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Look good this template :) Good luck and with sale

Good job robbiewilliams , GLWS

thanks you.

Perfect! Good luck with sales.

thanks a lot.

Hi there, pre-sales question. In Android’s Gmail app, while it looks ok due to inline CSS, the 600×200 banner image has lost its aspect ratio a bit. Basically it has been stretched vertically. Are you able to fix this?

Any news on this one? I’d really like to buy the template but need it to look good on Galaxy Gmail :)

Hmm it also looks a tiny bit stretched on an iPhone 5 too…

Dear James,
I double checked it for you, and it seems to be working fine.
here are the test results:
Iphone5 screenshot
Android screenshot

If the problem still occurs it might be a memory cache leftovers.

Hi, Robbie.

When I send the email do Gmail, the interface looses the style. How can I fix this?

Rds, Andre

Continued support by email.

All Fixed!

Hi, Robbie. Everything working fine. Thanks.

Can you make this Campaign Monitor ready??

I’ll put it on my future update and let you know here…

Hey Robbie I purchased the “Smart Mail” email templates and imported one into MailChimp, but it doesn’t seem to be editable, nothing is clickable and it just has all the info that was in the sample template. What have I done wrong? Sorry to comment here, I couldn’t find anywhere else to ask.

Dear Sgbcan,
You might have used the wrong file.
“LayoutXX_InlineCSS.html” is for non-mailchimp users, use “Mailchimp_LayoutXX.html” instead.
For further assistance please contact by mail “”

Did CampaignMonitor support get added to this template?


Hello, is there a wordpress/plug-in version too? thanks

hey there do these templates cover the newsletter templates only or also the backend forms from mailchimp (such as welcome mail, unsubscribe, etc..)?

i am working with wordpress and have mailchimp integrated. so all i would need is to replace/add these templates to the mailchimp ones, right?

thanks in advance

1. newsletter templates only
2. yes.

great. i will give it a try. thanks!

Hi, just bought this template and upon testing it on my HTC One (Gmail app) I noticed the layout is skewed. Here is a screenshot

What devices have you testes this template on? I will be emailing a big list and I need to be sure it will render properly on a variety of devices.

Cheers Andrei

Hi Andrei,
it was checked on the following mobile devices:
iphone 4, iphone 5, android and ipad2.

This is an excellent set of templates Nice work!

thank you so much! I’ll appreciate your rating…

Awesome template! Had a minor issue, totally my fault, and robbiewilliams was super fast to respond and help me with it. Received awesome reviews from our executive team. Thank you!! :)

Glad to help my friend! Thanks for the feedback.