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Is there a way to stop the Answers closing on the Q & A page if they are clicked.

Hi ianosstephen!

Thanks for buying the theme.

Could you please open up a ticket in our support forum?


Adding a logo in place of text in the header is such a basic thing, yet there is no mention of anything remotely like it in your documentation.

How is it done, replacing the H1 text? Image sizes…etc? I did visit the website you mention for support but there’s nothing of use there.



Many people who have purchased the theme so far, have successfully changed the logo.

Please open a discussion in our support forum and we will be happy to talk you though how it can be done :)

These are basic issues that should be mentioned somewhere in the docs; things like what classes to add to images if they are to resize, adding logos to headers, basic stuff.

I have an image of 308×60px which I can frig into line well enough, but of course when the screen res is lowered, the menu slides under the logo and the logo doesn’t scale.

Maybe I’m a retard, especially as none of the 13 questions on your forum for this theme have asked and got an answer for such simple questions, but maybe information for morons should be included by default? I should be able to read and then do it, not visit whatever website, ask questions and wait until someone answers. The only person who asked something (about logos) similar waited a week for a reply, as far as I can see.

So, now I’ll log onto yours and see how long it takes.


Our designer has replied to your support request now.

The person you talk about who requested support, did not wait a week for a reply. We helped the customer to fit his logo into every device size via the forum and emails, and he was very pleased with the results.

We will take on board your comments and review our docs for the next version. But there are also the bootstrap docs that you could consult because this theme is based on Bootstrap.

I would appreciate if you could moderate your language and aggressive tone in future posts.

Hello, just purchased this and am excited to get to work on it! One thing I would like to do myself or see if its something im missing is put this into full screen vs. having the edge with the back drop, is this possible?



Hi ejflanag, could you please open up a ticket in our support forum? http://support.oxygenna.com/index.php?p=/categories/smartbox

Don’t be sad Ben, we are working on it

Wordpress version is now available here :)

Hello, is it possible to add a video to the front page carousel?


Smartbox is using flexslider for slideshow so yes video is an option you can use (http://flexslider.woothemes.com/video.html)

Excellent template, well worth the money :) Keep up the great work.

Hi Oxygenna,

I wonder if you could help me i am trying to add to more input sections to the contact form (phone and another name). I have tried a few things but its not working. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.




Could you open up a discussion on our support forum for that.


Hi i have added this to the support forum. I look forward to your response.

hi there

Hi there,

I have an issue with whole words being split up over two lines in IE8.

Please see the About Us page on the template to see what I mean.

For example:


This is an example sentence
to show you how it looks

how the text looks with the bug in IE8

This is an example senten
ce to show you how it loo

Please can you let me know how to fix this IE8 text wrapping issue?


Smartbox uses a new CSS3 method to hyphenate words that are too big for the line.

To turn them off remove
  -ms-word-break: break-all;
  word-break: break-all;
  word-break: break-word;
  -webkit-hyphens: auto;
  -moz-hyphens: auto;
  hyphens: auto;

From theme.css (lines 385-390)

Just noticed that I never replied to say that’s for the help. Really enjoying the template thanks.

Hi, how can I change the Google Maps colors?

Hi SalvaSalva

Thanks for buying the theme. On contact.html file (between lines 302 and 323) you can customize the map to your needs. To change the color you can play around with the “saturation” and “hue” variables.

If you need more help feel free to open a ticket in our support forum. ( http://support.oxygenna.com/index.php?p=/categories/smartbox )


any ETA on the WP-edition?

It’s almost ready ;)

i’m ready with my credit card in my hand. :) GO GO GO

Wordpress version is now available here :)

Can you please add captcha-feature to the contact form? Or give instructions how to do it? Simple calculation-captcha would be fine.


You should be able to add reCatpcha pretty easily to the form


If you need any further help please use our support forum

I noticed that you have recently updated Smartbox. Has the CSS theme been changed? I have already customised it, so I would like to know what changes you made.

I have already joined the forum and posted a different comment about the hyphenation a few days ago. I have removed the ms section, but it still hyphenates.

Love your work! Many thanks :)

Thanks. Any ideas about removing the hyphenated words. I have removed the ms code from theme.css, but it hasn’t helped. I don’t want hyphenation and it appears in all modern browsers including Safari, Chrome, Firefox and IE.

I should have said I have removed all rules relating to hyphenation in theme.css

Hi amgweb

The rules that provide hyphenation are

-ms-word-break: break-all; word-break: break-all; word-break: break-word; -webkit-hyphens: auto; -moz-hyphens: auto; hyphens: auto;

on the theme.css file ( lines 138-143 ). Removing them will stop the browser from hyphen the words

HI THERE! I’ve got a problem: the Contact Form is not working as the mail won’t be sent out even tho I click on the “Send” bottom. I also took a look at the guide but I won’t find the right answer. Can you please help me out with this? This is the link to the website: http://www.creaeco.com/contact.html

Hi do you have the Contact Form 7 plugin installed? If you have any further questions please post them on our support forum

hi, sorry it was my fault. I don’t have wp I’ve used the simple HTML theme. Thx, bye

Hi sorry my mistake as well :) the HTML version comes with a contact form php script. If you need help setting this up please open a discussion on our support forum.

Hi Oxygenna

How do I change the slider from sliding to fading or slow the slide action down?

Please post support request in our support forum. There are options to change FlexSlider in Smartbox -> Flexslider options page.

Thanks, I have posted a support request in your forum

Hei, how do you switch between boxed and full width? couldn’t find in anywhere

Hi vabtan, Add a class “fullwidth” to the body.

Hi, i love your template, but before buying it, I would like to know if is possible to set the menu ‘always opened’ when I use a mobile version.

Thank a lot :)

Hi there, you can add some CSS that will make the mobile menu always showing


I recently purchased your html version of SmartBox. In the live demo there is an option to have a boxed layout or a full-width layout. However, I am having difficulty locating where I can change that in the code. I also did not find reference to this in your documentation. Can you help me out?

Never mind, I just read it on a previous post. :D

Hi, Im not sure if this is a bug or something done intentionally on the “Docs” Page, if I were to click on “overview” the page jumps to that section flawlessly, but what happens then is the active link jumps straight to the “Functions” Link. Now I would guess that its designed to go straight to the next section but if I were to click on lets say “Responsive” the active link doesnt jump to the next section it stays at the link I had clicked on. I tried to remove the “class=active” from the the “overview” but it still does this weird jump to “Functions” link.

Is there any way to remove that jump so that the active link stays on the link I had originally clicked on?



We couldn’t replicate this issue. If you need any further support help please create a ticket in our support forum, thanks.

I unzip “smartbox”, open the forlder then on “docs.html” right click>open in chrome. Once it loads up, I click on ‘overview” and it goes to the overview section but then “Fuction” (the word) becomes active and turns into a solid blue and not a light grey color like the rest. My screen resolution is 1600×850


Please create a ticket in our support forum we don’t handle support in the comments section, thanks.

Two quick questions: 1. Will there be a bootstrap 3 version available soon? 2. How can I remove the triangle indicator in the navigation bar?

Great theme and TIA for the help!

Hi there

1. We are looking into BS3 but it will require a lot of work to change over perhaps we will make a 2.0 version with BS3.0

2. Please could you open a ticket in the support forum thanks