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Again, nice Work. GLWS :)

Thank you :)

Demo site is offline :(

Please check now. It is online.

On my ipad the slider is cut off, part of the faces only show (portrait and landscape) It might be the boxed layout because when I first loaded the site it looked fine.

On the single blog pages is it possible to show full height images? I see you are using 620×220 but is it possible to have the images proportionally resized so they use the 620 width but the height varies depending on the image?

Thank you. I will check. I will add the option for the full size image in next update, anyway is easy to do this single.php file.

This looks like an amazing theme. Love the clean cut look. Does it come with the xml file demo file for easy installation and set up?

Yes, it comes with the xml file.

Nice theme. I Just to let you know only the slider part of the homepage shows up once the window is sized larger. I am on a mac using safari 5.1.9 with 2560×1140 resolution. But when I resize the screen to a larger window (not even full size about 3/4 of the screen) the rest of the page dissappears only the slider and the navigation show up the rest is blank.

Thank you for letting me know.

Single portfolio items don’t work (bank page), e.g. http://smartbusiness.atixscripts.info/?portfolio=portfolio-item-8

The theme seems to work. I’ve checked the Google Pagespeed index twice: 57/62.

Was fixed. Just remove this line from the single-portfolio.php file:

<?php endwhile;  else : ?>

Congrats! Great theme!

Not sure if the theme is ready for middle business for my client?


Does the theme support right-to-left languages?

I’m not sure if it support 100% right-to-left, you can check the homepage with RTL format: RTL Screenshot

FYI – Your demo site at atixscripts.info seems to be down.

There were some problems with the server. Now is ok.

The theme is very difficult to customize… Extremely difficult…. The shortcodes are too many.

I would prefer the use of custom post types for some of the sections instead of a shortcode.

Too many short codes defeats the purpose of using a CMS since its more or less like writing codes all over again after taking pains to write all these short codes.

Nonetheless, your theme is awesome, and I appreciate the pains you’ve gone through in putting this theme together. Nice work.

For example I would like to use a custom post type for the services. I am well able to do that unless for the fact that I have to write lots of code, and as well, study yours.

A quick one. How do I use custom sidebars? Can you create another page template for those who would like to have sidebars… I’m finding it difficult to use sidebars.

When you put a custom menu widget in the footer columns (any of them), it breaks the code. All other code after a custom menu widget is nested in the col25 of the custom menu widget.

I have to do alot of work on your templates to be able to use it. Can I your email so we can communicate instead on this forum.

Could you create an accordion as a sidebar with inputs from custom post type?

I would have preferred the FAQs being populated from custom post type…


I can help to create custom post types for services and FAQs. Please contact me via our Profile page on ThemeForest http://themeforest.net/user/AtiX#from . This is custom support and will not include it to the default theme.

You can create the sidebar in Theme Options > Custom Sidebars. After the sidebars will be created, go to the page and select this custom sidebar in Page Options. Now is time to fill the sidebar, to add info. Go to Appearance > Widgets and find the new created sidebar. In this sidebar you can add any shortcodes or widgets.

Best regards,

Thank you Louiejie!


I think about to buy this template. But I have 2 Questions.

1. Did this Template use the Plugin TimThumb? 2. Is it possible to use a different Version of the Portfolio View? For example a full width Slider without Sidebar or anything else?




1. Theme does not use TimThumb plugin, because it is not allowed to use it on ThemeForest.

2. I can help you to create another portfolio details page for your needs.

Best regards,


Thanks for your quick answer.

Ok. Not allowed on Themeforrest. I have seen 3 Templates which used TimThumb here on Themeforest. This is why i asking you. But perfect if your Template do not use thise Plug in. :-)

And in how far you can help me with the Portfolio Details Page?

Best regards, Daniel


Old themes have TimThumb as our other themes, but latest themes does not include it, because of new theme requirements.

Please send me an email via our Profile page on ThemeForest http://themeforest.net/user/AtiX#from and we can discuss about the portfolio details page closer.

Best regards,

Hello all,

Recent purchase of the theme… For the life of me, I can not find anywhere to customize the header colors (above the menu)... can’t find it anywhere! Also, it appears the shortcodes URL is offline again. Thanks!

Ok, I have made one test and I get this result: http://d.pr/i/dgTl

Looks good from what I can see!

I will upload the new update in a few hours.

Great simple looking theme. How many widget locations are available?

Thank you. You can create and use unlimited widgets sidebars. By default theme comes with 9 widget locations.

Dear customers ,

Version 1.1 is available (Released 05 August, 2013)

1) Added new settings to set header background color and header font color.
2) Was fixed portfolio details page.

Best regards,

I’m trying to change the font type for the menu, however, even if I change the font in the theme, it does not update on the main website. Any help?

I figured it out. If you want to specify a font, you must also specify the font size in the menu – there is no default set.

Hello. You are right. I have fixed this issue. You can set the font size and will work, If you want to fix this, open and edit the file /smartbusiness/functions/custom-css.php and change this line:

$header_menu_font_size = get_option($shortname."_header_menu_font_size");

with this one:

$header_menu_font_size = get_option($shortname."_header_menu_font_size");
if (!$header_menu_font_size) $header_menu_font_size = '14';

Best regards,

i need a help, can someone tell how to do a vertical tab?

so when i browse using the my phone it messes up my layout

@AtiX, theres something wrong with the button. once you put the button inside the toggle it doesn’t work.

Hi. You can use the image code like in this example:

<img id="image" alt="Group Pict" src="http://www.cashconvertersasia.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/ccgroup.jpg" />

Also add this css code into “style.css” file from the main theme folder:

#image {
    display: inline-block;
    width: 100%;
    font-size: 0;
    line-height: 0;
    vertical-align: middle;
    background-size: 100%;
    background-position: 50% 50%;
    background-repeat: no-repeat;

Best regards, AtiX

@AtiX, theres something wrong with the button. once you put the button inside the toggle it doesn’t work.

Yes, unfortunately the button doesn’t works in toggles.

Looks Great Two quick questions 1. Is there a place to install an optin form? 2. Are there color options besides the copy changing?

Thank you,

Thank you for appreciation. I’m sorry, but I don’t understand your question. Please reformulate them. Thank you.

Theme layout is messed up in Internet Explorer.. esp header and menu! Any help with that?

Thanks, i’ll be waiting.. Overall, its a great theme!

Also there’s a problem with HTML formatting when posting content.. Trouble adding paragraphs (spacing) and lists (bullets) etc..

Hi. Please, write me using the contact form in my profile. There we could take a look to this closer. Thank you.