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Nice template, just what i need.. how hard is to change the black background?

You can change it from body {} or else just replace image, it edit i included psd

Hi there,

Just one question, I am about to buy this template, is it possible to replace the image slide show with a video?

I have a video on Vimeo, nice high res, could I embed that in the Image space, everythign else stay the same?

If i can i will definatly buy,

Thank you

No you can’t embed video into slider, it only works for images.

How may I use the full block metioned in the CSS ?

For full block you need to take ”.fblock1-outer-wrap” class, go to services page and copy the classes assigned to div. Below si the code

<!--Starts --> <div class="fblock1-outer-wrap"> <div class="fblock1-wrap"> <div class="fblock1"> Your content goes here </div> </div> </div> <!-- Ends -->

thank You :-)

Im having problems getting the pictures for the slider, how hard is to reduce the height of the slider?

Its very easy reduce height of image, but u haven’t brought template so how u r using template??

Can you explain me how to reduce the height?

Open css file find #slider{ and decrease height.

Nice work. I’m about to purchase this template. Have you test this template on Drupal 7.2?

This is HTML template not drupal, and available drupal template is compatible with version 6.

Bought the template and looks great is the search option already working? or else what does it take to make it work?

Thanks in advance


Its just html page, you adding php or google CSE u can make it work.

Ok thanks, How can i delete the search option box, so that i can create more space for links in the menu?


Open index.html file search for <!- Search Starts -> and remove code between <!- Search Starts -> and <!- Search Ends ->

Thats it.

Good Morning.

Within the Template there is a page that allows the Administration of the Blogs that are entered, and this is automatically updated on the main page of the blog (Categories, Features, Archives), or this administration and updating should be manual?

Thank you.

It is HTMl template, not dynamic theme.

Nice template but not responsive

If you are interested can you please contact via my profile page?