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Why in the social section above the header if I put in a text widget, with the other social icon, “[social_icon link=”” title=”Instagram” type=”instagram” /]”, the instagram icon is not showing up?It work but the icon isn’t visible…

Thank you again, all now work fine (it was an host-side cache problem)...but I found another issue (sorry for all these questions…) if I browse the site by mobile, the social icon (the sharing one in the article and the social in the header) didn’t show up..only appear like colored square with no icon. And this also happen to the featured slider arrows in the homepage…I didn’t edit nothing by css or php, I only used your internal editor!

p.s: any news for the instagram social icon that don’t appear?

ok for the instagram icon I solved with ur last update…but for the smartphone issue nothing change..I will open a thread in ur support forum (using my customer account)

We have replied to you on the Support Forums if you missed it. Let’s continue the discussion there. Thanks.

Guys just one fast question, I have installed the Slim Jetpack and I am using their gallery in my posts. But when I click on any of the pictures i get the following ’’Image cannot be loaded. Make sure the path is correct and try again.’‘ and picture doesn’t open.

Do you guys have any experience with this?


This was an issue in that was fixed in version 1.0.4. We’re at version 1.1.0 at the moment. Here’s how you can update:

Hope this helps. For further queries, please use our Support Forums. Thanks.

Love the theme, with the share options on the posts, is it easy to make it so they open in new pop up windows rather then the parent window? If, is it a quick code change or something in the theme?

Hey. Great to know you like the theme.

Yes. Please create a post at our Support Forums and we’ll guide you on a quick edit to achieve that. Please mention whether you would want them to open in a new tab or popup.


Hi! Really a great Theme but i have a request for the slider. Is is possibile to “cut” part of it ( use only the 5 slide and cut the other 3 thumbnail) or just adjust how it’s set to show one single sticky post on the right?

Hey. Glad to know you like the theme.

On the right side of slider, the 3 posts can be limited to a tag or a category. For example, you can tag 3 posts with slider-right and then:

Go to Appearance > Theme Settings > Slider & Featured. Under Right Side Posts Grid, enter tag slider-right.

Please note this feature was made available in version 1.1.0 so if you bought more than 4 days ago, you will have to update by following these instructions:

For further support or if you were looking for something different, kindly use our Support Forums so that we can keep the support questions organized.


I’ll try with the Tag :D Thank you very much!

thank you for a good theme and hopefully you keep updating it
After I installed the theme , i am not seeing an option to add a widget for advertisement as not advertisement widget show , and thus I can figure out how to add Google responsive ads.
the only widgets that appear are are : about , flickr, popular,recent , not other widgets from the theme appear.
would appreciate it if you can point this out

Hi. We are surely going to keep updating it.

The Advertisement widget is named “Bunyad Advertisement” and needs the “Bunyad Widgets” plugin activated. Please ensure the plugin is active and that you are looking for the right name.

For further follow up support queries, kindly use our Support Forums as support is provided through the forums.


Simple question that is driving me crazy.

Just bought the theme and when i got to add a new page…i don’t have the tab for “page builder” next to “visual” and “text”. I assume there is something little i need to change to see this but i’m not having luck tracking it down.

Hi. Sorry to hear about your trouble.

When you activate the theme, it gives a notice about the plugins that the theme requires to function optimally. If you have dismissed this notice earlier, go to Appearance > Install Plugins and activate/install the recommended plugins. You must always have Bunyad Widgets, Bunyad Shortcodes, and Bunyad Page Builder enabled at least.

If they’re already active and you’re still having trouble, please create a topic at our Support Forums with a link to your site and admin info in a “private reply”.


awesome…thank you very much for the quick reply…it is working

I just bought this theme, and i need to translate it to Portuguese, but in the translation folder, only have one file smart-mag.pot ( that i could not open because the file is damaged), where is the .po file?

Hey decao. Thanks for your purchase.

The .pot file is what’s used for translations and we made sure it’s not damaged. If it’s being detected as damaged, please try extracting it again from the main zip file.

