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hI I need thumbnail gallery on this theme on regular page…Is there a way you can recommend me which module to use if themeforest offers it for magento?

Dear honey,

we aren’t sure the best to recommend for you, but you should go to here: for searching the module you want. This is the big market as the same with but it is the extensions market.

Hope you can find the best product for your site.



Important to everyone considering purchasing: This theme does not work with version 1.8.0 – the add to cart buttons do not work. The company is not interested in helping or upgrading this theme to version 1.8.0

If you run 1.8.0 I would recommend to choose a different theme

I already submitted a ticket MTT-0000000609 and the reply I got was

” Dear lukevdp,

I understand your mean but sm cart pro module is not supported on magento 1.8 now.

We are checking and upgrading it as soon as possible.


However, as I also said in the ticket (which was ignored), I am not using SM Cart Pro!!! I have disabled that extension and am just using normal add to cart link.

Dear Lukevdp,

Thanks for your feedback. We would like to confirm with you that SM Cart Pro extension works normally on Magento 1.7.x and we’re updating to Magento 1.8.0. This will be packaged with SM Sport theme. Please feel free to wait us.


Yes, that is why I have warned people in the comments here that it doesn’t work with 1.8.0

Is there a way any shortcode to create a button style?

Dear honey,

Could you please explain your mean in more detail?




From the menu under the tea option i need to get exactly same as under the cinnamon products how its displayed ?

Url –

Please reply Asap


Dear pragash3,

I think that maybe there is a confict of js when you try to set multi-transition on two menu items now.

Please submit the ticket to our ticket system at

We need your site information to check this issue as soon as possible.


I submitted the ticket but no reply …ticket num [MTT-0000000625]...please reply soon

you guys taking too long to reply . can i get money back ?

I also have problems with SM Cart Pro and Magento 1.8.X! It’ possible to have money back?

Dear andreviniciusbr,

Please let us know your problem or please feel free to give us your URL, admin account for checking. We will fix directly on your site.

Please don’t forget to use our ticket system for ensuring about security on your site. Here is link for submitting ticket:

If we can’t fix the problem, you can request a refund to Themeforest for this item.

Thanks and hope to help you more.

Before I bought this template I someone will help me adding the social shares on each product. You said you will. SO I am adding a ticket now..view-ticket/3273

Dear honey,

Please discuss this feature with us through the ticket.


thank you it worked out great!

Under category there are 2 option for adding images. One big full-width image and thumbnail image.

I want to use thumbnail image beofre the title but it is not showing on the website.

Dear Honey,

We’re sorry if we make you feel inconvenient but we need to discuss on one place for getting full history of your problem. Could you please feel free to use our ticket system for posting your question? Our technicians will answer in the ticket.

Thank you so much!

Please answer my ticket.. 3282-thumbnail-image

Dear honey,

Please discuss this issue with us through the ticket.

We need more information from your site to check this issue as soon as possible.


dang this theme is kick butt too!! Wow I just added you to my favorites list ;-) Is there any chance at all that you will start making some of your themes with WordPress? I would totally buy this one and the one you just recently came out with if they were using Woocommerce!

Hi buildingAbiz,

We’ve checked and see the link is normal. Please try again with other browsers and let us know your error.


That is so strange? It still won’t pull up for me. I am using Google Chrome with my android samsung galaxy s4 phone. I will try it on my laptop when I get back home and let you know if I can pull it up on that.

Yes, buildingAbiz. We’ve rechecked on some devices and see normally. Please try with your PC and let us know how it is.

Thanks :)

Please answer my ticket: view-ticket/3294-newsletter-section


please resolve my issue it has been tag along with few weeks.

...thumbnail needs to work. I even have screeshot should look.

category thumbnail images are not working ont his theme. I am not talking about the product images. Please don’t make me wait another 24hours. this problem has been stuck for 2 weeks now…

Why Category thumbnail images are not displaying on the site?

I found a bug… for some reason…only under Blog post on admin panel it doenst save a picture when I choose an image for blog post.

Dear Honey,

We’re sorry about this. Our technician request ftp information for modifying directly on your code. The account you give us is using for accessing your site, not for changing code files. So please feel free to give us full information in the ticket, our technician will check for you now.

Thanks for your patience.

I did that is how I am connected through dreamweaver.

If you are having hard time connecting with my server. I would suggest just PROvide me the codes or files. So we can move on.

Where are the PSD files that you say are included?

