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Would you release a Joomla 3.0 version? I need joomla 3.0 version.


yes i will release joomla 3.0 and wordpress 3.5 as soon as possible…

hi Ibrave sorry to disturb you, i continue to have problem to make work your template, which plugin should i donwload and install to resolve my problem? on local server it owrks but online it does not work….thans

done… can you give your email for conversation….

Nice work… Wish you lots of sells…

thank you so much…

How soon before you have the Joomla 3.0 version. I want to know before I purchase and is it going to be an update to this or what?

send me test mail on ibravethemes@gmail.com when i will release joomla 3.0 i will update you…

Is this also available now or soon as a html template? I need both html and joomla same style :)

cant say for html but i will try… thanks

Nice theme! Bookmarked for later use ;)


Hello, the theme is completely broken.

I have tried both Joomla 2.5 and 3, and I have tried both the Quickstart and manually installing the template, but whenever I activate the template, it breaks the website.

have you read “Read Me 1st” File? plz read it.

Seeing as I am the only one posting who has PURCHASED this them, I’d appreciate and answer to my question or at least SOME kind of support…


have you read “Read Me 1st” File? plz read it. if not solve your problem. pls send me your hosting details i will upload site for you.


Thank you for your response. No I had not read that file, I assumed all instructions would be in the “Installation Instructions”. Thanks.

You may also want to change the following sentence in the installation instructions which strikes me as odd: ” At the end there’s need to the Install sample data.”

Is that supposed to be “there’s NO need to install”... Or do we need to install it? If so, which sample data? Blog, Brochure or Default?

I simply install the Default Sample Data and it works fine, but the instructions are very confusing.

ok thanks for suggestions. i will change it. also plz go to your download section and give rating for the template. thanks

Hi, i bought this template last week and had the same issue as “djnicke”, I think you should review the files so that it can have a “clean install”; however, i was wondering, as i have purchased this item, am i allowed to remove the copyright? I refer to the one that reads as “Designed by iBrave Themes using Helix”, and if so, how can I achieve this?


go to following file location and edit what you want. plugins/system/helix/features/copyright/footer.php

Great! thank you very much!! (although I found the file at /plugins/system/helix/features/footer.php)

i use templets have error call to member function Header() on a non-object in D:\xampphtdocs\ASK\templates\shaper_helix_ii\index.php on line 25. why? please help me.

thank you so much for anwer. I install plugin and enable alredy complete but silder is not show image. please help me again.

new error “Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in D:\xampp\htdocs\test1\plugins\system\helix\features\bootstrap.php on line 13” please help me again.

send you hosting details on ibravethemes@gmail.com

why? don’t anwer me.

check your recent comment


I have this error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_PUBLIC in /home/content/37/7603137/html/odontologica/2013/plugins/system/helix/features/analytics.php on line 3

What can I do?

plz send admin login details on ibravethemes@gmail.com

Data sent…

Hi, I’ve another problem.

When I try to enter to the Global Configuration shows this error:

“500 – An error has occurred. Layout default_navigation not found”

And I cannot edit an article or module, the editor is not loading and I can’t configure it.

I’ve replaced the administrator folder and I’ve put 705 folder permissions.

Can you help me please?

Hi there.

I have several questions:

1. In IE 9 the top menu (main menu – Mega Menu) is placed under the layer of “sliders” position (even in Demo here it shows only the first raw). How to fix this?

2. Is there any way in this template to output the module in the article (smth like placing {loadposition content_bottom})? I mean, I have the module publicated in some position and I’d like it to be shown in the middle of the article (or instead of the article) (for example FAQ with any of the FAQ modules).

3. Is there any way to add the additional modules position quickly without editing the template’s sources?


1. this is css problem. should fix with z-index property. 2. you can load position or create module position bottom of content. through layout builder. 3. you can create module position through layout builder. go to template manager/defauld template/layout section create module position where you want . dont forgot to create module position name in template_details.xml

thank you

Well, I’m trying “z-index” but still nothing. Could you please check this out and tell where exactly to change? It’s very important because IE9 is not so old :)

So, any response? Almost 1 month gone :(

Hi, I have a client interested in SmallBiz. Any timeline on J3.1 release date? thx -sam

Hello. After install the joomla with template and examples, the site doesn´t work. When go to principal page from my localhost, the page doesn´t show anything.

Thanks for anyhelp.


Hello! Error in the accordion when module Client Testimonial (GK4) is included – accordion item does not reopen (in your demo too!). Still would like accordion will be closed when the page loads – traditional accordion behavior – please add setting in shortcode. Thanks.

Hi there, cool template, I need it but I have a question, If I purchase this template what can I do in order to see my website just as the demo site, Is there any instruction or any way to do that ? thanks

I have problems with this template. I just buy it and I can’t upload it in my Joomla panel.

Can you help me? I bought your template and now I can’t use it because each time I want to upload it in my Joomla panel it shows a error message.

Well, when I will have some response.

Hi there, i need set new measures in order to upload a new logo bigger than actual logo, the problem is that the css are INLINE STYLES, how can I change this ?