Please open the .pot file using PoEdit: . You will be able to generate a .mo file then. I am assuming you have already read this:

If you’re still having troubles, please create a topic at our Support Forums.


The problem, was that when i double clicked in the file, power point, tried to open it. So i openned with poedit and it worked! So thanks. Where can i translate the Breadcrumb? Because there’s no “You are At” on the .pot file.

That was one missing string in the current version. We intend to add it to the next update coming in 48 hours.

For now, you can follow the guidance here:


Hi, bought the theme however when trying to register on the support forums i get an error stating “Sorry, but that item purchase code has already been registered with another account. Please login to that account to continue, or create a new account with another purchase code.”

I think i am using the purchase code found on the statement right? Please help or let me know if i am doing something wrong?

Sorry to hear your purchase code isn’t working. Please email it to us via our Profile and we’ll see what’s wrong.

Thanks for your patience.

Thanks for the reply i have sent the email.

Hi, the latest update seems to have crashed the site see below:

Warning: require_once(/home/xxxxxxx/public_html/wp-content/plugins/bunyad-widgets/widgets/widget-bbp-login.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/xxxxxxx/public_html/wp-content/plugins/bunyad-widgets/bunyad-widgets.php on line 29

Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ’/home/xxxxxx/public_html/wp-content/plugins/bunyad-widgets/widgets/widget-bbp-login.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/xxxxxx/public_html/wp-content/plugins/bunyad-widgets/bunyad-widgets.php on line 29

Any ideas how to fix, the entire site is down and showing this message



It was very important for this release to de-activate and delete the older “Bunyad Widget” plugin first.

We created a topic on it in advance in our Support Forums:

I hope this helps.



Can i add a metabox for a button on the single page without breaking the responsive layout? Its for an affiliate website.

Hey. Do you wish to add a box below the post content on the single page? If the box doesn’t specify width explicitly, it will work just fine on the responsive too.

If you could link to the plugin/widget you’re going to be using, we could offer a more assuring reply. But most of the similar widgets/plugins work just fine.


No issues with that. That plugin uses WordPress standard filters and SmartMag is fully compatible with that kind of standard usage. Further it seems like the plugin does not add any custom width to break the layout so will work just fine.


Great theme! I am very interested on it. Some pre-sale questions:

I see 3 advertising banners at homepage. Can be more banners added easily? Can manage different banners at different sections or articles (from different sponsors)?

Can i add e-commerce capabilities easily with basic plugins or something like that? (I will need an small e-shop in the magazine i plan to start with this theme)

(I am not very experienced in wordpress, just posting a basic blog, and managing joomla and prestahop sites. Sorry if the questions are a bit obvious.)

Hi. Glad to know you like the theme.

1. Yes. You can add more banners using the page-builder for pages and by using one of the recommended plugins for adding more ads to posts.

2. This theme does not include styling for a shop. If you do use a shop plugin, the styling will be the basic styling from the e-commerce plugin itself. In other words, there’s no official shop/e-commerce design integration at the moment.

No issues whether you’re new user or an experienced user. We encourage asking questions. It’s better to know the facts before-hand and have the right expectations.

Thanks for your interest. Have a great day.

Thanks for the quick response. Do you offer customization service by request (extra paid service, i mean)? For example, to make a graphical integration with the style and responsive behavior for an e-shop plugin.

Yes. If you would like to get more information, please email us via our Profile.


Hi, It is a nice theme. I want to ask whether it is possible to display “search” on smartphone and tablet. thanks wij

Yes, second-levels menus in category mega-menu work fine and appear on mouse-over. Although we don’t recommend that as further sub-menus in category mega-menus can be confusing to users.

Bought the theme.

Thanks for your purchase. If you have any support questions or need help, feel free to post them at our Support Forums.

Have a good day.

omg this is such a beautiful theme with many growth opportunities! what are some of the upgrades/add-ons you are looking for add in the next update?

Is there a “white” version of this theme?

Hey. Glad to know you like the theme.

