or if i only want to show a preview of the post on the blog-page. Is there a way to fix this or no ?

for example, I want to have 10 images + text in a post, but i only want to show a featured image and the text.


Found it ! ;)

Can’t understand how i get the slider to work in my headerimage…..

Hello ekkify,

Please read the documentation pdf for a full explenation. Slider items can be set via “slider”. It is only a text slider. The background image remains static.

Kind regards

Hi. Demo page and would like to purchase the same background image. where do i can buy?

Hello Korksh,

That image is not for sale! :) it ks by an artist whose name can be found on the item’s detail page!

Kind regards


I just purchased this theme a couple days ago. It really stands out from others I’ve seen, great job! I do have a question regarding the header image though. I’ve uploaded a custom header image with a text title on it and noticed that the image gets cut off on the sides when viewing on my iphone 5. This in turn cuts off my title on the sides. Is there a way to make the header image display right?

Hello Matt,

Could you show me your live website? I’ll take a look at it!

Kind regards

Hello Matt,

The background image is set so that the entire space of the header is always filled (e.g. no blank spots). This means that when viewed on a mobile device the image naturally shrinks so that it fills the entire header background part.

I would advise you to either change the size of that text on the background to a smaller size so it fits on mobile devices OR just use the slider as that intro text :)

Kind regards

hi playnethemes

To be the same as the demo page I want to set the read more button. what should i do?

Hello Korksh,

Use the shortcodes plugin that comes with the theme. Then just insert a read more button with color=”accent”.

Kind regards


I have two problems I cannot seem to find a solution for. 1.) I am missing the Intro text field when creating a post 2.) The homepage shows the entire post not a summary, even after I went into the settings, and said to show only a summary.

Help would be appreciated, thanks!


1) this is set via either the post editor or via the shortcodes plugin shortcode called “intro text”.

2) you can use the more tag which is a standard function of wordpress. You can learn how to use it here:

Kind regards

Excellent, thank you.

Thanks for another great theme! A question, Is there any way to remove the info in the header (title, text, read more, next/prev) All I want in the the header is the logo, menu icons and background (This is for the “start page” as well as when you enter a specific “post”). Thanks again


Thanks for the kind words :) well could you tell me on what pages you wsnt it gone? The main blog page (the slider) and on the single post pages?

Kind regards

Wow… thanks for the fast reply! Yes, I would like to remove the slider from “all pages”. Check I want the header to look the way it does one the main blog page, when you click on any if the posts as well (for example the wolverine one). Thanks!


If you send me a temporary admin login (via the contact form on my profile page here) i’ll fix it for you! :)

Kind regards

Purchased this theme for my wordpress account. Can’t put a twitter feed in the menu section! The big header image stays at half the size compared to the one in the demo. The Socials menu option, I don’t even know where to edit that within wordpress. Not very pleased.

Hello Bytebiscuit,

Have you downloaded the full package? There is a documentation pdf that explains everything in detail! :)

The big header image, as stated inside the documentation, can be “enlarged” by using the slider via “slider”.

The socials can be set via “appearance” -> “customise” and by hoing to the tab “social icons”.

Kind regards


I am interested in buying this theme.

My only concern is that if I purchase I will need to fix the navigation on the right side of the screen so it floats with the blog postings as people scroll down. How would I accomplish this?



Hello Eric,

I believe what you require is just a fixed navigation. Some simple css would accomplish this! :)

Kind regards

Great job! I like the style of your themes.

However on portfolio posts at the project level you can not choose Customise header. I would love to be Able to choose a header image for each project. How can I insert the custom header image in the individual portfolio projects?

Thanks! :)

Hello marica,

Thank you! :) i really appreciate it!

This would require quite some recoding. If you really want it we could settle on a small fee for this custom work.

Kind regards

Yes I appreciate your help, so how much would it cost the recoding work?


Hello marcia,

Please send me an e-mail through my profile page here and we can discuss it further! :)

Kind regards

Hi there! I have purchased one of your other themes and had to get this one too for a friends project! :) So far so good, but I’ve hit an issue.

I am trying to upload a header image. I’d like it to be full size like in your example. 2 things are going wrong.

1. Though I uncheck the “Show header text with your image” box, then save, the header text remains there and the box is checked after the save, anyway. I have tried to uncheck the box and click save 5 times and it does this each time.

2. Instead of being full sized, it’s only a banner size, so the image gets cropped. I’d like a header image the size of your example. The size of the image I uploaded is 1000×698. It’s showing something like 1000×300, know what I mean?

Thanks for your help!

I’m confused. You are saying that the theme will display any image size I upload and will adapt to it. But that is not happening…

How about this: What ratio of height vs width do I have to have my images be to NOT get warped? :) thanks!

