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Hi, I’m thinking about buying this skin but I have one question. If I look at “live preview” this theme in “full width”, when I’m changing the sites, every site open first “boxed” and then – after while (300 ms) – it change to “full width”. It’s very annoying, please tell me if it is the same after installing skins??

Hi there

This is caused by the style switcher on the demo site that allows you to change from full width to boxed. You wont have this on the downloaded version.

Are there any plans to update it to bootstrap 3 – mobile first design?

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image : http://i.hizliresim.com/oQ12Yq.png

Hi there, could you open up a ticket in our support forum? http://oxygenna.ticksy.com/

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Great theme, but where can I select a new favicon?

thnx in advance,


Hi there, You can upload a new favicon in “Smartbox>Advanced” Regards

Hi, the regular Sidebar appears in the bottom instead on the right side: http://wmdwf.aebli.org/ whats wrong? Days before, it worked well.

Thank you!

Resolved. It was because of the “Really Simple Breadcrump”-Plugin.

Have a problem, sometimes when i try to change the cover image in some page, photo hoesnt shows up. Refref page and in header just come up text “Some image”. Whats can be?

Please open a ticket in our support forum

Hi; the theme is fantastic, but I am having problems to update to the last version. The Auto Update is not working for me. It saying that there is not updates and is not true, then I decided to upload the theme folder using FTP and replacing all the content. The Theme works but all images in the back end disappears. Can you help me please?

Thanks piola :), Could you open up a ticket in our support forum?



you write your theme is WPML ready. How do you filter the service overview by language? It always shows all languages.


Please open a ticket in our support forum

Hi, I love the clean layout of your site. Its exactly what i am looking for. I am just wondering if the “recent posts” section could instead be used as a categories section – for example, all posts related to a particular topic?

Hi there

Yes you can change the recent posts section to only show a category.

Hello, i have some translation problem.

In file post-extras.php there is this line:

_x( ‘No comments’, ‘comments number’, THEME_FRONT_TD )

I found the word “No comments” in .po file, i opened it with poedit and changed it in my language but it does not change on website.

It seems that the problem happens only web _x is used, i think that context is not detected.

How can we resolve it?


Have you tried replacing x with _ ?

If i change _x( ‘No comments’, ‘comments number’, THEME_FRONT_TD ) with _( ‘No comments’, THEME_FRONT_TD ) it works. But why?

Hi, how the link post format works? In demo example the title of post is linked to external web site. Inside wysiwyg editor it seems there is no shortcode button that add the same demo shortcode.

Hi there, Could you open up a ticket in our support forum? http://oxygenna.ticksy.com/

Ticket submitted :)

how can i see my submenu on Hover rather than click on parent item?

Smartbox -> General options page in the header options there is an option for Click | Hover menus

currently the Super Hero function is broken – it’s not applying the image to the hero panel (not saving to the database)

Hi jkooda, thanks for buying Smartbox. Please open up a ticket in our support forum: http://oxygenna.ticksy.com/

I’m still waiting for a response to this:


Hi Guy, Thanks for your work. I have justge one question : its possible to Set Up the WordPress Backend in my Language (french) ?


I got a email saying there is a new update to this. However, I cant find a change log with a update, and your item detail page is not updated with a new log. Can you please post a change log so I can see what is new.


Hi threre

Its updated now on the theme page

Hi there.

I just updated to the new version of SmartBox and it clobbered my Revolution slider. Any reports of this yet? Is there special instructions to updating?


Please open a ticket in our support forum

any idea when update for WP 4.0 will be released? New sites at Godaddy automatically install WP4.0 and i’m already experiencing issues.

We’ve tested SmartBox on wordpress 4 and we didn’t got any issues, feel free to open up a ticket in our support forum: http://oxygenna.ticksy.com/ Cheers

Hi, I just bought the theme, but when I try to install it, it says that it is missing the style.css. What do I do?


Are you sure you have purchased the WordPress version and not the HTML version.