We’re constantly updating the theme with new features as you can see in our update history. For the next few releases, many features are planned to make users life easier. A farther future release of e-commerce integration is planned.

There is a light skin pre-packaged with the theme that doesn’t have the dark blue navigation, footer and sidebar headings. They’re shades of gray.



I am using this theme and i want to add Google analytic tracking code.

Can you tell me how i can add the Google analytic code to my site using this theme?

Hey. You should add Google Analytics in Appearance > Theme Settings > Header Code.

For further assistance and support, please use our Support Forums.



Thanks for a great theme! – I am sorry if this has been asked before. I really like the left part of the slider but can’t really use the right part – is there any chance that you are considering replacing the existing slider with two widget positions (or the possibility to choose between the existing slider and widget positions?)

Hey. There are few topics in the forums where we have given users the modifications to replace the right side of the slider with a widget area.

If that works for you, here’s the solution:

Thanks for buying the theme. If you have any further questions, please post them at our Support Forums.


I’d like to confirm that If I wanted to have a video where the slider is I could easily set this up with the builder?

Thanks! April

Okay, so then couldn’t I have a single video in the featured area? Since It would be attached to a post (assuming here)

Sorry but the default featured area is only configured to display the slider (5 posts) + 3 posts on the right as you can see in the demo. We have helped a buyer earlier to show only a single image (basically a post’s featured image). The same guidance can also be used for a video with a slight modification .


Thank you. Let me consult with my client :)

Hello, I will buy this theme, it seems very nice, but first can you please tell me where can I get or buy new backgrounds for boxed layout style and is it possible to change background in this theme?


Hey. Yes you can change the background for the whole site, per page, per post, and per category too.

You can use any of the backgrounds patterns, full background images and so on. That will completely depend on the topic of your site. You can use full photos too as background. There are countless free and paid backgrounds on the internet.

If you would like to buy backgrounds, have a look at:

Thanks for your interest. Have a good day.

Hi all! I have a problem with header advertisement. If I activate bunyad advertisement widget, my header became more big. Is adding white space up and down. Same problem after I put text in right header widget (text with advertisement code). Thanks!

Hey. It’s possible you’re using an early version of the theme that had a bug with advertisement.

Are you using the latest version of SmartMag? If not, please update first:

If that doesn’t fix the issue, please create a topic at our Support Forums with a link to your site.



I was wondering is it possible to limit the ’’preview explanations’’ in posts, under featured images. The text just under the cover picture, since some post have longer some shorter, and then the symmetry get distorted in blocks.

Tnx in advance!


Hey. The auto-truncate limits it to 15 words. You can set manual post excerpts using WordPress’s Excerpt feature on the post edit screen.

Please post at our Support Forums for detailed information and support. We handle support queries via Forums.


Hello. Really love this theme. Great work!

I do, however, have a few minor ?s. Hopefully you can help…

1. Do the posts that fall in the same block have to be the same category of blog post? Or can they be edited to come from different categories, or can they be “most recent” blog posts?

Screenshot example:

Currently it appears all posts that fall within the same block, are all the same category. Is this how it works for all blocks?

It would be great to have posts within the same block be “most recent” or come from other categories as well.

2. In this specific type of block ( – are those sub categories? or categories? Also, can there be more than 2?

3. In this specific type of block ( – can there be more than 3 side posts?

Thanks, and appreciate the help!

Hey. Always glad to read good words.

1. These are posts from the a specific category (and it’s children) or these posts can be from a tag. Recent posts from throughout the site aren’t supported in the highlights block but one of our user got a small customization from us that you can get via the support forums if you just wish to show recent blog posts there. The way that particular buyer got it implemented was by using offsets – so that the first column showed 1st to 4th latest posts and the second one showed the 5th to 8th recent posts.

2. The sub-categories for news focus block can be either based on default hierarchical parent/child relationship or you can manually select the categories you wish to show there. Additionally, you can also use tags instead.

3. Yes. You can configure both the number of highlighted posts (the on the left side) and the number of normal posts (on the right).

Thanks for your interest. Have a good day.