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Hi, I am having trouble with the contact form page – the capcha image doesn’t show, and the form does not give any signal that it is functioning at all (no error messages if I submit empty fields). I’ve looked at the php involved, the files are placed correctly in the directory on a live server, etc. Not sure what I am missing…? Please let me know what other info I can provide to help you help me! Thanks, Andi

Hi cyberandi,
Glad you managed it by yourself ;). It would be also great to have your website link. Dont you mind?

Hi, here is the site, we’ve launched but there will be an expansion of services, menu items, etc. in about 6 months.

Cheers, Andi

Thanks Andi!

Hi there, it seems i’m having some weird problems with the nav bar. When i’m on Home the font of the navigation goes bold when i go to portfolio the font in the menu is not bold. I want it to be regular always. Could you please help me?

It seems you’re not one of purchasers.
Please provide a link to your website?

Yes i am.

As I can see, you’ve got our wordpress version and currently posting your questions here on HTML version’s dashboard :)
FYI support for all our themes and templates is conducted through support forums where you can start a new thread about your problem and we will help you with that as soon as possible.

i payed $40 with my credit card. i don’t know why i don’t have the purchased ribbon

Thanks for your great theme, it is very cool and working really well for my client. They love it. Is there any way to have directional dots for the large slider, so that users can stop it or return to another slide?

Hi kirkpat92,
Sure, when you click to the right/left arrows near thumbs with titles you’re allowed to move with slides to next or previous.

Help! The navigation menu doesn’t darken like the “home” position when I land on any of the other pages. What would be the cause of that? I switched out my CSS with your original CSS , and the problem persists. After I move my cursor off of of the navigation on the other pages, it stays blackened only on the “home” page. How do I get it to blacken on the other pages? Thanks very much.

Link to your website please?

Please, I need the slider you have on your Happiness theme for my SmartIt theme. Can you tell me how to make the dot navigation element appear with the SmartIt Slider? I don’t want the Carousel slider underneath, only the photo and caption slider, but with the navigation dots underneath. Please be as specific as you can in how to activate the dot navigation. Thanks very much.

Hi kirkpat92,
SmartIT template goes with only one slider as it’s shown on a demo and there is no any option to hide thumbnails and change them to the dots. As a way of resolving your problem I’d suggest you to use any other slider such as Nivo or Flex.


When you set a link for the social network icons (Face, Twit, etc), it loses the white hover effect. Is there a way to set the icons to link to the appropriate site/page, without losing the white hover effect?

I’ve tried everything I can think of and failed. Thanks!

Dear Stone,
It seems you have already customized the template. You’ve got a nice website BTW!
In any way please compare the source code of your version with an original template version. You’ll see the difference in the social block. Then let me know if that was helpful for you.

The only thing that I did was add the links to the applicable pages. I.e.: Facebook icon links to the appropriate Facebook account page, Twitter icon links to the appropriate Twitter webpage, etc.

I added the Google plus button, however, it was doing this before I added it. I’ve removed that script, and placed in different sections as well, to see if it made a difference, though, it didn’t.

When the icons don’t link to a site, it seems to work just fine. Though, to show the icons without a link, seems pointless. I’m stuck.

In the code, it indicates that you used a “social widget.” However, I don’t find a mention of that in the help files, nor specific reference point for a third-party site, to find any help to this degree. Any assistance would be appreciated and if you’d like to communicate off the board here, feel free to e-mail me directly at: Seattle stone thrower @ g m a i l. c o m

Thanks for the compliment on the site. I owe all the thanks to a developer on theme forest! = D

Dear Stone,
I’d suggest you to get help from specialist who is capable with html/js so your pages will work fine then. As for now I see that you’ve made some code modifications and your social links don’t work in proper way. It caused by some mistakes when you edited pages’ source code. We’d like to help you with that if we provided our customers with freelance work, but unfortunately we do not offer any custom work at the moment.

I placed my coordinates in the JQuery.gmap.min.js and the map doesn’t appear at all now. Where do the lattitude and longitude get entered for the map to work?

Thanks very much.

Hi kirkpat92,
No needs to touch JQuery.gmap.min.js file. There is a file in js directory named custom.js. Just look for Google Map options there and you’ll find necessary lines to edit.

Hi, I’ve purchased your theme, but images are watermarked. In help I’ve found links to images used in theme, so should I purchase these images too? Which size of images should I purchase (small, medium, large)?

Hi hannex,
Yes, your right. We are not allowed to put images into our themes until we purchase an extended license for them. Almost every customer use his/her own images for the website. Re the images size – it depends on your needs, which image size are you like to use.

