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To speed the homepage up a little I’ve created a topic, maybe some of you guys could use it!

Thank you so much AccuSafe ;)

No Problem, theme is really nice, just need some polish :)!

Thank you for the great Theme. I am downloading your updated version now to install on my website but the Documentation and Extra Files are not in the .zip file provide. Please update your .zip file to include all the documentation and installation instructions. Thanks!

n/m, I found your documentation on the magentech website. Thanks anyways.

Dear joelwebsitefun,

We’re sorry for this late answer. We’re uploading the document into main file again. You can use the guide on our site for your work now.

Thanks for your feed back!

When adding product images, if the setting “SM Sport Theme module” does not include an image height for category page, product page image, the image does not show, only a placeholder shows.

I have tried reaching out to you guys on the Forum of your website. I have received a reply from your team that everything was fix when it wasn’t.

I asked for support again and no one is answering me.

Right now I am very unhappy with the support, I have a client waiting for over 2 weeks now and I can’t even show them a simple product page.

Please help – Thank you

Love the theme! excellent… how do I change the product page to just 1 column, getting rid of the compare products and also the slider underneath it.

Hello iazykz,

I would like to answer you as follows: - how do I change the product page to just 1 column? Please refer this link

- getting rid of the compare products : Please refer this link

- the slider underneath it: Please go to Cms -> Page -> Edit Home page -> Design Tab -> in Update XML field, please find <reference name=”slideshow”> <block type=”dynamicslideshow/list” name=”dynamicslideshow.list.default”/> </reference>

add remove


your the man. thanks!

Why does my hover zoom seem to not zoom… or how do i change it zoom more?

Hi Iazykz,

I checked your site and saw that it is working fine.

did you fix?


no it doesnt zoom, it just shows the exact image in the same size just in a smaller box but doesnt actually zoom.

Can you please answer my ticket… 3324-blog-image-broken

I have this problem from the start when I install the template can’t seem to add pictures on the blog post. I have no idea how you are saving pictures? Is there a trick involve? I tried different computer and still no luck!

Hi, I can add normal. I answered your ticket too


This is weird. You can do it for some reason and my other friends cant upload picture too. Please tell me how are you doing it? Is there a trick involve?

Dear honey,

Please feel free to discuss directly with our technician focus on ticket. They will check for you.


First of all great theme, good work!

I have two questions: 1. It seems to be that if the catalog image is active it will show it on the product detail pages aswell. Can I make a adjustment to just show them only the catalog page?

2. Is there a way to prevent images in the catalog and on the product page from (up)scaling? Some of my images where sized ugly to fit the images area.

Thanks in advance!

Can you please respond to ticket no. MTT-0000000776 Thanks in advance!

Dear Realrock

Please kindly check your ticket again


this beautiful theme, i’m french, I just bought, i’m installing

Hi I just purchased your theme and tried to install on a local host through Bitnami and whenever I upload the theme it tells me that it cannot be installed and that it is missing “stylesheet.css”. Could you help me resolve this issue?

Also, I tried uploading the theme to an online server (another Wordpress site I have) and when I upload the file it either gives me the same message or it’ll go to a page that says “Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again.” and then it brings me back to the page to upload a theme and no theme has been uploaded.

Dear michaelfagan,

Can you submit a ticket to our Ticket System so that we can check this issue?

I tried to check at our local but i could not find this issue


can you please help me with logo slider bug. I realized something i uploaded theme.css yesterday and since than the lOgo slider is going crazy again. and have a feeling must have overide your code that when you fixed the logo slider. Can you please fix it again.

I already did…

Ok, i will check now


i WANT to keep the autoplay please help me fix the slider.

is there an easy way to make the header sticky

The theme is fine, but I had problems with technical support has not helped my necessity, I had to buy the package installation, and still had problems due to lack of communication, I had to fix myself breaking my head 3 weeks.

Now all works fine.

Dear oscarbruna

I am very sorry for this late. We are in TET holiday so that we could not help you.

Tomorrow we will come back for working and will solve all pending issues.


Hi! Is there something in this theme about doing a multi-language version?

Thank you! In the end I bought the theme from you.

Theme looks really nice but is really slow. Im getting 25s second load times compared to 3 seconds on my other store on the same hosting account.

I’ve done all the usual magento optimisation tips, but cant seem to get it any quicker.

If anyone has any tips it would be much appreciated.

My cache has always been turned on, I believe this defaults to enabled from installation.

Hello, Im am still waiting for support …

Dear JamMediaUK

Please kindly submit a ticket to our site with your site information. We will check and explain in detail via your ticket



I have installed the quickstart, but the images won’t show up. How can we fix this?

hope to hear soon, thanks

Dear onsweb

Can you explain in detail your issue? Because we are using placehold in image positions.


Hi, Please, can you help us with the ticket number: MTT-0000000991? we put it on The problem is about we cannot add products on the shopping cart. Always the Magento theme says Shopping Cart is empty.

Thank you very much in advance,

Dear webstrategias,

We’re sorry for this late. Please check in the ticket. Our technician answered in there.


Hi there, I’m still waiting for your answer. The ticket number is: MTT-0000000991 Thank you so much,

Dear webstrategias,

We’re sorry for pending message from you. Your ticket was answered for a long time ago. With any other question, please feel free to discuss with our technicians via ticket system or contact with us by using live chat panel in the working time about reminding the ticket.

Thanks for your co-operation!

Hi! I’ve download a new zip today and it only contain pictures… please verify the file. Thank`s

Dear pwmpro,

We have no new update about code files in this time. We’ve just updated new guide and new psd files for version 1.0.4. You can use the guide and psd for your work. Please read more change log in the content of this theme.


Helo, I just bought a SM Sports themes, but after I downloaded only JPEG files only?

ok no problem, I’ll wait for the file immediately, please be notified if have been upload.

Hi dadandarm,

We’ve received the announcement from Themeforest about approving the newest main files. It seems the download email is available in your inbox or spam. Please kindly to check in there.


ok thanks

Hello, great theme!

I have a problem with responsive listing: In home page i have this block:

<block type=”responsivelisting/list” name=””> <action method=”setConfig”> <values> <product_category>26</product_category> </values> </action> <action method=”setData”><key>custom_title</key><value>Fein</value></action> <action method=”setData”><key>custom_desc</key><value>Descrizione</value></action> </block>

I want show only category id 26 but don’t works (show other products)

I need to change this line?: <block type=”responsivelisting/list” name=””>

Regards Mauro

Dear mauromorero2,

We’re really sorry for this late answering. Please go to Admin -> System -> Cache Management to refresh