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Kindly let me know a way to change the map in contact us page?

Hi, We are interested to purchase your template SM Sport. We have one question: We tried to use the responsive demo preview on mobile, but it did not work. Is this preview responsive or is it different than the download version after purchase? Thank you.

Dear webstrategias,

We checked with this tool

Please click on the phone icon to check. I checked and it is working fine.

Can you check again?



The Order Review Page after Paypal Express Checkout is blank. There is only Website Header and footer.

I have raised a support request for the same #MTT-00000?00554. But I have received no response in last 2 days.

Please guys fix this issue in your theme. This is a critical issue for me as most of my order payments are from Pay Pal and I cannot enable this, as with your current theme Pay Pal does not works.

Dear nicknaar,

We answered you via ticket

Can you check again?


Can you post your response here or can you post the ticket number here?

When will the theme be ready for Magento 1.8

Dear Mesparzajr,

We’re testing all products for Magento 1.8. And with SM Sport, we can sure this is compatible with Magento 1.8. We plan for upgrade product to Magento 1.8 but not as now. But you absolutely upgrade this theme by doing as this guide:


So will the theme work properly if I just install it on Magento 1.8 or should I wait you to upgrade it.

Also is there a scheduled upgrade ?

Best Regards, Dimitar M.

Dear lamer40,

We tested this theme on Magento 1.8.0 and this work well. We have plan to upgrade this theme to Package for Magento 1.8.0 but not now. This need more time to wait. You can absolutely upgrade this theme by yourself. We would like to recommend you link guide to upgrade. You can refer here:

If you have any problem with this upgrading, you can submit ticket to our system. We will help you check and resolve them.

We hope this can help



I’ve upgraded my Magento with the link provided by you but now my shopping cart is not working at all.

It stays always empty and it refreshes the page.

Best Regards,

Hi Magentech,

Thank you for this great theme, but after installing, the product page looks terrible it’s totally out of line.

Further more I miss the following in your manual: - How to get contact page up and running - How to get about us page right - How to setup newsletter box and free shipping box

Help with product page is much needed because we want to go live within a week!

Hi Magentech, How to install tabs for more informations about products in this theme ??? Best regards,

Dear Bee,

Please open app\design\frontend\default\sm_sport\template\catalog\product\view.phtml file, find Id yt_tab_products, you can add tabs in this div.


Thanks for your quick reply Magentech but it would be great if you can write a full tutorial to add a tab. I’d find Id in correct file but ???? Many thanks,

It looks really great. Many thanks,


I just bought the theme and it looks really good but I have a question regarding Store-View (multiple language):

How do you get the theme to show multiple languages?

I have made the correct setup of the 2nd store and the default magento theme is showing the 2nd language but your theme is not showing the language in the drop-down menu.

Any assistance to get the multiple language showing with this theme will be appreciated!

Thank you very much! D.


I am planning to buy this theme.I need the theme in Green color. Is it possible to change the color after buying the theme ?

Dear pragash3,

Yes, you can. We will talk you steps to edit.


Hi, How to change the Bike and Golf products from home page. Which location i need to change ?

And new products too.


Dear Magentech, Congrats for the template! We tried to create the Main Navigation Menu based on your “info.html” help file and the Magentech Link, but we don’t understand how to do it. Could you be so kind and send us a step-by-step explanation? Thank you!

Hi, We find the MegaMenu very complicated to configure. Is there a way to create the Category Menu by following the usual Magento steps (Catalog->Manage Categories->Save Category)? Thanks in advance.

I have a quick question on behalf of my client who purchased this theme. We recently updated to magneto 1.8 and the ‘add to cart’ button from the main product page and home page doesn’t seem to add to cart… It can however add to cart when its placed in the wishlist first.

is this a know issue or just localized for us?... or maybe a plugin conflict with the JS files?

If there are not any issues for the default install in a 1.8 environment please let us know so we can investigate for ourselves

thanks for great template

Dear sycoinc87,

Could you please feel free to use the username that bought this theme to request support? And please describe detail more about your question, with URL for checking.


HI ,

Could u please tell me how to customize the menu categories drop downs ?


Dear pragash3,

Could you please explain your mean in more detail?


After the new products there are products called bike.from that product how can i change the url of that product category ?

Example – > fisrt product url is –

i want to change to ->

I am desperate and accidentally del my root menu: Root[SM Sport]

that caused to del all my menus is there a way to restore them back. If not? Can you please bring the root menu back in so i can rebuild my menu again as it wont let me do anything unless I have the parent menu.


Please dont call it SM sport call it Root_menu…

Ignore this I restore my menu with backup…

I wish is there a way I can rename SM[Sport] parent menu to something else.

Dear honey,

We think that you can create a new menu group and replace the default Sport menu group with this group.



This question is to everybody who has purchased this theme. Is Paypal working for you guys?

Can you see the order review page after you provide credentials on Paypal?


Hi, I placed ticket no. MTT-0000000595 two days ago and you haven’t answered anything yet. Please help me, I’d like to know if I can make my website ( look like your demo and then change it, because I find your guide very confusing and incomplete. Thanks.

Hi again. I may not install quick start package, because I already installed the I want to create the css menu, categories and products normally but it is not working. Why is this? Thanks.

Hi! Sorry for bothering you so much. It’s because I need to have the store( ready for this weekend. As I told you, I installed the store normally with the folders. Is it safe to upload the Quickstart Package to my server after this? Thank you, much appreciated.

Dear webstrategias,

Please feel free to focus on one place for contact with us. Our technicians replied for you on the ticket. Could you please feel free to re-post your discussion on here into there MTT-0000000595? We will answer your problems in the ticket.

Thanks and hope to see your sympathy for this work.

We’re looking at purchasing this theme, but have a question. The page takes extremely long to load acc. to PageSpeed app. Can you advise if this is due to your demo server issues, or is it the coding. There are extreme amounts of css and js within the head so we have our doubts about this in case it takes 9 seconds to load on our servers too.

Please advise.

Also, in the case that it has this kind of slow speed time, are we able to get a refund for the theme? Other sites on our server on both WP and Magento do not have this issue.

Can anybody respond to ticket no. MTT-0000000554? no update from the last 2 days.

PAYPAL does not work when we use with your theme.

BUT it works with the Core.

So there is an issue with your theme, please fix this ASAP.

Dear nicknaar,

Please check your ticket on our site again.

We need more information from your site to check this issue as soon as possible.


I bought this theme, but I’m wondering why the page speed for the home page is so slow. Running pagespeed insights, the home page takes 5.5-6.2 seconds to load. Our server is not the issue here, but it appears to be the way that the HEAD is coded. Can you please advise as we have just payed for this.