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Hello MagenTech,

great work, i mean one of the best themes for Magento which i ever seen. GLWS.

Oh, so nice words :) Thank you, xBusinessMan ;)

Very nice theme. Will use for one of our future projects. GLWS

Thank aongroup. We hope can be worked with you in the near time ;)

1. Very nice theme 2. Can you please provide examples of types of products grouped configurable Virtual Bundle Downloadable I can not find this products on site. 3. Is the plug ‘RSS’ is added? 4. Please give me a short list of modules that are in the package.


Dear Mojoneck,

Thank you for your contact us about this theme. About your questions, we would like to answer as following:

2. Can you please provide examples of types of products grouped configurable Virtual Bundle Downloadable I can not find this products on site.

> We will update and show on the demo in the near time :)

3. Is the plug ‘RSS’ is added?

> Yes. You can check at the bottom of the demo Newsletter-Subscribe via RSS

4. Please give me a short list of modules that are in the package.

==> Here is list of our modules: SM Slider | SM Mega Menu | SM Dynamic Slideshow | SM Cart Pro | SM Basic Product | SM Responsive Listing

We have some information and hope can help you clear your wondering. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to let us know.


Dear Mojoneck,

Please check our demo again. We updated Product Types.


Hello! Are you sure under the design tab need to type : sm_jare It’s not working… If I type sm_sport layout will change … I think in the documentation wrong…

regards Zoltan

Thank you Zoltan for feedback. This is a mistake from us and we’ve updated the documentation.

If you have any problem when using, please don’t hesitate to let us know via our support channels.

Here is our ticket system:

And here is our forum support:


An excellent job.

Thanks vickystudio ;)

Excellent! Definitly a theme that i going to use..

(some small feedback.. on FF 22(ubuntu) something went wrong )

Thank you Alejandro_85 for feedback. We’re re-checking and will update as after completed fix.

I am very interested with this theme, I would like to ask if it can hide the price since I may just want to show my product.

Hi skytony320,

You can hide price in skin/frontend/default/template/css/theme.css folder. If you use our theme, we will guide for you.


Very beautiful theme, but I have a little problem if you can help me. On the Home page, there is a problem loading the page and crashes occurs to block in with blog “Featured Technology”.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function getSubTime () in / public_html / shop / app / design / frontend / default / sm_sport / template / aw_blog / widget_post.phtml on line 89

I have PHP 5.2.17, and from what I understand the function of subtracting one date from another occurs with PHP 5.3.

Is there any way to avoid this problem? Without disable this block

Thanks for your time, and continue to make equally good themes.

Dear xomin,

We’re sorry for this late answer. The reason for this problem is your host. So we will help you fix on your host.

Please feel free to contact with us via ticket system here: You can register a free account with username is xomin, then post into there. Our technical supporter will help you fix them as after that.


Dear xomin,

We haven’t received the information of your problem on our ticket system. We need more information about your site and we will check direct on there. Please submit ticket into our system as soon as possible.


Hi, Do you have an HTML version of the theme. I would like to incorporate that in one of my custom eCommerce stores.

Rgds, Tushar

We’re sorry, greatdevelopers. We don’t create HTML version for theme.


this theme works on Magento

Dear Cabecinhas,

The theme works with Magento


I just purchased this theme and you guys forgot to put the module that allows me to configure the theme colors and stuff, I had to dig in to the quick start files to get the module I needed

Dear Alxanthony,

We’re sorry for this missing. We will update new package in the next day. Please feel free to provide your email here, we will send the theme into there for you.



how can install theme on Magento?

Dear Cabecinhas,

We removed this file in the packaging process.

Could you please tell us why do you need this file?

Or what we can help you?



because you said:

2. Change permission of these 4 files and folders (including theirs sub-folders) to 755, if they have not been: magento/var/.htaccess, magento/app/etc, magento/var and magento/media


Please ignore this file, and try to install the quickstart package.


Is it possible to change it so that when you click on the image of a product, it goes to the product page rather than the image layover?

Dear dancehallmedia,

Thank for your question

Yes, we can change code to click on the image of a product, it goes to the product page.


