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I would like to propose to u a french translation of your theme. How can we proceed to speak in PV ?

Hey. You can email us via our Profile.



I am trying to import the sample data via the Wordpress Importer, but after assigning posts to new admin I am taken to a 404 Page on the actual site.

Any ideas? Has this happened previously?

Thanks in advance,


EDIT: The posts have imported despite the redirect to 404 – Thanks

It’s usually a web host resource usage issue when this happens but as you correctly identified, most of it still gets imported. Cheers.


I am considering purchasing the theme. I am buying the theme for an existing wordpress site and would like to check compatibility of Smartmag with existing content. Do you provide a trial version that my developer can test before we purchase the theme?


Alright. Could you please have a look at this theme: Expound ( This is what my website uses currently. I dont think we are using any custom codes.

From the link you provided, the theme appears to have no custom shortcodes and uses WordPress’s default featured images. You shouldn’t have any problem switching over. But we would suggest confirming with your developer first, regardless, about any custom shortcodes.


Hi love this theme will it work with a content page builder like visual-composer-page-builder-for-wordpress

thank very much


Hey. The packaged page builder does not have as many elements as Visual Composer but it is quite self-sufficient on its own. While Visual Composer will work, it’s recommended to use the default Page Builder instead.


thanks good work

Hi there,

I just bought the template and I love it. I do have a question:

When I trie to make a post I can’t find the page builder tab on the right side. How can I use page builder for posts?

Thnx in advance.


Hey. The page builder is only enabled and available for pages. Create a new page and you will see the Page Builder tab above the editor.

If you really need to enable it for Posts too, we can help you with that. Please create a topic at our Support Forums and we’ll guide you.


i want to buy this theme but is it possible to change the main menu from box to wide menu? or not? if yes i go and buy it now


Do you wish to have the main navigation to expand to full width like the top bar? If that’s what you want, it’s not a native feature but can be added via Theme Settings’s Custom CSS. The solution is posted on our forums: (available after you have purchased).

If you were referring to something else, please explain with a little more details and we’ll let you know.

Thanks. Have a good day.

work without logo…just with name of blog?


Yes, you can use Text based logo – i.e. name of blog.


Hello! I’ve installed your theme and added bunyard recent posts plugin. I added some tabs and when I try to click on them I got an error in my debug console: unrecognized expression: #recent-tab-..... The problem is that I use russian language for tab names. When I use english it works perfectly, but what to do with russian language? Need help. Thanks :)


Please create a post about it at our Support Forums and we’ll solve the issue for you.


Hello I know you have a support forum and may add a ticket soon, but just wanted to ask here instead of registering on the forum.

I have installed an older version of this on my website Then when I go to update, or install the new version of the theme, it gives me an error with the bunyad-widgets plugin code on the old site. If I remove it and reinstall the bunyad-widgets, the whole website breaks and turns into an html page.

Do you know why the older bunyad-widgets plugin is breaking the site, but a reinstall of it breaks the site even further? This only happens with the updated version of the theme.

I may need to enter a ticket, but didn’t know if anyone else had this problem.

Thank you!

The 1.5.0 update requires de-activating and deleting the older Bunyad Widgets plugin as there were some major changes from the previous version. Once that’s done you perform the theme upgrade, you will be prompted to install Bunyad Widgets again.

If that doesn’t fix your issue, please read the topic we have about it at our forums and follow update steps in the order:

Should you require further assistance, please create a topic at our Support Forums and we’ll troubleshoot the issue for you.


Hi – I’m also getting a 404 error on some post pages after I create them- not all, but some. You said in a previous post this is a ‘host’ error? Can you explain? I haven’t touched the permalinks. Thanks.

posts, not pages

The 404 error mentioned earlier was for content import. It should not happen on pages. While, it’s very unlikely to be related to the theme itself, we can help you troubleshoot.

Please post a topic about it at Support Forums with a link to your site and any additional info necessary.


