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Hey there,

On the YoutubeBg theme, is there a way to specify a hero image for mobile, so that the background isn’t just a solid colour? As well, I’ve found that if I delete the “Signup Section” from the HTML, the YouTube video doesn’t play. However, if I include it in the file, but set “display: none” within the style, the video plays. Any reason for this?

Hi zyale,
thanks for purchasing our theme.

you can simply set a fallback image instead of the solid color by replacing in your index.html this line of code:
<header class="header solid-bg youtube-bg" id="top">
<header class="header youtube-bg" id="top" style="background-image:url('assets/images/yourimage.jpg')">
if you don’t want to use the “signup section” in order to avoid issue with the other sections, don’t forget to delete also the respective js code into assets/js/custom.js
/* =======================================================================
========================================================================== */
    var container = document.getElementById('canvas-bg');
    var renderer = new FSS.CanvasRenderer();
    var scene = new FSS.Scene();
    var light = new FSS.Light('323A45', '323A45');
    var geometry = new FSS.Plane(2000, 1000, 15, 8);
    var material = new FSS.Material('FFFFFF', 'FFFFFF');
    var mesh = new FSS.Mesh(geometry, material);
    var now, start = Date.now();

    function initialise() {
      window.addEventListener('resize', resize);

    function resize() {
      renderer.setSize(container.offsetWidth, container.offsetHeight);

    function animate() {
      now = Date.now() - start;
      light.setPosition(300*Math.sin(now*0.001), 200*Math.cos(now*0.0005), 60);


for any further help, don’t hesitate to ask. we provide full support on our support center https://themedept.ticksy.com/ . just submit a new ticket and we’ll happy to help you.

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found in style.css

.btn-white:hover { background: #c0392b; color: #3e3e3e; border-color: #c0392b; }

Should be in assets/css/colors/*.css

In my green theme i have red hovers :-)

Best Reimar

Hi Reimar,
thanks for purchasing our theme and thanks so much for your reports about this link. we are going to fix it in the next update.

thanks again,
Themedept Support

Thank YOU for this really good theme!

Really awesome works,Good Luck With Sales

Thanks UpQode

Guys, any updates with the theme? :) Waiting for something awesome!

Hi praveenscience,
thanks for you interest in our theme!

We’ll work on a new update for end of the year. If you’re thinking about an amazing (or simply useful) feature/page we haven’t added yet, tell us! We welcome any feedback with open arms.

Themedept Support.

Yay! That’s awesome… I’ll send you something. But where? Email?

Yes, you can contact us on our support center: https://themedept.ticksy.com/. Thanks!! We look forward to hearing from you!

How do we change the number of columns in the footer?

And or the width of each.

Hi Brian,
thanks for purchasing our theme.

Smartmvp uses the Bootstrap grid. So you can easily change the column by changing the div… (for example: col-md-4). you can follow the bootstrap grid tutorial here.

for any further help, please open a ticket on our support forum https://themedept.ticksy.com/ and we’ll glad to help you.

Is there a way to upload this as wordpress theme instead of uploading the whole folder via FTP?

Hi kalinu32, this in not a wordpress theme. It’s a simple html theme. you can’t install it into wordpress,

Hey there!

This theme looks absolutely amazing! Can’t believe it is 5 years old by now :) Good job!

I’m a bit confused with licensing thought. If this theme is used to create a landing page for a paid application is it enough to buy just regular license? Nothing from this theme will be used in the product for which customers will be paying (it is completely separate app).

Or extended license is still needed even for landing page?

Regular license is ok