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Can I contact you via E-mail?

Sorry I didn’t include my E-mail:,

Best, Ayal

Great template. Does anyone know how to adjust the top and bottom spacing of the revolution slider. Many thanks.

I purchased your template and upload it to the web server is not working properly. Do not display images of the slider and the contact page is not displayed. I have written to your mailbox for days and I have no answer. Please answer. Thank you.

Hi. You are using wide or boxed skin? Which color are you using?


I purchased your theme a while back. I have a few questions with regards to the Fonts. How do I contact you please?

Thank you.

Any news on a release date for the wordpress version ??

Thanks Mark

Thanks for the reply, how long do they normally take to review the second submission, I assume they don`t have to fully review the entire contents just maybe the issues they found?

From 24 hours to 5 days. It depending how many items are on queue.


The WordPress version of the template is available now:

Best regards,

Hi When I want to check the website I´m setting up with the template through my mobile phone the browser suddenly collapses after a couple of seconds. I have a Xperia Neo V and it happens using Opera mini and Dolphin browsers.

Why? Regards, Alberto

Hi Alberto. Can you send some screenshots with this issue? Thank you.

Hi AtiX. I sent you the screenshots two days ago. Any news?

Hi Alberto. I have received the screenshots. Thank you. I will analyze theme and will reply to email in a few minutes.

Is there an update to support LinkedIn ?

Hi, Please give more information, about Linkedin support. Thank you.


Please download last update of the template, in this update was added the last version of the revolution slider. I will update the demo site also.

Best regards,

Thanks for this it’s now working ok.

Hello, I just purchased the template it very clean template… One query about the tabs: the horizontal and vertical – both when viewed on mobile the menu doesn’t scale or is converted as a drop down. Can this be possible?


I just want to ask, whether the tabs menu can be converted into a dropdown menu for the mobile version? Is there any support site? Kindly reply.. as I have to implement it..

Hi, I have noted to make changes for tabs in the next update. Best regards, AtiX

Thanks for the reply.. when should I expect the next update..

Hello, fisrt congrats on your template. I need your help: 1. How can I make the fist accordion have them open once they click on the menu bottom, where it says 1. Dental Implants: Consultation, Placement and Recovery I would like to have it open and how can i make that photo inside of that accordion have it in prettyphoto for zoom?? here is the link

2. and how can i make those photos inside the accordion have it in prettyphoto for zoom?? and see them bigger???

3. Also I would like to have pretty photo on this pictures samples, here is the link: some have it others dont:

4. How can I change the color to a more red, this one looks like orange even though in your file says is red..

Thanks John


This is an example for photo with prettyPhoto:

<a href="images/portfolio-1.jpg" class="btn-photo" data-rel="prettyPhoto[pp_gallery1]"><img src="images/portfolio-1.jpg" alt="image description" /></a>

And this one is for video with prettyPhoto:

<a href="" class="btn-video" data-rel="prettyPhoto[pp_gallery1]"><img src="images/portfolio-1.jpg" alt="image description" /></a>

Best regards,

Hello, Thank you very much for your prompt respond, the BEST. 5 Stars. Can you help me with this question, please.

1. Also, how can I make the bottoms <<previous and next>> to make it work to go to the next page on this page: do not work, i need also your help on this.


This is html template and you have to add the links for next and previous in all pages. for example in this page

add for next link

and for previous link

Best regards, AtiX

2 Questions -It seems that when I swap an image out with anything that’s been saved/exported from Photoshop, the image does not load. Is there any specific criteria I should follow when saving/exporting images from PS?

-The second question is, are there any requirements for changing links in the ‘nav-box’? Any links that have been changed or added are not providing any function.

Thanks and the theme is clean and well done. Great job.


1) Check the image extension when you save the image or export it. It must be the same, and also check to be case sensitive.

2) Please give me more details. Do you want to change the links color in nav box?

Best regards,

Hello, thank you very much for your prompt respond. PROFESSIONAL. I have one simple question. but I can not be able to figure out. 1. How can I make the phone number bigger on the top-right side on every single page from the web site.?? and be able to change the font??

Thank you very much john ps. I need more new web site styles like this ones in HTML


This is the line with phone code, find it in every pages:

<strong class="phone">+123 456 78.90.000</strong>

As you see it class=”phone”. For inner pages add additional class, for example:

<strong class="phone inner">+123 456 78.90.000</strong>

Now add the css code for the added class.

    font-family: Verdana; /*font name*/
    font-size: 16px; /*font size*/
    font-color: #cc0000; /*font color*/

Best regards, AtiX

Hello Atix, Thank you…thank you very much, you are the best. 5 STARS for your prompt respond and you got your self a big LOYAL CLIENT. Please create new web sites like this ones, I will buy it all. As Business type, corporate and design.

Tons of thanks john ceballos

Thank you for appreciation :)

The Revolution Slider on Chrome gives a scrollbar when being viewed on a smaller revolution. The same is even visible on the demo site.

Please check.


I don’t get the sidebar. Please check on other computer. Anyway the best way to test on smaller resolution is to check on mobile devices and tablets directly.

Best regards,


I need to link the blog (Blogger) with the blog template, either in the main menu “Blog” as in the footer. How I can do?


Best regards,


How I can do to make the contact form work and can receive emails that I send to my email? and to remove the code “Sent”, “thank you ….” now appear as such in the contact section.


Best regards

Hello Atix, I have one simple question, 1. How can I make the small contact form to work in order to receive the information?? here is a link of a sample:

where do i add the email of my client?? Thank you very much john


I have checked and the contact form seems to work now. Please let me know it was fixed.

Best regards,

Hi Nice theme,

Quick question As seed on page :

As you have latest project is there any way to make the into 4 instead of 3 which is now.

if so how difficult is it to change it or is there any code that i can just edit.


Hy never-mind i found out, i will be buying it in few-days.


Is there a responsive version of the One by One Slider

Many thanks


Hi I have purchased the template. Gongrats. The contact form doesn’t work for me. How can I fix it?


Thank you. I need your site URL. I will contact you to your email in a few seconds. Please reply to my email. Thank you.

Best regards,