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Wonderful Theme. I am very impressed with the Mega Menus not needing Javascript to run correctly. This will make Google very happy. With that said I have a quick question.

Golf, Bikes, and Football all use a different style mega menu. How do I put the style of the Football mega menu on to Bikes? I read through the documentation but I must have missed something. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Dear joelwebsitefun,

In the Admin, please go to Menu Items Manager, you can see submenus of Football, you can make the same for Submenus of Bikes.

Hope it helps

Hi Magentech,

Very nice theme indeed!! I cannot get the demo working with the guickstart package, it is all set up on locolhost. When i change all these things, i just get an “empty” sm_sport theme. Working oke, but not as the demo. Is there an decent sql_dump to use for the demo?

And indeed about the responsive-plugin, its eating performence. Could not work decent in the backend. When i disable it, its working fine!

Greetings Marc

Dear marcie8,

In this case, please try to install to a server and give your live url to checking.

I tried at my local but it is working very good.



in SM Basic Product, why we need configure the values on xml home page and not on the admin of Basic Menu?

When I change on admin, I haven’t see any change.


but when I put different the values of IDs of Products in system->configurations->SM Slider, nothing happens.

Dear Cabecinhas,

In this case, can you submit a ticket to our ticket system , give us admin account to check?


I submited. Thanks


Trying to install sm_sport_quickstart using the userguide, every time I try the following error is showing:

There has been an error processing your request

SQLSTATE28000 Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ (using password: NO)

Any help?


Dear redsy,

Please find local.xml in app\etc folder, delete it and install again.


Excellent – thanks!

Hi I have installed the demo store. But after installation and following your steps, I find the database is empty and the site is not working as the demo.

Tried to execute the SQL file in the Quickstart but it just created many more table with #__ prefixed to tables.

I am trying at my localhost so cannot give you the details.

Can you please provide me just the Insert Scripts for the database. So that I can have a demo store running and get a better understanding at the configuration guides.

Dear nicknaar

In this case, can you submit a ticket, give me FTP account and admin account to check?

Link to submit:


As I said it on localhost. Can you please share a working demo/quickstart setup.

Can you submit a ticket, give me some screenshots to have a closer look about your issue?

Thanks for your help, I have purchased the theme now.

Unfortunately the images are not resizing responsively depending on browser screen resolution.

Please look at my website, at 1920×1080 the SM Dynamic Slideshow looks how it was design, however if you view it at less than this resolution you lose parts of the image.

I thought this extension was dynamic, in other words it will automatically change image size based on resolution?


I’ve tried for several hours to adjust the CSS to make the dynamic sliding banner responsive but I can’t figure it out, please can you look into it? cheers

Dear redsy

We are going to fix this issue. When you have next version, i will inform you to download.


ok please do :) thanks

I have noticed that the SM Dynamic Slideshow in the extensions folder is not the same as in the Demo or the User Guide.

Its Module settings has only 3 configurable options.

Please upload the extensions file which is the latest.

Also need a more detailed user guide for the Mega Menu.

The current on your web site is not sufficient enough. I have to insert an item in between it breaks the whole menu system.

Please give a detailed guide how to create a very simple menu for now.

Dear nicknaar,

We will check and update soon. If you need this extension, you can get from the quickstart package.

You can find files of this module as follows:

- skin\frontend\default\sm_sport\sm\dynamicslideshow

- app\design\frontend\default\sm_sport\template\sm\dynamicslideshow

- app\code\local\Sm\DynamicSlideshow

- app\design\frontend\default\sm_sport\layout\sm\dynamicslideshow.xml


I will update this. But the image that i selected for the slideshow is not showing. Instead a grey dotted image is showing. Please share a detailed guide to configure this.

Can you go to, submit a ticket and give me screenshot to check?

I need you make all the pages active link not just the hompage. Just like your demo.

Dear Honey,

Your server does not support to use .htaccess. In this case, please go to System -> Configuration -> Web, find and change Use Web Server Rewrites to No


Thank you can you resolve my question please it has been there for 2 days?

Dear Honey,

I answered your ticket.


The Extension Package included has numerous differences with the Theme files and Extensions included in Demo Package.

Please do a comparison of files, and Upload the latest version of extension.

I hope you will upload the latest files as soon as possible.

Dear nicknaar,

The package is approved. You can update them.


The package has no new files !!!

Please do a comparision with your QuickStart folder and all the extensions combined you will know what I am saying.

Please stop wasting my time and get your act together.

Dear nicknaar,

Can you download again? You will see two files: - -

They are new files.


Hi, i am ready to buy this theme but i have one question , does the theme provide support for third-party extensions?

Best regards

Dear Aleksandra0907,

Our theme is the standard theme of magento. You can install third-party exensions without problem.


can i somehow test that my extension will work on that template, because i have made mistake with another template i can’t afford it again?

if you want i can give you my extensions to try on that template…please do me a favor Thank you

Dear Aleksandra0907,

Please purchase our theme to check. If you have any problem, we will help you to fix. Also, if you are not happy with our theme when you use, you can request to refund.


Dear Magentech!

I was the first who purchased your theme, and still has many many error…. I spent lot of time to configure and asked help from you… I can not use this theme, I’m not happy with that I’d like to ask you a refund…. How we can manage it? Regards Zoltan

The reply: The speed is only on your theme, we have two more different theme and we don”t need to optimizing or sql, we already did it.

