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Still waiting for Author to send sliced images from other PSD .

Again, changing colors of EXPORTED jpgs and gifs should not be a solution for a theme that advertises multiple PSDs.

Its a really cool design. Like it a lot. Just a couple of questions, at any point are you going to splice the psd files for us or at the very least give us the individual images for the other colour schemes? I am not very good with design stuff so things need to be a little easier for me :)

Very good template, I would just like to offer a few suggestions to the author. It would be best to use semantic HTML .

form input would change from

Otherwise you did a great job.

@seanculver: Thank you very much, great advice!

I’ll add these as revisions to the template next time =)


I really like this theme. Is there a way you could release another version of it without the sidebar and extending the main content further?

I have an application that I am working on that will be using rather large tables in regards to columns so as much horizontal space as I can get the better.

I don’t know if this would be easy to do, but if at all possible I’d love to have it.


Hi, Can you tell me if i can use this with any other html template from theme forrest? Can i change/add/delete articles from an existing html page?And is it difficult to connect this with an html website? I haven’t done something like this before and i have no idea how to do this. thanks

I cannot imaging any better thing else that can be bought for just 10$. I have really expended a lot of hours working in my own ugly admin interfaces. Smart Admin has everything I expect from an admin interface.

Thanks this is exactly what i needed.

I think I can answer syndix, I had the same problem, I needed more space, so I did a quick hack. I got rid of the sidebar, and exteneded the .contentBox and .contentBoxTop to be 970px width. I then streched the images bg_contentBoxTop.jpg and bg_contentBox.gif to be 970px, but maintained the height at 43px and 4295px respectively. This seems to work fine for me.

Disclaimer: I am a software developer, not a designer which is why I wanted something from themeforest.

Question : OK all you designers out there, what is the standard procedure for doing things like changing the button text without stuffing up the gradient being used? Without a layered PSD file for the button, you can’t just delete the text and replace it with whatever text you want? Can you? I’m sure this is just showing my design in-experience.

@sbaldwin: yes, that how we do it =)

Running into simpler ways would cause smart admin to look worse, so the best way to modify is to remember the details need to get modified too =)

I am new…how do you apply this to an existing site?


there is a little bug with opera. can you fix it?



good template! Thanks!

I have a question… I haven’t got photoshop and I never use it, so I can’t edit “smartadmin_blue_silver.psd”.

I think the BLUE /SILVER template it’s already in the download folder but isn’t.

Have you got the image blue/silver ready to add change color of template?

Thanks Bye

The screenshot contained the blue and green theme too, but it is missing form the purchased download. Where is it?

I found the Blue/Silver color theme. It is in a PSD file. It will be a big pain to cut the images out and waste hours doing so. Would have been nice if the author provided it as part of the package.

Currently it makes the template incomplete and does not save me time.

If you want this template because of the Blue/Silver theme, then buy it ONLY if you are willing to cut all the pieces yourself (which is a very time consuming process)

No more buying of templates that is half complete.

Where is the author of this site? Why don’t response….

I agree, a very nice template however would still like to have the images for the blue/silver theme. Only html and images provided are for the olive theme. Please add the other images…. :crying:


As stated in the item detail, the additional colors were added later only as psds.

This is a 2 years old theme from when people did not deliver html files with skins.

If you plan to buy this to get 3 with different css/xhtml skins, please don’t buy it:)