Hello I bought your theme very nice design. But I noticed that it does a lot of SQL Queries. The response time of my site grow up to 19.36 sec average. With magento standard theme the site needs a response time of 0.49 sec. I tested it with host-tracker.

Is there any possibility to decrease the number of sql queries? Which component causes it? I like to use tis theme, but thats not possible with this response time. Do you have any solutions for me?

How should your answer help me? Under this conditions your theme isn´t usable for me. I figured out the problem aren´t the extensions. It´s the theme itself causing the huge amount of queries. Why aren´t the query cachable? The same queries are repeated on every site.

If´you can´t help me is there a way to get my money back?

Thanks in advance!

Dear nebukatnezer,

I am sorry because i gave you the short explaination in this case. Many people who have the same issue with the response time. The response time is not from Sql queries only. It can be from hosting, images, css,...

In this case, you need to optimize your site by some ways. Please kindly read the following pages, i am sure that your site will reduce down to your expectation.

- For optimizing Sql Queries:

- For optimizing Magento Performance:

- You can use 101 ways to speed up your Magento e-commerce website:

Also, we would like to check your site so that we can detect issues and recommend you some ways to improve the speed of your site. In this case, please kindly submit a ticket to our site , give me admin account, ftp account to check.

I am looking forward to hear from you soon.


Thanks for your answer. Wrote a ticket. Hints didn´t help.

Hi again,

I have had difficulty setting up the SM Mega Menu. Do you have a tutorial with more detail?

Dear Cabecinhas,

Please refer our guide to install SM Mega Menu:



Hi Magentech,

I really like the design and we are thinking of purchasing. We have a couple of questions:

Can you change the dimensions of the wide banner on the frontend through admin or do you need to change the CSS code?

Do you offer a customization service after sale, if so would you kindly quote me the hourly rate?

Many Thanks

Dear redsy,

I would like to answer you as follows:

1. Can you change the dimensions of the wide banner on the frontend through admin or do you need to change the CSS code? => With Slideshow banners, we are using the original images. You can upload images to an folder or use image url, and then go to System -> Configuration -> Sm Dynamic Slideshow to change images.

2. Do you offer a customization service after sale, if so would you kindly quote me the hourly rate? => We support the customization service. The price is from each task. We do not support with the hourly rate.

Please feel free to contact me if you are in need of further assistance and we would be happy to assist you.

Thank you

Thanks for your help, I have purchased the theme now.

Unfortunately the images are not resizing responsively depending on browser screen resolution.

Please look at my website, at 1920×1080 the SM Dynamic Slideshow looks how it was design, however if you view it at less than this resolution you lose parts of the image.

I thought this extension was dynamic, in other words it will automatically change image size based on resolution?


Hi Magetech,

I got a queston regarding the menu. I am setting up the shop with all the data you have offered. now i am changing some menu names and as i see now the menu only holds 4 names (as these are with more chars) and 2 are under the menu, hardly visual. I need the menu to hold with 8-10 cat’s, how is this to be created?

other then this, sofar, great theme!


Dear JcdeWever,

In this case, please submit a ticket to our system , give us your idea, your live url and admin account to check.


Thank you for the fast answer on the issue. The ticket is made.



the Mega Menu can be conigured with multi-language, if yes, how?

Excellent clean theme! The only things is missiNg social shares on the product page. Do we seeing thing happening?

Dear Honey,

Can you check your ticket again?


I got you message it wont let me attahced image png. does it have to be in different format?

can you change to jpg or zip that file?

I have a solution to the performance issues that “nebukatnezer” was asking:

The home page load time was about 8 seconds until I disabled the SM Responsive Listing in the MAGENTECH.COM configuration. Just from that my load times is down to 1 second.

Yes, joelwebsitefun. SM Responsive Listing is the complex extension. It is searching many items from the product list, and need to spend some seconds. On the home page, we are using two extensions but our extension is the standard extension according to Magento. We are using query functions of Magento to get data.

I think that with some links which i sent to “nebukatnezer”, he can make the site faster.

Thank joelwebsitefun very much