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Probably missing something here, but I cant seem to get the slider to display at all?

Also trying to insert some custom css- i want the main nav bar to highlight when the page is active, i though the code for this would be .nav-box a.active{ color:#HEX;} ,but this doesnt seem to work?

I wanted to change the colour of the separator bars in between the menu options too, and although i managed this in the footer nav menu, i cant seem to do it here?

Hello, I have received your email. Will contact you to check the site and to resolve the issues.

Keep getting an error when trying to send with the contact form. Can’t find how it works.

Hello. Please reply to my email with the site URL. Thank you.

Theme is good, not great. too hard to customize, many plugins dont work with it, and absolutely zero support from the author. Very frustrated and unhappy.

Hello, I have received your email. Will contact you to check the site and resolve the issues.

My recent posts footer widget is not displaying correctly. Anyone else having this issue?

Yes, I am about to post and describe my issue.

Try to use the theme “SB – Recent Posts” widget, not the default WordPress widget.

I just spent about an hour trying to figure out what’s going on with my footer menu. I first blame myself, then plugins, then the theme.

After ensure I did everything correctly. I think starting messing around with the menu settings (wordpress and theme settings for the menu).

After deactivating all plugins, I started messing around with different widgets. I had a 1/4 1/4 1/4 1/4 set up. I notice that sometimes it would be the second widget that was broken, or the third or the first (depending on which widget was in which position).

I think removed the “broken” widget (I should say, the widget that broke the layout) and replaced it with a plan text / html widget.

I concluded that ALL SB-Widgets break the layout.

Could you please look into this? I have the latest files as I purchased 2 days ago (after the update).



Hi Robbie,

I have received your email with link. I will take a look and will reply.

Best regards, AtiX

Hello … how can I switch it to the boxed layout? In the demo, you have this as an option but I don’t see it anywhere as an option in the admin panel.

I also can’t get the slider to show up anywhere.

I also can’t get the custom sidebar to show up on any pages that use the “default template”.

Help please!


Find the Layout Type in Theme Options > General Settings. There you can set the Boxed or Wide layouts.

To get the slider, please install the Revolution plugin, that you can find in Plugins folder from the archive that you have downloaded from ThemeForest.

The last one I need to check myself, please contact me via our Profile page on ThemeForest.

Best regards,

I’m about to purchase this theme but I’m seeing some people having issues with the theme. Are those issues fixed?

How about the theme support? Thanks in advance for letting me know…

I’m fixing some important issues and I’m busy at the moment. Sure I’m doing support. I will answer to all comments and emails. Thank you for your patience.

will proceed and make the buy, i’m counting on you to make those fixes and be around for support while you fix those. Thanks!

As you know at this time by email, I’m having issues with the slider height and the slider display. I hope you can answer anytime soon my email as I need to get this thing going.

Hi Atix, first fresh theme – but I’m having problems with the revolution slider as well.

I dropped you an email with user data.

Would be great if you could figure out and insert me the recolution slider as soon as possible.



I have checked and found that the slider it is not loading because the Revolution plugin is not installed. Please find it the “Plugins” folder in the archive that you have downloaded from ThemeForest.

Best regards,

Pre-Purchase Questions:

I noticed there are a variety of layouts on the demo. 1. Are we able to mix and match the elements from 1 layout to another? For example: In the Layout 3(http://smartbusiness.atixscripts.info/?page_id=7) there’s a 4 block content area and in Layout 5 (http://smartbusiness.atixscripts.info/?page_id=11) there’s an 6 blocks (3-coloumn) content area with icons. a. Are we able to use Layout 3 and ADD in the 6 block content area with icons ?

2. XML File: Does the XML file come with the FULL content & page & image details as shown exactly in the demo? If not, I’d like to have the full XML file that’s shown in the demo.

3. Menu: I noted a Primary navigation menu. Can a secondary menu be added under the primary or configured/added easily to be placed UNDER the slider area ?

4. Are each content areas in the layouts Widgetized Areas ?

I look forward to hearing from you in a timely manner. I’m looking to purchase this theme as soon as possible.



1) It is possible to mix any elements. I have made the shortcodes for all sections and blocks.

2) The XML file was created from the demo site.

3) It is possible. You want to add only on home page.

4) By default theme comes with 9 widget sidebars. But you can create unlimited sidebars for each page.

