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mpc does not currently provide support for this item.

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An excellent job. Good luck :)

Wow very nice theme! :)

Very good job.

We might buy this template.

Great Style, as always.

Kind Regards,

Thanks Guys ;)

wow, so beautiful!

1st slide = interesting 2nd slide = dude loves em 3rd slide = dude realizes they are implants


This theme would have been perfect if it was compatible with buddypress, and had pricing tables shortcodes

Simply awesome! Time4me2buyNow :P

I cant see the demo for some reason? it just keeps timing out on your server?

Hi, maybe there was something wrong with our server, please try now. It should work fine.

Hi, the theme has been moved to US server so now it should work ok for everyone ;)

Hi! Great theme! I have purchased and seem to have two issues (maybe related).

1) When editing pages/posts and I choose “Visual Composer” a loading animation never goes away.

2) Visual Composer plugin says there is an update available, but I haven’t a clue how to update it.

Hi, We are providing support only through our ticket system, please visit http://mpc.ticksy.com and leave a ticket. If you don’t know how to get your purchase code Please go to your downloads tab (http://themeforest.net/downloads). Here you will find all of your downloads. Click on the download button next to the item and a list with two (2) options will be displayed [Main file(s), License certificate], see this screenshot: http://cl.ly/image/2o1J1X0F3u0N

Amazing work! Thank you very much ;)

Looks amazing. Is it compatible with WPML (multilanguage)?

Hi, we have plans to incorporate it, it will be available from version 1.1, the updates are free so you can purchase now and once 1.1 is released you can just update the theme.

You mean you’ll incorporate to the core or do you mean that it will support the pluggin? I understand that the pluggin is currently not supported? Do you have an estimate for version 1.1

Hi, it haven’t been tested yet with WPML. To be honest it is hard to say exactly when it will be released it depends from the demand on version 1.1 :)

Hi, Demo is not working

Hi, the theme has been moved to US server so now it should work ok for everyone ;)

Hello, I’d love to check out your theme but this is the 3rd day in a row that I have tried to, and the 3rd time I’ve been met with a demo that is offline. Decided I would only comment about the issue if it happened 3 times so here I am lol

Please look into this, again I’d love to check it out!


Hi, the theme has been moved to US server so now it should work ok for everyone ;)

Hi guys do you get any error? or just blank screen? Could you send us a screenshot because it works perfectly on my machine…

Hi, could you try the direct link to the preview http://www.mpcreation.pl/themeforest/smartchoice/

It simply does not load. Here is a screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/ZKpIiIa.png

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I’m using Google’s Public DNS. Hope this helps.

Hi, could you provide your ip address, they will try to connect from your ip because they don’t see any error on their side.

Message sent.

Hi, the theme has been moved to US server so now it should work ok for everyone ;)

wow, so beautiful!

love it. but some basic features are missing .

Hi, could you be more specific?