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Very Good Design, GLWS ;)

Thank you very much

nice theme ! – perhaps footer contact area fix map showing to be of world or something more generic for other parts of world?

Dear scgdev,

This is a background only. You can easy to change to other images.


WOW, mindblowing work ! Awesome style , i love it ! I whish you lots of sales :)

Thank you very much

Good job, glws ;)

Thank you very much

The “add to cart” button seems not work, always show my cart is empty.

For those product with options like color / size, I can skip them if I use “add to cart” button.

Dear hohotho,

We’ve checked and see our theme works normal. Could you please leave us the screenshot you have with this problem?


Hello magentech,

For the first question, I just tested again and seems it is solved (?)

For 2nd one, like this product, customer should select color and size before adding to cart (compulsory fields ?) http://demo.magentech.com/themes/sm_papa/ukan-mazi-rentas.html

but i can simply click add to cart without select any options. or this is the system features?

Anyway, this is a nice theme!

Dear hohotho,

For the first problem with “Add to cart”, we didn’t fix any thing. We checked and answer as receiving your feedback.

For the second, the product as you seen is grouped product type. Color and size are features of products, you can set them when making a product. If the buyer simply click “add to cart” without select any options, the system will give a default value for them.


hello, i have created new option on MegaMenu. but not coming on column in single like http://indiafund.com/ check “women” menu option. and under “Men” option coming correct. and “electronics” also not coming properly.

Dear kartikpatts,

We’re sorry. Could you please tell us how you can get this theme? We need to check this information before support for you.

Thanks and hope to see the sympathy from you for this work!

MegaMenu isn’t compatible with Magento 1.8.x.x !!!

Dear aliong81,

Our theme is working with Magento 1.8.x with Mega Menu

Can you let me know your issue which you saw?


Hi there,

First of all, great theme! I’ve got a question; it seems that the ‘contact us’ page is not working properly. When I go to that page sometimes the header image and the contact form disappears. I tried the site builder to try out the theme but there seems to be the same problem.

Is there any solution?


Could you give me an email address?

I’ve sent an email.

yes, i am following your ticket



The site is still not working smoothly in a way, plus Quick View does not work. CSS problem.

Website is magento 1.8.1.

Would you please help me


Dear hakkitatar

I checked our demo, it is working fine. Can you go to magentech.com, submit a ticket for your issue, give us your site to check?


while installing theme using quick start process, after giving database details I am facing following error.

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 15549891 bytes) in /home/sow/public_html/sayitlouddotin/app/code/core/Mage/Install/Model/Installer/Sample.php on line 126

Dear aalapkbharucha

Please increase memory limit in php.ini

For more information, please refer this http://magento.com/resources/system-requirements


Great theme. I am planning to buy this theme. Can you please answer one of my query. If the product has options, in my case Sizes, will the theme give a popup or something before adding to cart (when I use Quick Add to Cart)

Dear Ankitcs,

You can set size, price…in the configure of products. They’re default of Magento.


:P. My question was not this, anyways leave :)

We’re sorry about misunderstanding this. Could you give us an example (a website) you have when seeing it?


I am being a great fan of your work! I am planning to buy this theme. But, I heard that, the “Color Picker Option/Template Settings” what is fixed on the right side bar not get removed from the site if I use the QuickInstallation 1.8! Is that true? I read your user guide and I could not find anything about this.

Have no idea about your cPanel. But, I suggested your theme to my client and he is going purchase it for his new eCommerce Shop.

Dear tanvirshopno,

Thank you very much

Hello magentech.

I made My client buy this theme and he gave it to me to work with. Manual Installation is a bit difficult with this one, but quickinstall is better.

But, now I am facing some kind of problems, that.. it’s taking excessive cache memory. Sometimes, login got denied and a message comes -

Fatal error: spl_autoload() [function.spl-autoload]: Class Zend_Log could not be loaded in /home/grenveco/public_html/app/code/core/Mage/Core/functions.php on line 247

Why this happening? I have also 14 more Magento clients websites in this same server. I am not facing this problem with those websites.

What to do with this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method Mage_Catalog_Model_Resource_Category_Flat_Collection::addPathFilter() in /home/users/asaseftp/asa-selection-shop.com/app/design/frontend/default/sm_papa/template/catalog/navigation/mobinav.phtml on line 113

And also this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined method Mage_Catalog_Model_Resource_Category_Flat_Collection::groupByAttribute() in /home/users/asaseftp/asa-selection-shop.com/app/code/local/Sm/Tablisting/Block/List.php on line 542

Dear MarkLoose

I could not find these issues from our local.

Can you submit a ticket, give me us admin and FTP accounts so that we can have a closer look about these issues?


I send the details on themeforrest contact form, submit ticked doenst work at the moment.

Could you confirm you received my ftp details?

I am not using quick start installation. I have installed the magento According to your help guide, I just have to upload 2 folders i.e. app and skin to the root directory of my server where I have installed magento. Right?

Dear aalapkbharucha,

It is right.


I reinstall our shop with your setup now it works fine.

I got a idea for the templates maby you can help me with it.

I find the follow script: http://briangonzalez.github.io/jquery.adaptive-backgrounds.js/

Make the background of a box the same color as the pictures.

It wold be very nice to have the div: category-image color it like the category image. You think is it possible?

Dear MarkLoose,

It is possible but we will need to custom more. In this case, please submit a ticket to our Custom Work department, we will help you


will the admin control panel be provided along with the template

Dear vijaytendy,

Yes, with each theme, we will support options to customize the theme to your idea


How to remove “© 2013 Magento Demo Store. All Rights Reserved. Designed by MagenTech” from the footer?

I am facing same error as MarkLoose

Fatal error: Call to a member function getFrontend() on a non-object in /home/users/urlxxxx/app/design/frontend/default/sm_papa/template/catalog/product/view/media.phtml on line 63

Please tell the solution. I’ll fix it.

Dear ankitcs,

Please go to “app\design\frontend\default\sm_papa\template\catalog\product\view\media.phtml”, find:

$isBestProduct =($_product->getResource()>getAttribute(‘best’)>getFrontend()>getValue($_product)==”Yes”)?$_product>getResource()>getAttribute(‘best’)>getFrontend()->getValue($_product):’’;

and change to:


$isBestProduct =($_product->getResource()>getAttribute(‘best’)>getFrontend()>getValue($_product)==”Yes”)?$_product>getResource()>getAttribute(‘best’)>getFrontend()->getValue($_product):’’;



Possible to change the scroll effect on images at the category page to a zoom effect?

Dear MarkLoose

In this case, can you show me a demo for your idea?


When you hover a product on the category page. There is a scroll effect on the product image. That effect i want to doable or change to a subtile effect.


Some of the blocks won’t work as it is on the demo after reset

Waited custom work for 8 DAYS – NO REPLY

Mega menu help ticket – NO REPLY

Last ticket opened 2 days ago – NO REPLY


Need to be set layout Cross sell/ upsell

Recently viewed product layout

Dear yrkrishnan,

We’re discussing with you on SM Saphi theme. Please feel free to discuss with us via there.



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