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Hi guys i found some prob in fancybox in IE (navigation arrows not displayed). could u please help me? THX

Hello Alberto,
Could you please submit the problem into our support system via ticket, our guys would test it and then provide with a necessary solution.

Hello, Recently the twitter plug-in of my web not works, and I revised our demo template page and see that it doesn’t work too, what’s the problem? thanks

the main reason it stopped working because twitter has changed their api. So we’ll need some time to make it worked with it. Please subscribe to our facebook or twitter feed to be updated with any news.

Regards, Alex


The contact form just has a progress bar and doesn’t send the email. I have changed the email address in the contact php file.

The form doesn’t seem to have an action… is this correct?

Hey Dear,

I’d suggest you to register in our support system to submit a ticket there with your question. One of us will get back to you with a necessary solution.

Regards, Alex

The text moving on the images and on the chat image does not load on mobile phones, any idea? Thanks.


JackTM Author Team

Please understand we are not intending on releasing the update for this template in close future so if you want us to fix it on your website you would need to provide your FTP through ticket, so for further reference if you want to get that fixed please respond through the ticket.

Regards, Jack

Need this fixed but cannot give you ftp access to my server, let me know what to fix to fix it asap.

Ok then you could reply through ticket regarding this matter to let us know you are not able to provide FTP since it was requested there, for further reference please reply through the ticket created.

Regards, Jack


Awesome Template! I just need one thing sorted out please. Is there a way to disable the “Responsive Design” Feature? The reason Is I have removed the Search Bar and added Text Instead but the Text overflows on the Navigation on Mobile Devices plus other reasons too.

Cheers :) Have a good one!

Regards, Ifraaz

Hi Ifraaz,

Sorry for the delay in response. Unfortunately there is no option to disable it.

Regards, Alex

Hi Alex,

Is there a way though? To remove codes of line?


Regards, Ifraaz

Please check the css framework styles, I wonder if you try to arrange the code in 1140 css file, you’ll reach your goal then. Try commenting out the codes in “Smaller screens” section of 1140.css file and then check.

Hi, I am having 2 problems with this template being responsive. One is that I cannot pinch and expand my fingers to make the content larger or smaller.

The other is the carousel in the flex slider (boxes at bottom of slider with content) does not fit on a mobile device or iPad. I have a screenshot to show you, but see no where here to attach it. This is my url if you want to check it out:

I would appreciate your help in solving these 2 problems.

Thank you Peggy Pollice

Hello Peggy,

Due to original development the template adjusts the content area in accordance to the display resolution of the device its being displayed on and it could not be enlarged.

In regards to your second inquiry the boxes get disappeared on the mobile layout due to the default slider settings and in order to make these boxes visible on the mobile layout you would need to alter the default source files which involves custom work. Unfortunately we do not provide our customers with any customization services due to our policy and you would need to get that adjusted on your own or hire a freelancer who would be able to implement all changes you are seeking. Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for understanding.

Regards, Jack

Hi Jack, I found the zoom fix, it was one line of code. It would have taken you 2 seconds to give it to me.

You should not advertise this template as responsive if it is not. I feel since you stated on your sales page, that it is responsive, you should be responsible for making sure it is. I bought this template in good faith that everything worked correctly and did what you said it did. The flex slider is not responsive at all and I would not have bought this template if I knew that. Please take the time to give me the correct coding to make the slider is responsive as this is how you advertise it.

Thank you Peggy

I ended up figuring things out myself after 2 days research. I still think if you advertise responsive, you should upgrade the site so indeed it is. I even had to change other things like the menu bar to make it responsive.


i have purchased the this item but am failing to change the logo how can i do that, and i have tried to contact support themeforest but they are telling me i didnt purchase it . i went to this website where am been asked a code of purchase and provided it but the issue is there is no HTML/CSS3 support i can only see wordpress yet my template isnt wordpress please kindly assist.

Hi there,

The HTML templates are developed mostly for a kind of developers, or people, who at least a little bit familiar with html/css/js code. We did our best when developed this template to cover even non developers who want to purchase it. Please have a look at the template documentation, and if there is no helpful info I’d suggest you asking help in customising your template from third part developers or freelancers.

Regarding your initial request, please try looking for a line of code in your certain html file that contains id=”logo” and replace the text in between <h1 /> tag with your logo image.

Regards, Alex