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Hello, can filters be added to theme? I need them, because I have a lot of information.

thanks and best regards


If you’re wondering whether the theme uses WordPress’s standard filters, then the answer is Yes.

If you were asking whether we implement some of our own custom filters too, the answer is Yes again.

All your custom filters can go nicely in a Child Theme and we have posted instructions on how to work with Child Themes in our Forums.

Thanks for your interest. Have a good day.


very nice theme!

Pre-sale questions…

1. Is there any possibility to make a beautiful gallery like this without slider or lightbox (it brings more ad views)? –

2. Is it possible to easily change the content width? Because all my existing images are only 630px and I want that also in the future. :-)


Hey. Glad to know you like the theme.

1. The default galleries are the one you can see in the demo. But you can do something similar to your needs by using the ImageBrowser version of NextGen gallery free plugin.

The example isn’t perfect but when you use it in a post, it will display one image per page with prev/next buttons. Also, there are many more views of NextGen you can see no their website.

2. We can guide you via Support Forums on how to achieve that by a few edits. But it’s not something we would recommend. Because you will have to make the sidebar larger then. There’s a WordPress plugin to upscale old images – that would be a better option.

Thanks for your interest. Have a good day.

thanks for theme

i want to give social icons open in a blank page. but target=”_blank” doesn’t worked?

what can i do?


Do you wish to use it for Share Social Icons? Here’s a forum topic with a solution:

If it’s for the top icons, please create a topic at our Support Forums and we’ll provide you with the guidance. Thanks.

Hello ThemesSphere,

Great theme! However, I’m having problems with some plugins that I always use. It seems like they don’t work correctly with your theme, for example javascript elements are being lost somehow. Does the theme minify every plugin too or something. I don’t understand. Hope you can help me, so I can use your theme :)

Thanks in advance!


Thanks for buying the theme and sorry to hear you’re having troubles. The theme by itself does not minify or touch any other Javascript. And what you’re describing shouldn’t happen. But if there are any conflicts, we’ll definitely help you fix them.

Please create a topic at our Support Forums with a link to your site or the page having issues (in a “private reply”). That will help us find any conflicts that exist.


My main slider is not working. can you please give me the tutorial on that

Hey. Here’s the documentation section dealing with Slider:

If you need more help and guidance, please create a topic at our Support Forums. Thanks.

Hey, is there any chance that you add “Bunyard Pinterest” widget for this theme? I tried Easy Pinterest plugin, but somehow it doesn’t show properly, I don’t know why. BTW great theme.

Hey. Please create a topic for it at our Support Forums and we can offer some suggestions or help you improve the look of the existing widget you used.



Very nice. Thinking of buying. Question: Can post titles be placed above featured image?


Hey. Great to know you like it. Post titles above featured image is not a pre-packaged feature but we have helped a buyer achieve that with a small edit. When you buy, please create a request at our Support Forums and we’ll guide you.



1 – Can you post a sample with a post with really long characters, how will look on homepage widgets?

2 – How long you intend to update this theme ? 1 year or more ? Let’s say, will be compatible with worpdress 5.0 ? I am interested on the long run…

3. Homepage widgets, can be a widget added twice or more in homepage ? I have multiple categories… I want to have some widgets more times with more categories on homepage. Any of these can be added on homepage simultaneous ?

4. There is any widget that don’t have option to select category ?

5. Can I add widgets on homepage with title only ? Without thumbnails, let’s say “Movies” “Cuisines” with title only ? Need costumization or there is option in admin ?

6. “Entertainment” widget from homepage, has 3 options. Can be added more ? I have many subcategories. There is a limit ?

7. There is option to disable featured image to show ? Like in “” without the android image above post description?

8. Do you consider making more homepage widgets / blocks in future update ?

9. This ... is one page only,is endless, or is paginated somehow by scrolling. Because a long page created mysql query…

10 Do you consider adding rating star (for users) per post ?

11. When I click “Politics” on the menu, it shows ? It’s a bug ?

12. When I click World News “” in pictures, shows entertaining movies business too.. ? It’s a bug ?

13. Forums : is a plugin or built in theme ?

14. There is post share on FB for example. Can you add FB / Tweets / Google+ likes ? To show how many a post have?

15. There is option to completely remove the big featured block under menu?

Thank you for reply.

1. Check these screenshots:

2. We mean it when we say long-term support. We aren’t going to abandon the theme and it’s definitely going to be years of updates where we’ll keep adding new features and evolving the framework.

3. Yes, you can add all of them as many times as you wish using the Page Builder.

4. All the blocks you see on that list have the category and tag limit feature.

5. You could set posts to 0 to show the title only.

6. There’s no limit on sub categories, or sub tags on this block. Using 3 is just an example.

7. Yes, you can disable the showing of featured image above title in posts – via theme settings.

8. Sure. Not in immediate future as there are other features with higher priority first.

9. All category listings are paginated using the default WordPress posts per page setting.

10. Yes. That’s one of the near future feature plan we talked above.

11. That’s just to show the flexibility. The category linked in the menu is World News – we just labeled it Politics in demo.

12. That’s intended behavior. It happens when you tick a post to belong to multiple categories – the post belongs to Entertainment and World News but since you’re already browsing World News, only Entertainment is shown in label. One of our buyer had requested a change in this area so this can be changed to behave differently.