The theme 14 is a same , I got answer for your support I need to fix the css if I want to use different size picture….

The dinamic slide show: I wnat to use different size image not a saw in the demo. If I do I need to manually edit the css…. Why???

I bought something and I need to pay more if I want to use my own setup… this is not fair!!! You do not mentioned before I bought I just realize after purchase….

Pleas give me a refund…..

Width is a required field. If only width is specified, the image will be re-sized proportionally. If both width and height are specified, the image will be re-sized exactly. You will need to update your custom CSS in order to have the resized images displayed correctly in your store.

Dear planetvision,

If you still want to refund, please submit a ticket to ThemeForest, [refer to this article]

For theme 14, we updated with this theme. It will be look good in this theme. Because you want to change to others, you need to change css.

If you want to change the size of image, you can change in backend via the module.

The dinamic slide show: I wnat to use different size image not a saw in the demo. If I do I need to manually edit the css…. Why???

=> We are using the original images, you can change to any size. I do not understand your idea for this.



A client of mine has purchased this theme for use but the extensions ater proper install are just bringing up 404 pages when I go to configure them. I have made a fresh install of magento since they are having a new site and installed by following the instructions included in the theme BUT the extensions config section still shows 404 pages and I am unsure why.

Any help would be great

Dear sycoinc87,

After you upload files, please logout from admin and then login again.

Please make sure that you deleted cache files too.


Ahh perfect, something simple i overlooked :/ thanks for the quick answer


The theme is absolutely awesome.

Unfortunately it is loading extremely slow.

The extensions Responsive Listening and the Slider are slowing down the speed and I had to disable them to decrease the loading time with 7 seconds.

Even on the demo provided here the loading time is about 20s.

Hope that there is a fix for this.

I’ve also found out that there are too many inline javascripts in the body of the HTML could that be avoided somehow in order to reduce the loading time ?

Dear lamer40,

We are using Javascript to show Mega Menu. It is hard to remove.



is this theme working on magento ?

thank you

Hi Randy_motto,

We’re sorry. With this theme, we’re just only sure the best working on v1.7.0.0. We will check and develop from the next theme for v1.8.0.0


after quickstart installation i see error

Fatal error: Call to a member function getALLIds() on a non-object in /home/msnatura/public_html/smsport/app/code/local/Sm/Megamenu/Block/List.php on line 45

Dear caesarig ,

Can you submit a ticket, give us admin account and FTP account to check?

Ticket link:


Hello A Quick Question, how would i go about adding more colour schemes to this template (as in the folders to select in the drop down menu)

I have made a few alternate colour schemes to use and they are uploaded in the same place as the current themes but I am unsure where i would or how to add these images in. It at all possible.

Thanks for the great template once again

Dear sycoinc87,

We’re sorry. It seems you didn’t use this username to purchase this theme. Could you please feel free to use the correct user that bought this theme for posting question? We will answer for you after that.


Dear sycoinc87,

You need to create css file and images folder and put your date to these: 1. skin\frontend\default\sm_sport\css\colors\YOUR_COLOR_FILE.css 2. skin\frontend\default\sm_sport\images\COLOR_folder


Thanks for the feedback, i didn’t realize i was not logged into my clients account who purchased the template. Thanks again for the help

How can i disable completely throughout the website?

I have raised a support ticket in your website! for an alignment issue. Kindly get back to me ASAP.

Thank you! I got a reply from your support and my problem is fixed.

Please open app\design\frontend\default\sm_sport\layout\catalog.xml file, find this code to remove:

<block type=”basicproducts/home” name=”basicproducts.bestsales.left” after=”catalog.shopby” template=”sm/basicproducts/bestsales-left.phtml”> <action method=”setConfig”> <values> <block_title></block_title> <title></title> <product_source>catalog</product_source> <product_category>80</product_category> <product_order_by>price</product_order_by> <product_limitation>3</product_limitation> <product_image_width>270</product_image_width> <product_image_height>400</product_image_height> <product_price_disp>1</product_price_disp> <product_description_disp>1</product_description_disp> <product_description_max_length>110</product_description_max_length> <product_rating_summary>1</product_rating_summary> <product_cart_or_status>0</product_cart_or_status> <product_addtocompare>0</product_addtocompare> <product_addtowishlist>0</product_addtowishlist> </values> </action> </block>

Hi, Very nice theme and I built it yesterday, just install today step by step. But… impossible to connect on admin :o(

Magento PHP 5.3.10 with : extension = extension =

Cache empty

PLease, many thanks for your help… I suppose solution is very simple….


Dear bee-company,

Can you submit a ticket, give me us your FTP to check?

Ticket link:



First i said to you this is a nice theme.

I found a bug on IE10 on scrollbar, she change of apparence and the footer is little broken. When I exclude prototype.js bug is gone…

Do you have an issue for this ?


Dear cyrille42100,

We’ve checked and see Scrollbar on E10 work normal. Could you please feel free to send us the screenshot about this? You can submit ticket to our system for discussing more. Here is link for submitting:

Thank you!

Hello i have forgotten to specify that the bug occur only on product page…sorry

No problem cyrille42100 :)

If you have any other problems, don’t forget to let us know. We will check and help you resolve them.

Thank you!