Quick question, where do i change the color theme for the template? i see it has a class of “tcolor” but i cant find it.

Hi jesereyes,
There are classes in body tag <body class="color-1 h-style-1 text-1">. You can edit them as it says in help file which goes with the template main archive.

I have tried several times to register for the “Smartit” support forum and it will not send me a login. This is extremely annoying being as the instructions in the “help” folder in the theme are inadequate.

Can you please sort this so I can get on and actually build this damn thing…

It seems currently you’re in ;)

Must be being a bit thick here! I’m having problems installing the theme. The main zip has no template zip included within for automatic WP install. Under the template folder in the main zip, style.css is in the CSS folder instead of the root, hence WP doesn’t like it.

Are we meant to correct the file structure before installing or am I just missing something?

Dear regisit,
You’ve purchased the html template, but not a wordpress theme. Please be more attentive when you make purchases. If you need a wordpress theme you can purchase it here.
Please also let us know if you need any other assistance.

Dear Alex,

Take at look at your entry on the ThemeForest site, particularly where it specifies “Theme Description” and “Theme Features”. I was not even aware that ThemeForest offered things that were not themes and assumed this was just how you described this theme.

There should be a clear indication that this is not a Theme but merely a set of HTML files. Aside from the title (which is open to interpretation), the only other difference I can spot is that there is no “Software Version” for the HTML files, something until now I would not even consider looking for.

Whether this is your problem or ThemeForest, there needs to be something that clearly differentiates themes (also sometimes referred to as templates) from a simple set of HTML files.

Rgds, Adam

Adam, I’m just letting you know that you made a purchase in a category “Site Templates” but not from “WordPress”.
We also have pretty clear descriptions for our themes either wordpress or html.

Hi, can you please help me. I am using your template, the site is not completed yet, but my problem is that the menu messes up big time in IE 7 – maybe I missed something when integrating into my php app. Please help if you can:

That’s not our or your fault, that’s because of IE. It loads websites very slowly if they’re using scripts.

Hi. Thanks for giving me the opportuniy of buying such a great template. I have a question. On the “custom.js” i was already able to insert an html tag to have text near the pointer but im trying to change the limit size of the pointer and i didnt succeed. How can i do this? Best regards

You can find all the necessary info in google dev’s website, where they explain how to use their maps.

Hi. I figure it out the solution for my last question but now i have another problem. On my marker i have set an html to put some pic and text and set the popup “true”. When i go to the map page its all ok but when i refresh the page the bubble with the info have scrollbars. How do i put the bubble with no scrollbars no matter how large is the pic i insert or how long is the text (horizontal and vertically)?



Please register and then create a ticket in our support system, our managers will assist you with any question then.

done. already registered and question it. thanks

okay, someone from our team will respond to you shortly.

Im having two issues:

One regarding the font rendering in internet explorer, i havent modified anything regarding font, but i open the website and the font used for the nav and slider wont apear, it chooses a different one, i dont have this problem in chrome.

Two, the website takes too long to send the email, there are 3 lines that apear as if in process but it doesnt arrive to my email acound, i already changed the email in the php contact code:

if ($_REQUEST[‘action’] == “contact_form_request”) {

$ourMail = "";
$required_fields = array("name", "email", "message");
$pre_messagebody_info = "";
$errors = array();

Is that all i need to change for it to work correctly?


Dear jesereyes,
1. Please check your internet connection just to make sure google fonts are able to connect to google api.
2. you only need to change the mail address field

Hello Nice Theme. we are planning to buy this theme for our one of the client. what about images and icons license?

Dear tulshi,
Thanks for your interest in one of our themes.
All the icons are free for commercial use, so they are included in the main archive. But the images were purchased under regular license, so if you love them you should buy them on (all the links where to buy are also included in help file)


can someone help me, i purcushed SmartIT theme but i cant upload it to my wordpress site – this is message that im geting

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed. thanks

Dear Mariviam,
You’ve purchased a site template which doesn’t work if you upload it to wordpress because there are static pages.
Please carefully read the description of files you’re purchasing and pay attention on a category where you are. (Please try to find the same design in wordpress category).

i have a problem about contact page when i submited their only show progress bar don’t have anything yet where i can fix this ?

Hi ziscross,
Could you please provide us with a link to your website? I’d suggest you to register in our support system and create a support ticket, one of our managers will get back to you shortly with a necessary solution.

Thanks, I see your ticket. As soon as our developer test your contact form our manager will get to you with a necessary solution.