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One of the best entrepreneur themes i’ve seen here on themeforest. Good job!

Thanks Dude :)

Very nice – bookmarked for a project in the New year.

That Sounds Nice :)

Quick question – how difficult is this going to be to upgrade for Drupal 7? I realise it may still be a ways off but I’m thinking of installing this theme on a D7 test site.

Oh, i haven’t tested it in drupal 7, and not yet worked on drupal 7 so am not sure. for more info u can email me via profile

Hi there,

I am using this theme for a non profit organisation. I created 2 blocks and assigned them to header region. It seems to only display one of the blocks on the banner. The images are not fadding in and out… Do i need to have some script in place? Can you please help me out. I am using drupal 6.

Thanks, Asfahaan asfahaan@tasmanit.com

Hi, no need to add any kind of script, it should work can you send me the demo link plz?? so that i can help you

Did you guys sort out the issue asfahaan was having? I seem to have run into the same problem.

Hi WBATFT , can any body plz tell me what is the actually problem?? wbatft can you email me the demo link so that i can check out

Thanks for the excellent support Santosh. Problem solved! For the information of other potential buyers- it was a case of user error. I had changed the js path by mistake when taking the site live. This is an awesome theme and very easy to set up and customise.

I purchased this theme, I’d like to use it with Drupal 7, when will it be updated?

It takes time to get update right now am bit busy will update all my template to 7 asap, i can’t give u exact date and time.

Thanks for replying, I’ll keep checking. Thanks!

I’m having the same problem that has been discussed, was a solution arrived upon?

Please email me your issues from my profile page, so that i can help you.

Hi the theme does not show up as it is in the image that is show. I have setup drupal 6 and have enabled the theme. But the home page does not have any of the blocks that are shown in the preview or demo. Can you please let me know how do I get my pages to show up as it is in the demo?

Read help file, if you stil can’t make it contact from my profile page will help you.