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I am interested in purchasing this template. Could you please answer these questions below about the layer slider on the home page?

In the live preview there seems to be 1.) a background image 2.) an image that ‘slides’ in from the left 3.) a headline that ‘bounces’ in from the top 4.) text that ‘slides’ in from the bottom 5.) a button that ‘slides’ in from the right

Can these ‘transitions’ for each layer be modified?

Must each layer be used?

Could the ‘transitions’ for the headline and text be turned off all together so that the text is static with no movement on the layer on top of the background image?

Nice theme. There is any way to import the DEMO page to start a new site? Thanks. Mikel.

Can I use different slider for the homepage with this theme? And if yes how I can do it?

Hi, I have a problem with chrome I see so: http://vertejuasociacija.lt/problemi.jpg You can help me? Thanks

What are the best dimension for the slider image and slider background image?

I have installed WordPress 3.8.1 and then bought your theme… It is not working for me…I can install the theme but none of the options are there…there are no pages, no options for homepage layouts.

Let me know whats going on…I’m hoping that the my wordpress version is ok..thanks in advance.

I have installed WordPress 3.8.1 and then bought your theme… It is not working for me…I can install the theme but none of the options are there…there are no pages, no options for homepage layouts.

Please Help me.


I have a services page which shows all our company’s services. Now how do I enable the picture to have a linked URL. The reason is i want clients to be able to click on a services icon/logo and be redirected to another page.

I have added the services shortcode below. However when i go to the page with the short code iam unable to click the picture and be redirected to the linked page

pellentesque rhoncus purus ut ultrices.[/services]

Hello, if I see the demo preview on Chrome, the letters are cutted, it does not show half of the letters, it works fine on firefox and IE, is this an issue only on my pc? thank you

Hi, everything works fine in our pc… please provide screenshot of the issue… thanks

The documentation is missing information on the Content Highlight section shortcode. I searched these comments and found your reply regarding the shortcode, but you say it’s in the documentation – and I can’t find it there. Thank you!

Hi, we will check the documentation again… thanks for the info… if you have support questions please send via http://www.templatesquare.com/tf-support/

Good Evening, I am experiencing this spam attack constantly: Tue May 27 18:34:03 EDT 2014 – ran / wp-includes/js/tinymce/skins/lightgray/img/gallery.php at locarbrasil.com.br can help me?

I’m wanting to make some custom changes to the theme, but there is no Appearance>Editor option like other wordpress themes I’ve worked on. Do I not have the ability to manually change the HTML code through an Editor tab?

I’ve tried to register with your support site, but it won’t accept my Envato Username and Item Purchase Code. I’ve tried about half a dozen times and double checked everything to ensure everything is correct. But I can’t get access to get help.

The documentation is very vague, and doesn’t give information on what size images should be used with the banner. Do you have online videos for instructions somewhere?

The other problem I am having is using the short codes in the home page, they just don’t seem to show up in the same as you have them on the demo page you have.

Hi, please try again to submit support via our support form, we have fixed the issue… thanks

How can I set up an email form? So when people click on you’re email, that you can send directly send an email through an emailprogram.

Can’t seem to get the comments of the home page. Help! Matt

never mind.

is valid for Wordpress 4.0?

Purchased this theme earlier this year, really like it. WordPress is encouraging an update to 4.0.1. Will the update work without changing my site?

great theme – one question: I´m using shortcodes to display a series of content of selected pages. there a three “cols”. But the three pages are not listed in one line. the third page is always getting a second line – is there a way fo tix it? I want all three pages in one line.

é compativel com 4.1.1?


msysing Purchased

The sliders suddenly disappeared. What could have happened?