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Hello, I sent you an email regarding the malfunction of the form on my site. Please help me figure out what has happened. it was working fine, then I discover tonight that recently I’ve been missing clients.

The form appears normal on the page and seems to work fine when filling it out and submitting, yet I’m not receiving the submissions. I’m using the same email address and have not changed any settings. When I go to edit the contact page, I cant find the code for the form anywhere. I’ve looked under widgets, Plugins, I cant find it.

Please help. I’m losing business, I cant afford it.

Have enjoyed the theme.

Susan Catt

Hey Susan,

Disregard my email, I didn’t see you commented here as well. This is the same form/script that’s in use on 100s of sites, please double check your junk mail filters and folders.

You can also try setting the “from” address to your own email as well to be even more sure your server will let it through. (Their email will still be displayed within the message you receive) That change would be in functions.php near the very bottom, line 428, change it to be:

$headers = "From:";

Please backup your site before any changes of course.


Hello again Cudazi and thanks for trying to help me out. however when I tried to do what you suggested this is what I got.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’<’ in /home/paisano2008/ on line 428

I cannot even log in to my wp admin now. Obviously I did something wrong. Can you help me further fix the error? My email is if you need my log in info?

Please help Im losing a ton of business.

;) Susan

If you log on using FTP and just re-upload the original theme from your backup or re-download from your downloads tab, you can delete and re-add the theme or the functions.php file you modified.

Be 1000% sure you copied the entire line I showed, with the quotes and semi-colon, etc.

I’m on the road but I’ll be back on in the next 12-24 hours, you can send your FTP info via my profile contact form, just reference our conversation.

Hi, I sent you email yesterday.. waiting to hear back from you. Could you please respond? Thanks

Sorry for my delay, I have been out of the country.

I saw you referred to a “PDF help”. Where can I find that?

If you unzip the main download from ThemeForest you’ll see it – thanks!

Hi Curt, I recently had to re-upload the theme, and now I can’t get the icons in the headings to show—neither the one I’m trying to add ( 2/images/headings/leaf2.smaller.gif) nor the ones that are built into the theme. This leads me to believe maybe some kind of call is missing somewhere or something because the images are all in the right place (and even show in the dropdown menu on Theme Settings), but I just can’t get any of them to show and would love to have my little leaf back.


Hey Michelle,

Try renaming the old theme folder so your new/updated one has the same name as what it used to be, I bet when “portfolio 2” was uploaded, some of your items still point to “portfolio”.


Update: The demo site is now running on WordPress 3.4+

Dear Cudazi!

I am using your Smart Portfolio for Wordpress (on ) which I absolutely love, mostly because of the built-in possibility of different category blog pages. However, I have a problem. I altered the css here and there but did not touch the layout; still, on the category blog pages the sidebar drops down just above the footer.

I already have stripped my texts of any formats, then re-entered them, and have not opened or closed any divs at all(according to the help articles out there this may cause the problem). Using my previous (free) theme no such thing happened to me. ;(

Could you please give me some general ideas, in what direction to search for the error to be fixed?

Thank you!

You may not be running the latest version of the theme, when did you download?

On the 12th of June exactly :)

Have I just missed the latest update, as your comment says ‘1 month ago’ ?

Hi – I’m getting an error message when I try to upload- “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

Please can you advise?

Please unzip the download, read the included documentation and you can also watch this video:


Hello, I just purchased this template. Great job! I’ve been able to modify everything I need except for one thing. In the smart portfolio settings I selected “none” for the menu icons, but they keep showing up for some reason. How do I get it to not have any icons showing?


That’s unusual… I suppose we can have you use a blank image but that shouldn’t be necessary. Send me your site and if possible a temp user/pass via my ThemeForest profile and I’ll have a closer look.

I ‘ve got a question to do to cudazi.

Is this template localizable? Basically i need this in the Greek Language…


Hey there, this theme hasn’t been localized out of the box.

Hi cudazi, I just bought your theme, I have to say that I really liked. But there is just one problem: the contact form don’t submit any information. I tried to fix it by changing the ‘default’ email contact in mail_form function at functions.php file, but still doesn’t work (Obviously I already set my email in the ‘deliver email to’ field in WP settings). I hope you can help me with this issue.

hi, I made sure that the php file was uploaded and changed the “from” address as you said, but still doesn’t work. Of course I checked my spam/junk folder but nothing is there. Also I noticed that there is a confirmation message like ‘Thank you! – Your message has been sent.’ but is never showed. If you want it I can send you the web site to you to see it. Thanks for your replay

Yea, send me the site url via my profile page and I’ll see if I notice anything odd, the script has been unchanged for years and in use across a few of my sites, something must be different with your server/setup.

the script works fine, it was my server who doesn’t support the mail() php function. Thanks for your concern. Great product by the way.

Really great and clean layout! Just two quick questions. Does the blog section accept featured images in the blog post listing? The sample just has text, so I wasn’t sure. Also, does the menu accommodate nested dropdown menus, or is that easily implemented? Just wanted to check before I buy. Thanks so much.

This theme doesn’t use featured images, you would insert the image into the content directly. I don’t have dropdowns in this design style, sorry but it would be a possible addition.

I could probably activate a plugin to add a dropdown type menu to the main menu, right? And, how hard would it be to implement a featured image into the layout, or what would be the cost of making that small tweak?

I cannot get a “featured image” to show up on facebook when sharing posts. Seeing how there is no “featured image” option when writing a post I am not sure if an image is set as featured. What’s the best way to handle this?

I’m sure this has been addressed in the past but I have scrolled through about 4 pages of comments and no luck so far. I figured I’d just leave a comment and hope for the best.

I do have a paid theme, but the client I am working for paid for it so it isn’t showing up under my account FYI. Thanks, Cudazi. : )

Hey there, this item was created before this option was available but it could be added for that purpose, there are some nice examples here you can take a look at:

Hi Curt,

since WP 3.6 I can’t see the settings menu in the admin back-end. any hint how this can be fixed? thank you.


Hey Vernon! I double checked on my demo (v3.6) and it’s there, can you see if you have any security plugins that may be hiding something like this?

thanks for guiding me in the right direction :) it was this plugin which deactivates the settings menu.