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I have asked this question on support forum but still haven’t received response.

How do i load the contents of the xml demo file ?

I dont want to leave negative feedback. please reply asap

Hello dear buyers,

Please note that the comments section is not designed for theme support and therefore no theme support will be ongoing here anymore.

Please use the dedicated theme support ticket system here: Icy Pixels Ticksy.

The support queue has been cleared and I just wanted to let you know that I’m leaving on a vacation until the 21st of September.


TL;DR; NOTE: I’m going to be offline from 18th of August until the 21st of September 2013 and therefore support will be offline during this time. I’m travelling in Europe so please bear with me :) Thank you for your understanding.

You aren’t responding to all of the tickets in your forum, you won’t respond to the comment section on Themeforest and now you’re on vacation for a month?! This is a joke.

You did not answer all of the outstanding tickets before leaving for a month. I am a new customer who posted a ticket to your “support” forum on August 13. You never replied and now I’m stuck without support.

Hello Aejc,

Firstly, I’m sorry you’ve had this experience so far with one of my products. I responded to all support tickets until the 18th of August. I have no open ticket with your username in it at the moment.

Please note that free support is basically a gift from me to my customers. The Free theme support policy can be found inside my Support’s tab on the item. Also, please note the fact that it is not mandatory to offer support for the products.

As much as I respect my customers, I would like them to respect me as well. I think I deserve a vacation after working without any breaks in the last year. Thank you for understanding the fact that I’m a person like just you and everyone, which needs a vacation once a year.

Have a great great day! Paul

You closed the ticket I responded to, but did not answer my question—it was unresolved. And you also neglected to answer my question in the comments about when you plan on updating this theme, since it is now out of date with not only the latest version of WordPress, but also the Aqua Page Builder (which cause a conflict with your theme when updated).

The only message you’ve responded to was to tell me you deserve a vacation. I don’t think this is showing respect to a customer who paid for your theme.

“Please note that free support is basically a gift from me to my customers. “

Sorry, but basic support is not a “gift” when you are selling support as part of what you get with the theme. I’ve purchased many themes in the past and have never had such poor or non-existent support.

Hello Paul,

I would like to learn if it’s possible to use your theme for my personal and company website once I buy it? I’m little bit confused and couldn’t understand “end product” and etc. :) I already bought and using it but I need one more website.

Thanks in advance!

Hello there Ferhat,

It will be enough to just buy another regular license :)


Hi problem WP 3.6 new update plugin Aqua Page Builder Version 1.1.2

Pls help fix problem

Hello there,

You most probably want to provide more detail and reach out with this problem to Syamil MJ at http://wordpress.org/support/plugin/aqua-page-builder

Kind regards

Hello there everyone,

I would like to thank you for your continued patience in waiting for me to come back out of vacation! I really appreciate it!

I just wanted to let you know that I pushed an update for a brand new bug fixing version of the theme. Everything should work as expected right now. Among the things fixed, I can mention:

  • NEW Brand new skills graph which is more tablet / phone friendly
  • FIX Image block fixed
  • FIX Year countdown in Internet Explorer reverted to 1768 in some cases.
  • FIX Now every portfolio item in the grid has the correct height when being hovered. Now you can write extremely long titles without breaking the layout.
  • FIX lightbox rendering unproperly and distorting images upon clicking.
  • FIX modified the Portfolio block and the Blog block to display items in Descending order, as it is normal (latest first).
  • FIX Safari mobile rendering of each forth image as a small tile.

That would be it! It was an extremely productive day, both in terms of development and support!

Thanks again for all your patience and enjoy your new update as soon as it is available.



ADH Purchased


Having trouble embedding video to pages?

Video shows, but does not play?

I am using a local server – would that make a difference?



ADH Purchased

FYI – Vimeo works fine… Just youtube not working??


ADH Purchased

Hi – Are you getting these messages? Please let me know…

Hello there ADH,

There’s no way for the theme to control which videos work and which are not working. If vimeo works and youtube doesn’t have you tried to see if there’s an issue with your plugins interefering with the theme?

As far as I know of, I’ve tested both YT and Vimeo and both worked great.



ADH Purchased


I am still yet to receive support :(

I want to give you five stars, but you have to help me :)

Please respond urgently.


Paul, I try not to criticize but support tickets are going un-answered and people are getting restless. Sucks to pay for something and then not receive support as promised…

Sorry about that Lucas :(

The last two weeks were a little bit intense. Hopefully I will be able to get back to you in some way or another :)

Have a great weekend! Paul

It’s a pity that whitin the new update, the new skills graph has no “max skill” to define… also, I don’t understand why the portfolio order now has been changed in “sort portfolio”..before it was more reasoned (first item at the top in list displayed first)...

Hello there exorange,

Sorry, I thought it was better if we had the DESC order we used to have in blog posts as well. That’s the way WordPress displays things in general and I thought it will be good to have the latest portfolio first.

Let me know if you wish the thing to be the other way around and I will let you know in a support ticket what line to change from ‘DESC’ to ‘ASC’.


