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Your documentation says:

"1. Download the theme from themeforest after purchase and open up the map "Widgets". You will see a readme file. This file will point you to the download locations of the plugins used in this theme (the shortcodes plugin is located within the widgets folder)."

I believe you meant to say:

“Open up the Shortcodes folder. You will see a readme file. This file will point you to the download locations of the plugins used in this theme (the shortcodes plugin is located within the widgets folder).”

Cause the shortcodes folder is where I found the readme file.

You are absolutely correct! :) thanks for pointing this out!

Kind regards

I would like to get the Header background to change when I hit the slider, so the slides would be the entire size of the header. I’d like to keep the title and excerpt parts of the slider and the arrows, just have the header background (like your mountain picture in the live preview) also slide when I hit the arrow. Any ideas how I would go about this?

This is possible but it would require quite a lot of extensive recoding.

Kind regards

Hi, Love your theme so far but I’m having some issues with the Portfolio page.

It is including a header twice.

Go here and you’ll see what I mean :)


Hello faultline,

Thanks for purchasing my theme and i’m glad you like it! :) Would you be so kind as to send me a temporary admin login via my profile page here? I’ll take a look! This shouldn’t be happening :)

Kind regards

I know your on the other side of the world so no rush. I’ve done some testing today. Everything in the index.php, sidebar.php etc that I’ve changed doesn’t look to be the problem. I tried reverting all my changes, and it still showed up.

Just so you don’t have to try that for yourself..

Hello Faultline,

Just saw your email with login. I’ll keep you up to date! Thanks for the effort :)

Kind regards

Hello! Just a quick Q. Can you please share link to what a Chat Post would look like? Thank you!


I’ve modified the post: “regular text post 2” on the second page (one click on load more) to show the chat layout.

Kind regards

Hello there, Just having a few troubles getting the widgets to work properly. Can’t get them into 3 columns like you have in the example. Any ideas?

Thanks! Alex

Hello alex,

Please send me an email via my profile page so i can send you the fix! Still need to upload said fix to Themeforest.

Kind regards

Thank you for the lovely theme. I’m sorry for the stupid noob question but is it possible to change the logo/site title font from Sacramento to a different font (specifically “Rock-Salt”)? I feel like I’ve googled and tried everything and it just defaults to Arial. I love the rest of the typeface.

Hello sir,

Thanks for you purchase, i appreciate it! :)

Is this a google webfont? If so just get the url to the font, go to functions.php and you’ll notice the other links to the fonts there. Just paste it and make it load the same way as the others. Then open up style.css via “appearance” -> “editor” and look for ”.logo” and change the font-family there!

Kind regards

So simple! Thank you :)

Great! :) you’re very welcome sir!

This is a great theme, I really like it and just purchased it. I do have a question tho, would it be possible to make the layout of the whole theme reverse from left-to-right to right-to-left. My website will be in Arabic so I kinda need to change the layout?

Again, beautiful work this is. Thanks.

Hello sir,

Ok great! Just make a new custom field called “video” no capitals and withouth the ”. In the value field enter the iframe embed code.

Please download the full package from themeforest which contaisn the documentation pdf.

Kind regards

I tried to go over the documentation but I couldn’t figure it out. There is no “custom fields” below post content editor. There is only a custom header image field?

Hello sir,

Please look at the right top of your wordpress admin editor. There should be an arrow that opens up a little menu. In this menu you can select to show the custom field dialog.

Kind regards

Hello. Loving the theme so far, only problem I’m having is that by default the ‘Show header text with your image’ checkbox is always checked but the text slider doesn’t actually work. I also can’t choose the slider text colour, it just doesn’t display anything.

Hello carInate,

Thanks for purchasing one of my themes! When did you download the theme? The latest update fixed the issue. That check/uncheck button is a side effect of some standard wordpress code that shouldn’t be used and that control is now hiddena s it should be!

What do you mean with the slider text color, how did you set it?

Kind regards

Thanks for the quick response. I downloaded Slyde today, version 1.1.

This is what I’m getting.

The checkbox is still ticked after saving and there’s nothing there for the text color.

The text color is linked to the slider title color. That checkbox was removed and shouldn’t be there anymore! I deleted that in a last update.

Kind regards


Is it possible to change the position of the caption so that it’s not in the header but directly under the header once you click the ‘read more’ button?

The header image keeps on distorting because of the caption increasing the size of the header and I don’t want to make a min height otherwise I’ll have problems with the side bar menu.

Also, will you provide an option to have the widgets in the drop down header as a footer widget instead?

Hello sir,

This would only be possible with custom coding but it isn’t possible in the standard theme.

Kind regards

So, how would I be able to change the caption so that it’s underneath the header instead of inside it? Is it easy to custom code?

