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Hello, any idea why my theme is not Responsive Design? I resize my web site in my computer and I see the Responsive Menu, like a mobile menu but I browser my web site in my iPhone 6 and don’t work the Responsive Menu. How I can fix this? www.marimarvega.com

Hi there scesini,

This might be happening because the resolution of the iPhone might exceed 767px in width, the point where the responsive menu disappears.

Let me know if I can be of any other help, by contacting me at http://icypixels.com/support/


Hello, I already post ticket in your support url. But, how I can fix this please? In almost all iOS I can’t see the mobile menu. How I can change this code or increment the 767px in width, please?

Hello, some help please?


You make such beautiful themes such as this one, but it says Themeforest is marking them as non-supported.

Now that there’s regular support fees to be paid every 6 months, hopefully this can make this endeavor more profitable and appealing for you.

Any plans to continue support and update some of the best themes to 2016 standards? (not that they’re far off!)

Danke shoen

Hi awezome,

Thank you for the kind words and I really appreciate it.

I’m planning on moving the themes to supported as soon as I get enough time to properly support them. Since in the last half a year or so I didn’t have enough time to “officially support” my themes, I still do it if anybody asks for support on http://icypixels.com/support/

Kind regards, Paul

I understand, Paul. Thank you.

I’ll definitely buy this theme then, and continue renewing support. Although I rarely ask for actual support (usually the things I want to ask are big questions that out of bounds for mere theme support, anyway, haha), I asked Themeforest to charge recurring fees for support a couple years back, to make it possible for great digital artists like yourself to be able to keep making and updating these things.

I’m glad they finally did it, and I’ll be happy to be a patron of yours.

Again, excellent work! Amazing, really. Hope to see updates when you find the time.

Hello, some idea how to use Instagram link into Icy Social Settings? Thanks.-


scesini Purchased

You don’t answer any of my message in 2 years. Do you need more time? I’m already use your https://icypixels.com/support/ and the same situation. You sale your theme, have issues, big issues and don’t care. Crazy!