The new update has been great besides one huge compromise. Even though I check “Display items in grayscale?” they now appear in color no matter what. Really loved my portfolio in grayscale. =[


Wish I could get some support.

hi all, Where can i find the code of the hovering animations? Is there a way to disable it? thank you for this great template!

Firstly, I’d like to say that this theme was worth every penny. Just a quick correction. The menu isn’t completely centered. After some investigation, I found that there is a margin on the right-most element where there shouldn’t be, and that this line is missing in the main css:

nav#primary-nav ul > li:last-child { margin-right: 0; }

Perhaps this could be fixed in an upcoming release. Thanks.

Hi there, great theme, I love it. One question – how can change the background on all posts under my blog section? At the moment each blog post needs to be edit separately in order to change the background?


You say “This is only the beginning.” but your theme page here shows the Update Status as version 1.3 in April and also a sentence about 1.4 but it doesn’t say when…

Since April there have been 3 WordPress updates.

Is the current release of Smarald compatible with WP v 3.7.1 and what about WP v 3.8 which is just round the corner?


Hello Terence,

Thank you so much for the interest in my theme and for the feedback! I appreciate it!

Yes, the theme does work with WP 3.7.1, which is the current stable release available for download. There have been numerous updates which were done and the changelogs were only posted in the ThemeForest comments. Silly me, I forgot to post the changes in the item description too.

The current theme version for Smarald is 1.4 and it’s been live for some time now :)

I do update my themes if they need updating with newer WordPress versions, don’t worry :D

If I can be of any further assistance, or if you have any more questions, please let me know. Have a great day!

Paul | Icy Pixels | Customer Happiness Engineer

To anyone considering buying this theme and wondering if it’s worth the money, I would answer straight away it IS 10 times worth every penny. About the theme : I am using this theme since 8 months now, as my main tool for my work (I am a video producer in Paris, France) and working on Smarald is just a perfect experience. Not only the theme is very well thought, light and fast, but it also saves headaches and lets you concentrate on your content instead of any mysterious bugs. I see this theme has sold a lot and I definitively can understand why.

Last but not least : the support. I had very pleasant exchanges in the past months, disturbing (sorry…) Icy Pixels about how to do this and that, and I had lightning fast support any time. But here is a little anecdote that let me speechless on how the support is great : this afternoon I stupidly “crashed” my site on my entire fault, trying to edit some php files on my own. Welll… I emailed Icy Pixels for help, and IN LESS THAN 10 minutes, watch in hand, my site was running again as perfectly as in the first day + minor modifications I’ve asked before which the team at Icy Pixels did at the same time, flawlessly. And we are saturday, I guess Icy Pixels has better things to do on a saturday than repair my site immediatly.

This is MY TRUE experience. And I can tell that I’ve bought several themes in the past on TF, believe me, and NEVER ever got so pleased on the ease of using such a theme, but foremost on the security I feel having a true support I can rely on.

I know I am not the only one being truly acknowledgeable to this team for putting up such great efforts, but i felt i had to say again this theme is a f** killer deal. From itself, AND from the amazing support. And this is coming from a TF member (me) who’ve known many big disappointments in the past 2 years from other sellers. Now enjoy it ! Another (totally) satisfied customer.

Thank you so much for the beautiful testimonial!! This is truly inspirational and it motivates to work harder for even better products!

Customers like you are the ones that help me drive innovation forward one more step at a time :)

Have a great evening and thank you, again!


width2 images on Safari mobile show smaller than width1. Do you have any idea?

Hello norion,

Thank you for letting me know. I’ll try and test if possible in my environment and see if I can recreate the issue.


Hi, I can’t seem to get to http://icypixels.ticksy.com/

My problem is that entering page titles and subtitles won’t save. They just disappear every time I try to save them and so no page title or subtitle displays on my pages.

Thanks for this beautiful theme and I look forward to your response.

Hello there dear customer,

Firstly, let me thank you for the purchase! I really appreciate it!

The current support site is : http://support.icypixels.com/ For future support requests, please open a topic there.

Also, I tried to recreate the issue you are reporting and I’m not able to recreate it on my demo website, running the latest WordPress. Maybe you could try opening a support topic on the forum and adding some login credentials (make sure you check the “Set as Private Reply” in the post) so I can try to test it on your website maybe I can find out what’s wrong.

Also, make sure you’re using the latest version of the theme too :)


To avoid showing smaller thumbnails (width2) on iPhone, it needs this:

@media (max-width: 767px) { .iphone .icy-portfolio .portfolio-grid .portfolio-item.width2 { width: 100%; } }

Thanks! This is handy, will add this to the stylesheet.

Hallo, kann ich Smarald: Retina Bereit Responsive Wordpress Theme mehrsprchig installieren? Wenn ja, dann will ich es kaufen.

Hello, can i the Smarald: install Retina Ready Responsive WordPress Theme install multilingual? If so, then I will buy it.

Thank you


Ja, Sie können Smarald in mehrere Sprachen installieren, weil Smarald mit .Po/.Mo Computerdatei kommt. Mehr Info unter http://codex.wordpress.org/Translating_WordPress . Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch :)

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