Best regards,

Aitx, I purchased the SmartBusiness WP theme and imported the XML file to have the full demo content & layouts. However, a few issues: 1. Revolution Slider: Slider demo images are not showing (ie: images/slider-revolution-1.png). Basically all the sliders that involve the revolution slider are not showing on the site.

2. Widget Sidebar: I understand the the XML file doesn’t transfer the sidebar configurations. However, there is a plugin called: Widget Importer & Exporter (http://wordpress.org/plugins/widget-importer-exporter). It transfers the correct & full existing Widget Sidebar settings & configurations from one site to another in a SON format with .wie extension. Can you please provide an export of this & send to me? My goal is to have the full base demo setup so that I can get the full experience of this site & know how to use it.

3. Slider vs. Revolution Slider plugin: From reading the documentation you provided, it seems that the built-in “Slider” is also a Revolution slider which should work. After reading the instructions, I do not understand how to configure the slider using the Revolution settings that are listed in the Slider Admin section. a. Therefore, is it required for the Revolution Slider to be installed & active to work ? b. When adding new slides, are we supposed to use the Slider section in the admin or the revolution slider section in the admin ?

I’d like to get at least #1 fixed as soon as possible. I have sent my site details to you in another email so you can see the issue directly.



1) Not all images are imported via Import function in WordPress, you have to set featured images for all slides.

2) I will make the export with this plugins and will send the exported file to your email. I have received your email and will reply to it.

3) Firstly you have to install revolution slider from the archive that you have downloaded from ThemeForest. Exists 2 ways to create revolution slider: 1st is via our menu Slider > Add new and to use our shortcodes with slider name and the 2nd via Revolution slider itself. Choose one that is more easy for you. The documentation for Revolution slider is included.

Best regards,

Hi Atix, First of all we love this theme especially the revolution slider! One question though about the input fields. A css is automatically inherited thus the javascript attribute we added did not work. This is the class that is automatically being added: .text-active and .text-active:focus. Is there a way we can removed or prevent this code to be added to the input field?


Hi. Please reformulate the question, I don’t understand it.

Hi Atix, i have a problem with Polish characters, it seems to me that you have to modify entries in the functions.php file but does not quite know how. I found this information http://www.google.com/fonts/specimen/Oswald but I can not properly modify the file. I will be grateful for your help.


THis theme does not install into wordpress properly. I have tried to FTP to my site, but then all of the necessary plugins are not visilble (revolution slider as an example). I have a clean fresh install of wordpress as well.


Theme is installing and works very good. If you need help in installing the theme, please write a message via our Profile page on ThemeForest and I will install it for you.

Best regards,

Need support on fixing the ability for the theme to properly showcase my contact form which is using Gravity forms plugin

Gravity Forms: gravityforms.com

Issue: I am using Gravity Forms plugin on my site. The theme is hiding the Gravity Forms drop down and replacing it with fake drop down with an inline width of 1253px applied to it as shown below <select name=”input_9.4” id=”input_6_9_4” tabindex=”7” class=”jcf-hidden”> <option value=”” selected=”selected”></option> <option value=”Alabama”>Alabama</option> <option value=”Alaska”>Alaska</option> <option value=”Arizona”>Arizona</option> <option value=”Arkansas”>Arkansas</option> <option value=”California”>California</option> <option value=”Colorado”>Colorado</option> <option value=”Connecticut”>Connecticut</option> <option value=”Delaware”>Delaware</option> <option value=”District of Columbia”>District of Columbia</option> <option value=”Florida”>Florida</option> <option value=”Georgia”>Georgia</option> <option value=”Hawaii”>Hawaii</option> <option value=”Idaho”>Idaho</option> <option value=”Illinois”>Illinois</option> <option value=”Indiana”>Indiana</option> <option value=”Iowa”>Iowa</option> <option value=”Kansas”>Kansas</option> <option value=”Kentucky”>Kentucky</option> <option value=”Louisiana”>Louisiana</option> <option value=”Maine”>Maine</option> <option value=”Maryland”>Maryland</option> <option value=”Massachusetts”>Massachusetts</option> <option value=”Michigan”>Michigan</option> <option value=”Minnesota”>Minnesota</option> <option value=”Mississippi”>Mississippi</option> <option value=”Missouri”>Missouri</option> <option value=”Montana”>Montana</option> <option value=”Nebraska”>Nebraska</option> <option value=”Nevada”>Nevada</option> <option value=”New Hampshire”>New Hampshire</option> <option value=”New Jersey”>New Jersey</option> <option value=”New Mexico”>New Mexico</option> <option value=”New York”>New York</option> <option value=”North Carolina”>North Carolina</option> <option value=”North Dakota”>North Dakota</option> <option value=”Ohio”>Ohio</option> <option value=”Oklahoma”>Oklahoma</option> <option value=”Oregon”>Oregon</option> <option value=”Pennsylvania”>Pennsylvania</option> <option value=”Rhode Island”>Rhode Island</option> <option value=”South Carolina”>South Carolina</option> <option value=”South Dakota”>South Dakota</option> <option value=”Tennessee”>Tennessee</option> <option value=”Texas”>Texas</option> <option value=”Utah”>Utah</option> <option value=”Vermont”>Vermont</option> <option value=”Virginia”>Virginia</option> <option value=”Washington”>Washington</option> <option value=”West Virginia”>West Virginia</option> <option value=”Wisconsin”>Wisconsin</option> <option value=”Wyoming”>Wyoming</option> <option value=”Armed Forces Americas”>Armed Forces Americas</option> <option value=”Armed Forces Europe”>Armed Forces Europe</option> <option value=”Armed Forces Pacific”>Armed Forces Pacific</option> </select> <label for=”input_6_9_4” id=”input_6_9_4_label”>State</label>