Hello sir,

This wouldn’t be too hard. It could be done with some css tweaks and tweaks inside the header file! :)

Kind regards

Downloaded this the other day, love it so far. Thanks :)

Glad to hear you like it! :) much appreciated!

Hello! It would be possible to add a new portfolio page but with different title and contents? I would like to add another portfolio page showing all the posts in a grid and filtering them by the categories. Is this possible? Thank you very much. The theme is really great. :)

So you want a page with the same layout as the grid from the portfolio but for the normal posts?

Kind regards

Exactly. :)

If you send me a temporary admin login i’ll see what I can do! Send it to me via my profile page here :)

Kind regards

I love the theme, but I’m worried about it not being retina-ready, is there a way to make it ready through a plugin? is there something you recommend? thanks


The theme comes with a retina ready script. This is explained inside the documentation and is really easy to implement. All text and icons are retina ready, the featured images and the header image can be made retina ready with help of the script. It was built on a retina laptop aswell :)

Kind regards

that’s fantastic news, and thanks for the quick reply

You’re very welcome. Happy holidays!

Hey – nice theme! anyway to have the sidebar widget area always showing up? instead of hidden?


Hello sir,

Yes you can just select this inside the customize panel! Under “general options” :)

Kind regards

great to hear! will buy later :)

Sounds fantastic! :) if there is anything else just let me know ;)


- Is it possible to disable sidebar? - Is it possible to have multiple pictures one after another in portfolio single page instead of just one?


1. You can delete the code without any problem yes! :) there just isn’t a standard option to do it yourself without any change in the code! :)

If you want I can walk you through it!

Kind regards

Great. I will let you know when I buy the theme.

Sure just let me know! :)

I really like the theme, but I’d like to make the flyout sidebar scrollable without a scrollbar, so if your cursor is over the sidebar on a small monitor, the sidebar would scroll down first. Then if you continued scrolling down over the sidebar after the sidebar gets to the bottom, the page will start scrolling down. The same is true for upward scrolling. Sidebar first when the cursor is over it.


On my 15” screen it isn’t scrollable either. It becomes scrollable as soon as the content exceeds your screen height!

Kind regards

It’s not scrollable either way for me.

Hmm! That is strange. Would you be so kind as to contact me via mail (on my profile page) and send me a temporary admin login? I’ll take a look at it immediatly!

Kind regards

Great looking theme, will be purchasing soon, questions tho: 1. are there any share buttons that match the flat look of the theme, for per post and per portfolio? <share to facebook, twitter, etc> 2. is the sidebar scrollable as the content/pages on the menu increase? 3. can content displayed be changed or removed? when one clicks the button near menu, it drops down, about us, latest post, categories.

Thank you for taking interest in one of my themes! :)

  1. You could try a sharing plugin.
  2. It should just stretch yes
  3. yes these are just widgets so you can place anything you want there via your admin panel.

Kind regards

Great theme! Currently having two issues.

The shortcode plugin is installed but can’t find the actual shortcodes..

For intro text header, I only get the option to assign an image. There is no option to input text for me.

Any ideas?

Hello sir,

No problem. About the header text input. On a normal page you can input text. On a post it isn’t possible as it will display the title of the post with date, comments and post navigation.

I’m assuming you are making a post?

Kind regards

You are correct. Bummer, it would be nice to have this feature on posts as well. Thank you for your help. Edit: I modified the template to better suit my needs, perhaps you would like to check it out:

Hello sir,

If you want I can implement it for you so you can change the title? Just send me an e-mail via my profile page here with a temporary admin login!

Kind regards

i cannot change the colour of the buttons? where can i do this?

Which .css file sorry?

you can see the button is blue here? and i want to change it to match the red…

Ah you mean the normal buttons. This can be done as follows:

Go to appearance -> customize -> colors -> change the accent color

Kind regards


How do you get the slider to appear like the post on THE DESKTOP WALLPAPER PROJECT that’s on your demo? I entered the flexslider css into the text but the slider doesn’t show on my main page, only on the post after the jump.


Hello sir,

Please make sure you download the full package in your “downloads” section here in ThemeForest. That zip file contains a doumentation pdf which explains this in detail.

Kind regards

Hi, I ‘ve already read the documentation pdf. Under the subsection for gallery, I don’t understand how you’ve uploaded a second image by repeating step 5 again. I thought you could only add one featured image?

Hello sir,

Simply press featured image and upload all images you want shown in one go. Then select the image you want shown first and press “use as featured image”.

Kind regards

Getting a very weird “double page title” problem… anyway I can fix this??

Love your themes by the way!!!!

Thanks, Max

Done! :) Flagged your comment again so that the login would be obscured!

Kind regards

I’ve emailed you re portfolio title and filter issue. Thank you!!

Recieved it! I’ll take a look :)