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Hi guys. Just purchased the smart business theme, but cannot upload on a wp 3.6.1, as I’m told: “style.css stylesheet is missing”. I’ve looked for the users manual, but can’t find that either.

Best regards Lars

Sh*t – bought the wrong template…

This is the html template, not a WordPress theme.

Great template! Well constructed and works well! I purchased multiple times! Cheers!


Thank you very much. We appreciate this!

Best regards,

excelent templante! congrats. i need, if it posible and if you can help me, i need to change the color red color for a darker one, and also i need that the place where the logo image “smart bussines” be bigger, my logo itsbigger and it cuts the image thanks a lot!

Thank you. Please, write me using the contact form in my profile. There we could take a look to this closer, I will help you with this!

Hello AtiX!

Greate Template :D

I’m trying to change the map con the contact-2.php page. But When I copy the google the URL of the map I get a white screen with no map.

How can I change the map?

Thank you

Hello! Thank you!

Please be sure that you have this parameter at the end of the url:


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hi, could someone help me i want to make a link to an accordion tab from another page.

I have no idea

Many thanks


The accordion tabs are changing only on click event and unfortunately, you can’t use the link to open the tab.

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I bought this template for wordpress and now i need to buy pictures which was used for this template. Unfortunately links which author provide in this comments or documentation are not availalble. So my question where I can buy this images? Thank You.

All pictures were bought from the

The comments for Smart Business WordPress theme will be available in a few days.

Hi, Quick question. How do you make the revolution slideshow display in IE8. It is displyaing fine in all other browsers except IE8. This is urgent so if need be I am willing to pay for the help to get to the bottom of this issue. I purchased the Wordpress theme version of this template, that thread is no longer alive so I am posting it here.

Sincerely, Arthur Brown

Hi, I have checked the revolution slider in IE8 and I see only the button background color issue. Please send more details + screenshots. Thank you.

Hi, The button background images are a problem but the bigger problem for me is having the slideshow not showing. I will send a screenshot of a side by side comparison of IE8 and Google Chrome. If you can take a look at this and let me know about both issues that would be a great help. Where can I email you the screenshot?

Sincerely, abword.

<div class="fullwidthabnner revslider-initialised tp-simpleresponsive" style="height: 491px;" />

Great theme. Where can I edit/disable the piece of code that writes “height: 491px;”?

Nevermind, found it :)

Great :). For those who want to know where to change the same thing, edit the index.html file and modify or delete this line:


Best regards,

So did I buy the wrong one too. The zip file is themeforest-4734600-smart-business-responsive-html5-template (1).zip is this the wrong file? if so where is the correct one for WordPress

Hi. This is a HTML template not a WordPress theme.

I went back and bought the full Word Press install and am getting the same message,

Installing Theme from uploaded file: Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Hi. This is a HTML template not a WordPress theme. Find how to fix the issue in WP:

Please advise

Hi. This is a HTML template not a WordPress theme. Find how to fix the issue in WP:

Hope you can help – I’ve purchased the template it looks great and I hope it works for my needs. One big issue is that (I’m not an expert in Style sheets) i can’t get more than one level to cascade for the menu. I’ve used the example you had provided and have been diligently looking for a solution. I despirately need a way to cascade from 1st, 2nd and third top navigation levels. Have you provided for this in the style sheets?

Thanks in advance ATIX for your fast assistance!!

Hi. However you can edit the html/css code yourself to achieve something like that. We would love to help you with this customization but unfortunately we only provide support for minor tweaks and small customization.

how do i setup the blog page with my site

This is html template and you have add the blog section manually or to buy the WordPress version of the theme.

There is no mention of slowing down the slider transitions for the one by one slider. They are too fast to read. The delay code found in the javascript file has no effect. It is hard to find where the defaults are coming from also. Seems to move every 4 seconds. Did a search everwhere. Please advise. Code below:

// plugin default options
var settings = { 
    className: 'oneByOne', 
    sliderClassName: 'oneByOne_item',
    easeType: 'fadeInLeft',
    width: 960,
    height: 420, 
    delay: 300,
    tolerance: 0.25,  
    enableDrag: true,
    showArrow: true,
    showButton: true,
    slideShow: false,
    slideShowDelay: 3000

The delay you can modify in the parameter: slideShowDelay: 3000

Hi—nice template! I purchased it awhile ago and am now customizing it for a client. I embedded a couple of videos on her pages, and she says they are not showing up on her iPad. One is 600×338; the other is 560×315. Any ideas on why they wouldn’t show up? She is checking the site on her iPhone and I’m afraid it will have the same problem. Any help you could offer would be appreciated. Thanks.

I checked the site on my husband’s phone: one video shows up and one doesn’t but the one that doesn’t, I think has Flash in it (and I know Flash doesn’t work on smart phones and tablets). So now I have encountered a new problem: only the home page resizes to fit the phone and tablet, the other pages extend to the right beyond the viewable area. Any ideas on why pages within the same site (using the same CSS, JS, etc.) would behave that way? Thanks!

Wow Awesome.Good luck for sale.;

Thank you ;)

I’ve noticed a minor bug if your view a portfolio page on an iPad/iPhone; Only images on the top row open up, when you click on them. As soon your scroll down the page, images doesn’t open up anymore, when clicked on.

Hi. I have removed the theme settings in demo for responsive mode on mobile devices. Can you try again. I tried on my mobile devices and on tabled and works. What phone and browser do you use? Thank you.

The problem was on IOS 7.x! I’ve upgraded to IOS 8.x and the problem is no longer present. Unfortunately i can no longer test in IOS 7.x.

Maybe this was temporarily cache problem or browser didn’t loaded completely the javascript files.


First of all let me say thank you for providing this great theme/template.

I am looking to buy this, but before I do that I wanted to confirm/ask one thing. Is there a possibility to have the menu bar as fixed or sticky ? Meaning when we scroll the page down, i want menu to be there.

Please let me know.



I noted to my ToDo list to add this feature, but at the moment it is sticky only. It is very easy to make fixed the entire header with logo and social icons, just to change only one parameter in css. But to make only navigation fixed, without other elements, I need some time.

Best regards,

hi, I am interested in your plugin no Contact Us – Advanced (Radio button, Section etc) is it a database to install? Is it a book with admin panel. for management? not find the shortcodes modal Lightbox Content Boxes tooltips etc ….. compared to other maintenance mode thank you

hi, Template comes with an administration panel? would it be possible to add Shortcodes modal content tooltips Boxes Lightbox Thank you

Hi, model comes with an administration panel? model comes with a members area Would it be possible to add other tooltips shortcodes, content, modal, Boxes Lightbox, etc. Thanks

Thank You

Hi, Okay, need a comprehensive Portfolio of HTML, CSS, etc. with member area, with administration panel. for management. to present my new creations to customers. add other tooltips shortcodes, content, modal, Boxes Lightbox, etc. urgently Thank You

Hi , How can i change the Logo on this template ? how can i also put my address as a google map on contact to matched my Physical Address.

Thanks and Best regards

Hi. The support is provided only for buyers. Thank you for understanding.

hi Atix i think there is a mistake here. if u can check on my account . u will see that i purchase this template.i purchased it a week ago at themesforest.

Hi. Please contact the Envato support regarding the issue with no payment info. Thank you.