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Hello, Great theme, I just have a question. Is it possible for the #entries-toggle on page load to be closed instead of open and showing text.

Thank you

Hi there, There’s no option for that in theme options by default, however it wouldn’t be hard to implement it yourself.

Hi I recently purchased this theme and I’m trying to upload it unto wordpress but it is telling me that “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” every time I upload the zip file. What can I do?

As I said, if you upload the whole package instead of the theme itself you will get that error. Please unzip the zip file you’ve downloaded from themeforest, then you will find the theme zip file inside it.

I unzipped the downloaded file and i found no such theme zip file. What I found where 3 separate folders named ‘Help’ , ‘PSD’ and ‘smartscreen-html’ respectively. I then zipped the latter, the ‘smartscreen-html’, but when uploading it I would get told that “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the index.php file”. Isn’t the theme the ‘smartscreen-html’ forlder? Thanks for your time.

Hi! Great work! I have a question before purchasing this theme… Does the shop part of the html version work or do I need to code it?

Hi, It doesn’t work. It’s just a sample html file

good morning if I buy this with the regular license can be programmed with java to mount a apicación? I bring all items

How long does the license, you must pay each year or how long this effect and that if it’s not valid, what happens to the application?

No, there’s no per year license. It’s a one time pay. http://themeforest.net/licenses

how much do you charge for installing on my hosting?

It seems you’ve purchased the html version. It can’t be installed on wp. You need to purchase wp version for wordpress

ok can I exchange this version for the other?

unfortunately it’s not possible. sorry


I like this template but have a few questions that I can’t answer myself. I had a look at the demo and also visited your support site and looked at the links to websites that users had posted.

Using tools in firefox and chrome I can see how I can make most of the visual changes I would make in order to customise the default template, but there were some things I couldn’t modify, which I don’t recall happening before.

The colours used on my site (black and orange, mainly) would clash violently with blue. I can see how to get rid of almost every blue you have used except for the moble menu. In the dropdown, the active/hover state uses a fairly bright blue. Your demo and all the sites I could found links to on your forums use exactly the same colour.

Assuming it can be …... how is this set and changed? It may sound like a silly question but I have never come across colours that I couldn’t change with simple tools!


One other thing, I had a look at the demo with my mobile and noticed that the formatting is great in portrait mode, but in landscape mode the slider captions and header overlaid each other. It only happens on the front page, because the others don’t have captions, and it is the same for the wordpress and html versions. is there a way to hide the captions only in landscape mode?

Hi there, The wordpress version’s menu has been changed and there is no select box used for mobile menu. But the html version still uses the select box for its mobile navigation. That blue color for hover state comes from the browser, and as I know, there is no consistent way to change it.

it’s possible to hide caption on landscape, but needs a few css lines.

How can I change or remove the pattern over the images? Thanks.

I’ve already found… Thanks.

Menu doesn’t work in Chrome; which is the top browser these days. While the page is loading, the menu appears to be partly functional, but once the page has finished loading, child items are no longer acessible.

Even worse, because you use # as blank links for menu items that have sub items, NONE of the links are acessible. On your own demo, this means that only the link for Blog works.

As it stands, this template is totally incompatible with Chrome unless you want a single page without navigation.

I tested our demo here on chrome and the menu is working. I clicked on sub menus and the inner pages loaded well.

Oh well, what can I say? With the two pcs I use, both with Chrome Version 42.0.2311.90 m, your menus don’t work. It’s no problem for me as I hadn’t already bought the theme.

Did you wait until the page finishes loading? As I said, the menu works until that point. It stops when loading is complete.

anyway, thanks for your help. I will double check the theme to make sure it will work on chrome without any problem.


Does anyone know how to prevent the image from moving when the mouse rolls over? And so the lens is displayed in the middle of the image?

open /scripts/init.js and find

jQuery('.frame').each(frameHover); and remove it


Okay, menu malfunction in Chrome:

Video of this uploaded to here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sr3v07ov1echwb0/smartscreen.webm?dl=0

To explain; if you click to go to the menu, you get the page with the envato frame. In chrome, at this stage, the menu works. Close the frame. Wait until the page stops loading, then try the menu. It’s dead. Refresh the screen and mouseover the menu while the page is loading and the menu looks as if it will work, and the sub menus open. However, once the page stops loading, the menu freezes. Refresh the screen and wait for it to settle, menu is dead again. In the demo, in Chrome, it only works if you view from within the envato frame.

You sounded like you didn’t believe me, so I downloaded a screen capture plugin to film it, so you can see what I mean. It’s not my imagination or pc.

Sorry, that was a typo above and should say…. To explain; if you click to go to the DEMO…..

although you’re right and experience the issue, but here I can’t replicate it. But I see some missing files that make some js error in console. I think this is maybe the source of issue. I will fix it asap.


This might be a stupid question, but where would be the best page to put a google calendar? And is there anything I should be careful with when trying to incorporate. Love the theme by the way.

Got it. Sorry, like I said; stupid question. I wasn’t thinking clearly. It was a piece of cake. The full width page works great for it.

Hi, please ask your questions in our support forum.


Great theme,

Is there anyway to keep the menu as it is even while navigating through the website…

It now currently loading each time a page loads..

Hi there, it’s not possible by default. You would need to implement ajax to achieve it.

I reacently bought this tempalte. is it posible to add music to the template?, that is start playing as soon as you enter, and you have the option of turn it off if you dont want to hear it. There is an icon of music at the bottom of the page. I thought that was for that.

It already has a music player. By default it uses flash which is disabled in Firefox. If you test with Chrome, it will work.

Also to force it to use html5, open /scripts/init.js line 29

and change flash to false

            var as = audiojs.createAll({
                useFlash: false


The template is working great for me… However I have a slight problem… is there anyway to preload the page (showing a loader image) before showing it.. Because the way the slide images load doesn’t look good.. its breaks from bottom at first. Once the images are loaded it works good.. is there anyway

Please guide

Hi there, there are some ways to implement a page loader with jQuery. You will find several tutorials online. We don’t do modification unfortunately.


can you contact me please, we both the HTML version of a theme and need the wordpress….we need to get a refund….....

bought the HTML version

you should contact envato for your request.


Hi, I bought your product. I would like to change language for polish. How can I make it? Regards, Jaroslaw

Hi Jaroslaw,

You’ve purchased HTML version of SmartScreen. You need to open every page in an editor and change all texts to your language.