Note I have sent my site details to you in another email.

Issue: Sliders not configuring properly in various browsers. 1. In chrome, the slides came out fine & exactly how they are supposed to look. 2. In Firefox & Internet Explorer, the isolated sliced images were totally out of place & not arrange properly in my slides. A. I have created new sliders based on the size dimensions of the sliders as shown in the demo. The slide designs include a 1.) Background design and 2.) isolated individual image. B. I am using the built in Slider Revolution based on the code that was provided in the demo.

Questions: Why is this happening? What needs to be done to ensure that the slides are properly adjusting & aligning my slide content correctly in all browsers?

site details sent in other email.

To solve the animations issue, instead of having separated, individual images like in the demo, I ended up just designed those images into the background. This seemed the only way to solve the FF & IE browser issues. Still waiting for a response regarding the gravity forms issue though.

Hi I need to filter my portfolio items and the shortcode is not filtering. catid=”“ DOESN’T WORK!

Please help.

PD: Sorry, my english is not the best…

Hi. Please contact me from the account where was made the payment. Thank you for understanding.

Hi, First let me say this theme is awesome. I love the ease with which it can be modified. I am having two issues. 1.) It appears to not be compatible with IE8 or IE7. Can you help with this? Is there something I am not doing right. Any guidance would be helpful.

2.) I have not been able to get the slideshow to appear. If you can please provide some insight into why this is not showing up?

I will read the comments above for help but if you could answer those two questions, I would greatly appreciate it.

Figured out how to set up the slider thanks to your answer above. Still having trouble with the site displaying in IE7 & IE8. Can you please take a look at the site or give me some advice. Do I need to modify the IE stylesheet?


Which pages does not works in in IE7 and IE8? Did you tested these pages from our demo site?

Please send your site url. Please, write me using the contact form in my profile. There we could take a look to this closer, I will help you with this!

Best regards,

Sorry didn’t see your message until this morning. I will reach out to you today regarding the site.

Home page blog Pagination is not working on your example, and the one I purchased. Do you know how I can fix this?

No response? I see you’ve responded to everyone else. The Blog page you have – does not work with pagination – the forward and backword buttons work, but not Page 2, Page3, Page 4.


I’m sorry for delay. Please send your site URL. I will reply to your email and please send it to my email. Thank you.

Best regards,

Is there a way to show a google map and the round social icons in the footer?


These are the shortcodes for google map and round social icons:


[googlemap src="http://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&ll=46.774671,-71.220932&spn=0.172821,0.445976&t=h&z=12&output=embed" width="200" height="200"]

Do only one thing, open the file /smartbusiness/functions/shortcodes.php and replace this line:

//add_shortcode("googlemap", "theme_google_map");

with this one

add_shortcode("googlemap", "theme_google_map");

Best regards,

Congratulation on a well designed theme. Does your theme supports Google fonts? What is the name of the font you are using in the main menu?

do you provide help with minor code fixes and modifications?

I like your theme a lot, and I am very excited to buy it.



Thank you. Theme supports Google fonts. You can select from 150+ Google fonts for Headings, Body font name, Links.

Best regards,

Is there a Linkedin button is the list of social media? If not, can one be added?

It is not in the list, but can be easily added into the admin panel and to list on the site.