Please help me out here, I love everything so far, except I can’t figure out how to get content in this section like in your demo theme…

I have uploaded a screenshot here:

Hey. Please read this section of documentation:

Basically, you need to have at least 8 posts marked for featured slider. Or you can select a separate category/tag for it in Theme Settings.

If you need further assistance, please create a topic at our Support Forums. All support is handled through forums.

Thanks for buying. Have a good day.


Where can I find change log for update theme, so I know what is actually updated and what need to be deleted/deactivated?


Hey. The Changelog can be seen in the item page itself at the bottom:


Just bought the theme, how do u get social icons at top of header like in your demo? Thank you

Hey. Thanks for your purchase.

Please check under “Top Bar” here:

Hope this helps. If you have any further questions, please use our Support Forums.


Hi There

love the theme,


Hey Jimmy. Thanks for your kind words. If you love SmartMag, please don’t forget to rate it in your Downloads.

Have a great day.


Today i buy your theme. Great theme, but i can’t fix one strange problem. I can’t create menu for my blog All settings are correct (Appearance – Customize, Appearance – Menus) , menu must be here, but it is not! How to fix this problem?

Hello. Thanks for your purchase.

Please ensure that you followed all the steps here, under “Creating a new menu”:

It’s common to miss step 4 but it’s needed for main navigation setup.

Hope this helps. If you have any further questions, please use our Support Forums.

Have a good day.

Hello, I like this theme.

I have the questions about this theme.

1) Can I make a background slider just like link below on this theme? No matter which way to make this either installing other plugins or adding some custom code on CSS and jQuery files. Actually, I tried on other WP theme before but I couldn’t make it. It is very important issue of my current project. So please answer this question very carefully.

2) Is there log in page that has ‘contact with social profile’ option just like link below or can I add this function on the theme?

3) Is this theme made by Ajax based? because some plugins doesn’t work well on Ajax based template.

It would be appreciated your answer.


1. Sorry but a frame-base full-page background slider will not be possible.

2. Not by default, but can be done by using a plugin.

3. It’s not Ajax based.

Thanks for your interest. Have a good day.

Is it possible for the next update, which is compatible with WooCommerce and have a custom shop in the magazine?


Full native WooCommerce support will be added in future, but it’s not going to be the next update. This question was answered in more details at our Forums:

Thanks. Have a good day.

Hello, I have purchased this theme and tried registering on your forum site, and have tried a couple of time with a few hours in between waiting for my username / password to be email to be so i can log into the forums.

I’m have a problem with the theme where by the theme settings are just displaying a white panel, it loads the page but there is nothing there.

I have tried reinstalling the theme and still end up with the same result, and also tried re-downloading the theme encase it was a bad download.

Can I get any help.

Many thanks for your help and support.

Hey. Thanks for the purchase and sorry to hear about the trouble registering at the forum. Have you checked the Spam folder?

We haven’t yet come across the problem you’re having, but if you could email us your admin info and your site url, we’ll check it out for you. Please go to Our Profile here and you will see “Email ThemeSphere”.


Hi, thank you for your reply.

I have sent you an email. Is it possible to receive the username and password manually. I have checked my Junk Mail Folder.

Many thanks for your help.

Sure. We have replied your email.

I want to ask a couple questions…

  • Can I use top bar as menu? (For example: About, Contact etc.)
  • Can we change site title as site logo?

Also, I sent an e-mail about Turkish translation.


1. Yes you can use a menu in the top bar (on the left side – or right for RTL).

2. Yes.

We’ll get back to you about Turkish translation.


This is a great theme and some good work has gone into this. Many want to integrate a responsive e-commerce soln. can you advise anything that works with this for e-commerce . many thanks


The responsiveness will not be good enough and you may have to style a lot of places yourself to look good. So, honestly, it’s not a good option. Again, we cannot recommend using SmartMag with a shop until we have our official native integration ready.


thanks i like it so much i will research it and then an offsite payment! when do u see it being ecommerce ready. thanks for your speed and honesty bo

We cannot mention any estimates in public yet as any unexpected delays can cause disappointment amongst users. If you would like to know about the our rough estimate, you can email us through our profile.