It does not mean that the image will be displayed in total. It means that any height of the header will be filled! :)

The width should be 1040px and the height is the height you have your individual header :)

Kind regards

Hi, I’m considering buying this theme right now: however, there’s a few caveats I’d like you as the creator to discuss/acknowledge

The Menu and down carat are oddly placed/spaced

1) On the desktop version, the down carat and menu look like one button. You need to make them bigger/change the placement. It doesn’t help that the font/icons are white and the background is stars (I know it’s changeable and)

2) When the navigation sidebar comes out – it almost touches the down carat; this is extremely inconsistent with the rest of the theme (the grey margins on the outside for one).

2.5) When you click on, the canvas changed – this should not happen. It’s a minor tweak in JS.

3) On the phone – it’s extremely laggy (I have an HTC One, arguably a recent and powerful processor, I know this is not your fault, it’s webkit in general) could you offer a quicker but smoother alternative.

4) On the phone – the margins are wayyyy to big (grey/white), you have limited the text to only 70% of the available screen width.

5) Have you considered make the button ‘a.totop’ float near the bottom and have infinite scroll or pagination, it’s a lot easier to track than appending content and making the DOM bigger and bigger.

I like this theme very much and I’d like to pay for it – please see what you can do with the suggestions (I understand if some of them aren’t valid)

I can understand if the documentation is for basic usage – but the fact it doesn’t have bookmarks is irritating. It’s just not formatted for end use and looks more like self-documentation (I can totally see myself writing notes like that)

if you hit up with a search query – say “post”, then try, you’ll see what I mean

It is my own choice that i format my documentation in pdf. You can easily use cmd + f or ctrl + f.

I’ll take a look at it!

Kind regards

Thank you for reporting this issue. Please send me an e-mail and i’ll give you the fixed header file.

Kind regards

hello, i have purchased your theme and it is awesome. simple and elegant. this is my site

i have 2 questions 1. the header image zooms in and out when you go through the slides, this doesn’t seem to be on the theme demo, any idea why this is? i have made some editing on the codes so i’m not sure if i did something.

2. i have replaced the default wordpress comment box with a google+ comment plugin, but it leaves a wide space between it and the footer, where tdo i edit this?

i appreciate your help, thanks in advance and agin great job on the theme.

It can be set to a fixed height however this will give unpleasent side effects such as the header not being large enough for the text inside.

Kind regards

where do i put the code? and what is the code. thanks for the help

add this piece of code inside the “style.css” file. (via “appearance” -> “editor”). You can change the 600px to any other desired height.

.main-header {height:600px;}

Kind regards

I have disabled comments in the Wordpress settings, but for some reason the comment field is still shown under post. I do not want comments at all. How do I go about disabling comments?

I was able to remove the title text with that bit of code, so thank you. However I am still having major problems with the header images and I really do need to resolve this ASAP. The image currently uploaded as the header on the main page is as you said, 1040 wide. It is still not auto adjusting to the height of the image, and is cropping the image to be small and not full size, as my image is and as your example is. Please help! Thank you.

Calling me a liar is abusive and doesn’t surve any purpose. I explained to you numerous times why this was happening in your specific case. I am not trying to save my sales but you are ofcourse entitled to your own opinion.

Kind regards

You are saying that my issue with the header was caused by customizations you so “generously” gave. However 12 days ago I first came here to ask why they we warping my images before any customizations have been made. So you ARE lying. Or deeply confused.

Either way, you flagging my honest feedback is unethical. I will be sure to return here to leave my feedback should you succeed in having the thread deleted. As it is relevant to a person who may choose to purchase this theme. As is your handling of me, from calling me hostile when I thanked you repeatedly, to flagging the thread when it merely recounts our exchange.

Ok that is your right and I shall not treat you any different must you have any future support questions etc. Thanks again for your purchase and hopefully you’ll still enjoy the theme.

Kind regards

Hey I downloaded the theme but it doesn’t look like it is pulling in the style sheet?

This is all I’m getting. Any pointers?

You probably installed a wrong file? Did you install the installable wordpress zip file?

Kind regards

Hello! I’ve purchased the theme and everything is working fine. I just have a doubt. When creating the grid portfolio it seems to be limited to 10 items. Could I increase this number? And how to do so?

Thank you very much. And great theme!

Hello again. Forget the previous questions. I’m blind sometimes. Have a nice day.

Great! Glad you solved it already :)

Kind regards

Being photographers http://www.toonen-wientjens.comwe will be starting a photo academy next year, so we need an information site for potential students. We love your themes, only doubting which one would fit best or can be made best fitting. In our case: Playne, Apley, Wryter or Slyde?

Thanks & best, Hans

Thanks for considering my themes! They can all be used for any purpose really so it is up to your personal taste. Playne and slyde would both fit a photography info website very well due to the possibility to show off large images as part of the theme!

Kind regards

Being photographers http://www.toonen-wientjens.comwe will be starting a photo academy next year, so we need an information site for potential students. We love your themes, only doubting which one would fit best or can be made best fitting. In our case: Playne, Apley, Wryter or Slyde?

Thanks & best, Hans