Cheers, Ben

Hi there, any update on this?

If you can send me a link to download direct from you would save me some time.

It is quite urgent as working on a customer project.

Cheers, Ben

Dear Ben,

We’re sorry. We contacted with Themeforest for checking about this but they haven’t answered. Please leave your email here, we will send the link for downloading now.



Am having an issue with the theme (have a separate ticket opened for logo placement issue #676).

When I go to a product detail page, there is a 1960×200 banner that appears there (I changed one of the previous categories to what I wanted) and the URL’s of these images are (eg):

media/catalog/category/banner_golf.jpg media/catalog/category/banner_bikes.jpg

But I cannot figure out where they are specified. Checked the category image and not there, so where is it please ?

Guys, can you please advise re my 3 issues on ticket 676 ?

Dear TheGeneral495,

Please feel free to wait in the ticket. Our technician will help to check and answer for you in there.



I have open issues, it is nearly the end of November, this is ecommerce and Xmas is around the corner.

I have expanded on all info on my issues, included screenshots AND A VIDEO showing the behaviour I need looked at.

One of the reasons I bought this theme was that it looked great and had great reviews – the presumption is that support is first class.

Please urgently address these outstanding issues. Thanks in advance.

Hey i purchased your theme, and the read more button is not working correctly? Please advise

Dear rly420,

We are at night so we can’t answer for you now.

Could you please feel free to post this problem on our system? Here is link for posting ticket:, then send to our Themeforest Department. You can submit ticket in there and our technician will help you answer this without any fee.

Thanks for your patience!

Hi i purchased this theme and there is no documentation at all i have uploaded the theme and im not sure what to do with the extensions/modules…

Dear simonwinrow,

We’re sorry for this late answering. This is problem from Themeforest and we sent requirment for checking our main_file. Please feel free to use guiding theme in this link:



Guys, please see my comments above. I am HOLDING my site as-is at the moment, waiting for you to advise.

The issues I am having are making the site look amateurish at the moment, so would greatly appreciate your looking into these ticketed issues at your earliest convenience..

Dear TheGeneral495,

Our technician answered for you in the ticket. Please feel free to discuss more with him in there.


I’m having troubles with speed, becouse the theme is 2mb on the frontpage. How can i reduce the masive amount of javascripts and css files? Combining them through the admin does not seem to work, and caching helps, but not for the first load.

Dear houseofweb,

We’re sorry. We were out of the work and we can’t sure the best support in this time. Could you please feel free to post these questions into our ticket system here: You can post the question then send to Themeforest Department in our system. Our technicians will reach this and answer for you later.


Hey Guys,

I submitted a ticket but no reply yet! Please see this page:

i have no toolbar for showing more products on a page, or any pagination at the bottom of the product listings?

i have set up a quick start version of the theme here to test with and the pagination and toolbar are working?

All the settings are the same on both sites, but its not working on one and is on another?

Dear rly420,

Please leave the number of ticket here as soon as possible. We will check for you now.



I had a reply that i waited 2 days for and i have just been told my problem doesn’t exist! please look at my ticket, i have no page numbers on my product listings or the ability to view in grid or list mode.. please help me resolve this problem.

Nothing but issues with this theme. from missing files to it not working like the demo. Not compatible with IE9 as stated. Beyond slow to load especially on the first view even with responsive products turned off (which according to the dev is why it takes so long to load). Its a shame because the design and idea of the functionality is good.

I have had many issues and have created several tickets. It takes days to get an answer usually and when they respond they say “it’s working as it should” and then you have to point it out again why its not and they eventually understand and fix the issue, but unfortunately often that fix just cascades into more issues.

Hopefully they can improve the bugs. It has potential but needs lots of work.

Please send me the link for download psd files.


Dear ZNetworks, When you download our files on Themeforest, you will have PSD files.


Hi there, after downloading the zip file ( I can’t find that psd file inside it.

The only zip files I have inside the downloaded zip file are as follows

sm_sport_theme_m1.8.0_v1.0.2 sm_sport_theme_m1.7.0.2_v1.0.2 sm_sport_quickstart_tf_m1.8.0_v1.0.2 sm_sport_extensions_m1.7-m1.8.0_v1.0.2

Into this files zip don’t have a psd file.


Dear ZNetworks,

We’ve sent the download link for PSD files into your email. Please feel free to check in there. If you have any other problem, don’t hesitate to let us know.