Essentially, it was just a shortcut to quickly setup our demo. Creating filler demo content takes up a lot of time.

13. It’s the bbPress plugin that we have styled and integrated in SmartMag.

14. Do you wish to add counters to share buttons? That’s not a default feature but possible by using a plugin. There are many plugin choices available but we’ll have to know your preferences before making any suggestions.

15. If you are referring to “Category Mega Menu” which has a left navigation + featured post + recent posts, it can only be disabled by a small edit. Alternatively, you can use “Links Mega Menu” (see Features in demo) or normal menus.

Thanks for your interest. Have a good day.

My site doesn’t display correctly when using Chrome.

I purchased the theme yesterday and it works great, but when I tried to open my site in Chrome this morning I noticed that the text doesn’t load until I refresh. All other browsers are working properly.

My site is if you want to see if it’s doing the same thing for you.


Hey. This is a bug created by Chrome 33 which was released 2 days ago – that will be fixed in an update tonight. A temporary fix was posted here:

Alternatively, the text rendering issue is subsided when the slider is active.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks.

Hi there,

I like your theme and I’m about to purchase. Just wanted to check if I am able to change the top menu/bar where it is now ‘trending’ articles to menu that links to home, about, contacts and etc instead?

Look forward to your response.



Yes. You simply have to disable the trending ticker in Theme Settings and use the WordPress’s “Custom Menus” widget in top bar. That’s it.



J’aimerai désactiver la lightbox photos d’origine “prettyphoto” il me semble, afin de faire fonctionner correctement ma nouvelle extension SocialGallery. Car quand SocialGallery s’ouvre, la lightbox photo d’origine reste en arrière plan.. Est-ce qu’une option est disponible directement dans “themes setting” ou faut-il passer par le fichier “functions.php” ? Une autre question: Quand je paramètres Wordpress pour qu’il affiche 10 articles par pages cela ne fait rien… Même après le 10” articles, il se placent encore sur la même page. Avez-vous une solution ?


Sorry but we only have English speaking support. Based on translation, what you’re asking is not available in settings.

For this feature, please register and post here for help:


Very nice template! Pre-sales question: – Is it possible to add a Search function in menu line or another place at the top? It is very important in a small screens. Search function should be at the top.

Hey. Sorry we were waiting for a 3rd solution to be posted on forums before we make a promise about it. The first two were posted in the forums 2-4 days ago and are available. But the 3rd one is still just a mockup:


Thank you. It looks very good. Probably I’ll buy your theme soon.

Glad to know that. Just to update you, the third solution was made available too few days back. Let us know if you need direct links once you’ve registered to the forums.

Have a good day.

We just uploaded your theme to our blog and when we try to customize the “Theme Options” tab in the “Appearance” we get this error…

Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_enqueue_media() in /wp-content/themes/smart-mag/lib/admin/options.php on line 103

I just joined your help forum also, sorry to bombard I just need to get this fixed as quick as I can.

Hey. Please make sure you’re running WordPress version 3.6 at least. We recommend 3.8. If that doesn’t fix it, please post at our forums and we’ll troubleshoot it for you.


Thank you for the quick response, we upgraded to 3.8 and it resolved the error.

Hello, I really like this template. I have couple questions:

1. Featured Post / Slider. All I need is single post in featured section. How can I remove arrows and 5 blue buttons in the bottom of the post.

2. I have disabled comments, but it still shows comment count under the post thumbnail, how can I remove that? + date.


Hello. Thanks for buying.

1. Please post it at our Support Forums and we’ll provide you with the guidance.

2. Here are a few questions at our forums with solution to your needs:

Disable Comments, Remove dates on Homepage, Remove date everywhere.


Try to put 2 posts by category using the option highlights box but always appear 2. How to solve this?

Hey. Can you please explain your problem further. Please post it at our Support Forums as support is only handled through forums. Thanks.


Thanks for themes :)

i have problem with footer. i added widget for footer but thats not working in site..

footer say is only “Partly powered by”

how i use footer ?


One of your plugins is probably interfering and messing with the output. It’s probably the SEO Booster from cleverplugins but it might be something else.

For troubleshooting and finding the conflict, lease post it at our Support Forums. Support is only handled through forums.



I’ve added standard 728×90 code so I can have a header banner next t the logo using your Bunyad widget > But the only problem is…it’s no responsive at all.

It seems your demo banners are, perhaps because they are basic images, but it doesn’t seem to support adsense as standard, which I would expect it to.

Can you assist?

Hey. It’s against Adsense policies to make their standard ads responsive. There are now Responsive Ads available via Google Adsense – only those will respond. Also note that they do not respond on normal browser resize unless refreshed.

Please get the Responsive Ads code from Adsense and it will work.

For further support, please use our Support Forums. Support is only handled through forums now. Thanks.

Is there any way to center the slider on main page?

Hey. That’s not possible by default but we can probably help you with it.

Please post at our Support Forums with little more explanation of what you’re looking for. Support is only handled through forums now.


Hi there. Using the Mega Menu, I cannot get the “featured” or “recent” modules to load. Is there a setting I need to change? Thanks for your help, Jason.


I’ve managed to get it working. I changed the top menu item from a page to a category and it’s populated the featured and recent modules with items from that category. Cheers

Glad to know you figured it out. Thanks for buying.