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Hi, I would like to buy your template…. but I have tested and when I have the street view it’s impossible to exit to come back to the plan view… any suggestion? by the way, excellent work.

best regards

Thanks for point that out. On street view there is some z index issues with the exit button. Its actually very easy to fix with a line of CSS rules. Will include that on our next update. Meanwhile if you buy the theme and you need a quick fix open up a ticket in our support forum and we’ll help you out. Regards

The PSD supplied in the zip has only the Home Page layer, is there a PSD with layers for other pages available?

We only created the home page in photoshop. All the other pages were directly implemented on the browser

Hello I just purchased the theme and uploaded via FTP (as trying to use the upload area in themes kept resulting in an error). Everything went well with uploading via FTP however I cannot activate it as it says that it is missing the style sheet. I looked into the zip file and I do not see a style sheet in there. Am I missing something or what do I need to do here?

Looks like you have purchased the HTML theme not the wordpress version. All the designs that are found in the menu Site Templates are not wordpress themes.

Hi! Any plans to update this to bootstrap 3.0?


Updating to 3.0 at the moment would not bring many benefits to the theme. Are there any particular features / reasons you want this theme in BS 3.0?

Your theme is great, however the modal in Bootstrap is horrible and basically unusable. That’s the only reason I was curious to see if there were plans for 3.0. :)

I just purchased your template. It is very great. However, is it capable to display Chinese text in the “super fancy and bold titles”? I try to modify some English texts to Chinese but they are failed to be displayed.

Hi there, Thanks for buying our theme. Try setting the fonts to some Google font that includes Chinese characters. If you need more help open a ticket in our support forum. Regards

Hi, I purchased this theme a few days ago and was wondering where the other page templates were? I can only seem to find home.psd.

Hi artfarm. Thanks for buying the theme. We only created the psd for the home page. All of the other pages were created on the browser.

hi am i wrong or the WP version of this theme is getting several bugfixes? will you port them here?


Most of them are related with the extra functionalities that are only available on the wodpress version. If you have spotted any bugs in the html template please open up a ticket in our support forum

Thanks for this great job ! I download the Zip files, but I don’t find the “new fullwidth version”... Could you help me ?

Hi there, thanks for buying the theme. To make the template fullwidth add the class “fullwidth” to the body.

Not working :-(

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Hi there, I think you bought the HTML version not the wordpress one. The wordpress version is that http://themeforest.net/item/smartbox-responsive-wordpress-bootstrap-theme/4545757

How big a deal is it to make the menu sticky once you start to scroll down the page (this seems to be common in many Bootstrap themes) Is this possible… they seem to make it sticky and shrink it a bit in vertical height… mobile and regular views…

Hi Please open a ticket in our support forum so we can help you out. Thanks

Hi, are you planning to update this theme to Bootstrap 3?


Yes, this is our next project. We are currently finishing off a new theme. After that we will be updating SmartBox :)

Hi, your template is great!

But, the drop down navigation of the drop down navigation (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 979px) gets grey font on nearly the same grey background.

Also at your DEMO (http://demo.oxygenna.com/smartbox-html)

How can i fix this? responsive.css or theme.css or anywhere else? Please, can you help me ?

Hi there, could you please open up a ticket in our support forum? http://oxygenna.ticksy.com/ Thanks


I would love to buy this template, but I have just one Question, is it possible remove the text below the service section? (web aplications, cloud hosting, social apps)

Hi there, yes you can remove the text

Beautiful Bootstrap theme. I want to purchase, just had two quick questions.

1) Is it possible for me to put a logo in the spot where the SmartBox text is, without shifting the navbar? 2) If I had the theme, would it be possible to add another navbar that is fixed so that I could put sign in and sign up.

Hi there, yes you can add a image logo and an extra fixed bar. We can give you a hand on that in our support forum.

Where can we download the New update – version 1.2… My download doesnt have a new fullwidth version

Hi there to activate the full width version add the class “fullwidth” to the body.

I cannot locate the PSD file…

Hi there, I’m trying to removed the ‘Read more’ link underneath the text in the Services section. I have added the following shortcode services links=”hide” but when I update the page I then get a ‘Fatal error’ which indicates a problem with allocated memory! Could you please shed some light on what might be causing this and if there is an easy way to remove that ‘Read more’ link please?

Thanks in advance

Hi there, could you open a ticket in our support forum? http://oxygenna.ticksy.com


I recently bought this great theme … but … where can I add the round author picture (selfie) that is used on the blog pages?

Thanx in advance.


Hi there, is that the wordpress or the html version?

Hi, its the wordpress version. thnx

Hi sigirosseau, You need to create an account on Gravatar: https://en.gravatar.com/ using the same email that you use to login on your wordpress. Feel free to open up a ticket in our support forum if you need more help.

About 7 months ago there was a response saying that this template would be converted to Bootstrap 3.x. We’re interested in the HTML version in Bootstrap 3.x. Can you comment on if (or when) this version will be available? Thanks!


We are working through our older themes to convert them to BS3

how do i setup the blog and the commenting in the html version

I mean how does the back end work …there is nothing to explain this in the documenetation

Hi there, In the HTML version there is no back end. The html files describe the markup to be hooked on whatever CMS users needs. Regards

I cannot seem to receive messages in the Japanese language through the contact form on the site. The text is garbled and I am unable to decode it. How do I fix it so I can receive Asian characters through the form?

I’m writing this here because you deleted my account on the support forum for some reason.

Hi Jimmy, we haven’t deleted your account. Can you open up a ticket in our support forum?