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I transferred money to PayPal, and I am waiting for it to clear so I can purchase. But…

I used another designers package, and got “SLAMMED” with spam emails because the email address in the contact script was visible for email harvesters. Can you solve this in your design?

The email address is not visible in the contact form script it written in PHP and therefore cannot be read.

Where in the index.html or in any of the css scripts can I instruct the index.html ( or any page) to set the wrapper image to? ../images/backgrounds/bedge_grunge.png

Please open a ticket in our support forum

I run the website I created using your template on:


It shows, within the “waterfall” section, that these three queries are made unsuccessfully, and were not found:




These queries are in the fonts.css file. I have attempted to find them, and redirect, but I have not been successful. Inside fonts.css I found the queries, and they start out with “url ./ file name. Is the ./ correct, or should they be url ../ with the two “dots”, or is this something else? If I pull these queries from fonts.css the pages do not function properly, so something correct is happening, but still these queries are not completed successfully.

Can you help me find them, and make them function?


Please open a ticket in our support forum

A bit surprised about the “oldnes” of bootstrap / jquery etc module present in the theme,. Will be an update soon ?

Great theme, quick and easy to implement and first class documentation. Can I ask if it is possible to have the same photo showing in the main homepage slideshow continually while just the text changes?

I thought it was flexslider

Ah sorry thought you were on the WordPress version. You would need to add some extra JS to do that. The slideshow changes the image and then the text fades in with CSS

Ok thanks, I’ll have a look at the JS

Could someone explain to me how to install,utilize and customize bootstrap templates, I’m totally unaware of this platform.

There is lots of info on bootstrap at the main bootstrap docs site.


When will it be updated? I am also curious and did not see an answer.

RE: A bit surprised about the “oldnes” of bootstrap / jquery etc module present in the theme,. Will be an update soon ?

The theme was created with Bootstrap 2.3 originally.

To update to bootstrap 3 would require a re-write of most of the code and you would end up with a site that looks exactly the same but runs bootstrap 3.

Hi, Its a nice theme. but do you plan to convesrt it to Boostrap 3?


Very beautiful. Only design on themeforest that doesn’t look like a template.

Thanks workingmind ;)

Can you update the changelog please

The last update was just a change of name on themeforest


dkoper Purchased

Hi, when use the original contact form script the console throws me an error: ReferenceError: response is not defined and the form doesn’t do anything.

Is this a known issue?

Hi, take a look at the troubleshooting section of the CF7 docs https://contactform7.com/docs/ also try creating a new form in CF7


dkoper Purchased

Thank you but I use neither Wordpress or CF7.

We never had someone reporting that I’m afraid.