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Hi gifky ,nice templates ,i have noticed u might have forget to include viewport tag in email these are rendering small in iphone,ipad ….plz check it.

Hi talwinder,

Thanks for the tip, indeed the downloadable version has the viewport tag and it renders fine but looks like the live preview has the viewport tag stripped while placing the live preview copyright notice.

Just updated the live preview so nobody get confused, thanks for letting me know.


Hi, Any chance to have it optimised for Windows mobile? Your newsletter Layout 4 is not loving IE either. Thank you, E

Hi TractionD,

Thanks for purchasing Smartx Mail, only Windows Phone 7.5+ supports media queries, both Windows Mobile 6.1 & Windows Phone 7 don’t support media queries so the layout relays on the device itself for any optimization, here is list of devices & apps and their support for media queries.


PS I’m not saying it does not work for Windows mobiles but it does not resize to fit the screen. There has to be a fix? Thank you, E

Hi TractionD,

Will be working on a fix for Windows Phone 7 shortly.


Hi TractionD,

Just released version 1.1 with responsiveness fix for IE and Windows Phone 7.


Thank you.

Gifky, I have been playing around with this template and am getting close to having it dialed in. Can I send you a couple of test emails for you to help diagnose the minor viewing issue I am having. A mobile email and standard email address if you would like to see it on multiple devices. Thanks in advance for the help.

Hi hecticlyrelaxed,

Thanks for purchasing Smartx Mail, sure you can send test email to gifkynet {@} directly from the email service you are using.


I am interested in this item. Will it work on those devices which do not support responsive / media inquiries? I see that a bunch of items on the list do not support it. Also how does this work with older versions of outlook?

Hi booheadinc,

Thanks for your interest in Smartx Mail, as you can see in the “Compatibility” section it was tested in the mentioned programs and devices and it works perfect (that includes old versions of Outlook), in any email client/app which doesn’t support media queries the template will look like a normal HTML email template so nothing to worry about.

As of that list mentioned in a previous comment, that’s a general list about media queries support in devices (used as a reference and not specific to this item).

So the bonus of responsive email template is looking much better in modern devices/apps which support media queries with zero disadvantages because it will always render like normal HTML template once viewed on device/app which doesn’t support media queries.


Hi Gifky,

Thank you for the great team. Is it possible to include the used buttons in the psd? Would be great!

Thank you!

Hi Domien,

Thanks for purchasing Smartx Mail, inside each color folder you will find colorElements.psd which contains the buttons.


great, thanks!

Are you able to change the pictures in the template to your own images, etc?

Does anyone know of a good firm i can use to customize this template for me, for a fee?

Hi reisenberg,

Sure you can change everything (pictures , text, logo, etc…) to your own.

As of the customization, we provide email customization service (just answered your email with details).



I’ve bought your template to use it as a basis for a newsletter but your fix for IE and Windows Phone 7 do not seem to work :-(

All text content responds correctly to media queries but not the td elements in table class=”row” which keep their original size.

Could you please advise?


I indeed added new classes but I did add them to the IE code as well, so it’s not that either. I’ll keep looking (I’m quite stubborn) and if I don’t find a solution I’ll drop you an email :-)

I did it! I simply had forgot to apply a max width of 100% to the shadows below each box.

Now I’m sure I’m starting to be boring, but would you have a fix for Firefox? Both your original template and mine have the same issue. In Firefox the media queries work but the content width is always larger than the browser’s window :-( You should try to see what I mean.

Thanks again.

Glad you figured it out :)

As for the Media Queries they are fine everywhere just when you resize the window in Firefox make sure to stop exactly for the correct width which the Media Query is targeting, because Firefox calculates the vertical scrollbar width as part of the page width while other browsers don’t.

In general media queries in email design are intended for tablet and mobile devices only not for desktop, when you resize the window of Hotmail, Yahoo, etc… you won’t see any difference in the email but when it comes to tablets and mobiles that’s the real need because the template is adjusted for them.


boug the theme, send couple of mails, still renders small on iphone and ipad mail, please fix, as it IS responsive true, but renders small (out zoomed) to be particular

please fix

Hi mv2g,

Thanks for purchasing Smartx Mail, the email renders just perfect on iPhone and iPad, here are couple screenshots done by Litmus how the email renders in iPad, iPhone 4s and iPhone 5.

If the email renders small then the email service/program you are using to send the email strips the necessary CSS, the fix would be sending the email from email campaigns service like Mailchimp which won’t strip any code, or the issue is you are viewing the email in email client/app which doesn’t support responsiveness such as Gmail which doesn’t support media queries, so it zooms out the email to display it, if an email client/app doesn’t support media queries scaling the email to device dimensions is left for the app/device to handle it.


renders small, but repsonsive, thus making it even more unusable than if it was not responsive in the first place if no fix, i will appreciate a refund as theme does clearly not help with its responsive layout

I just answered you previous comment with what could be the issue and how to fix it, it’s totally not the template issue (here are couple screenshots done by Litmus how the email renders in iPad, iPhone 4s and iPhone 5).

Your assumption that the template appears zoomed out because of a responsiveness bug is wrong, media queries can’t effect the email negatively, it’s impossible :) on any mobile device running email app/client which doesn’t support media queries, the email scaling (zooming in) is handled by the app itself so that’s why you could see the email zoomed out, that’s how an app which doesn’t support media queries like Gmail would render any email template weather it’s responsive or not! and that’s how any mobile device would render a non responsive page by scaling it down to view all of it and you can zoom in to read it, the amount of zooming out or scaling is not handled by the template but it’s rather done by the app itself.

If you have doubts just remove the media queries (you can remove the whole css style block) send the email and it will display as a normal non responsive email.

Hopefully I was able to clarify that the template is fine and responsiveness is a plus and doesn’t lead to any zooming out issues.


Hi thank you for your response and apologies if my previous post sounded a bit hards.

We use proessional email campaigns service for this, can we send you the link to the “view this email in browser instead” from our campaigns software so you can possibly see the page and advice if it is being stripped out of the code? and where should we send the link to our campaign

Hi mv2g,

No problem, you can send me the link to gifkynet {@}


trying to get the flyers to fully expand in iPhone…i guess it displays proportionately as it does in my Outlook…but in iPhone i’d like the flyer to expand fully for the screen vertically…right now the flyer comes in small so you have to expand…even when using <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0” /> [image removed]

ok…please send any reply to anhdfailover {@} or on this post

btw…i made adjustments that you are seeing to width in viewport…but neither that nor <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0” /> are accomplishing the goal. Thanks.

Just tested the template, the extra table added with id=”Table5” which has “This email was sent by” is causing that problem, it needs to have the width 100% not 600 pixels, if it’s added by Exacttarget and you can’t modify it just locate the media query: @media only screen and (max-width: 640px) and add to it’s content:

table[id=Table5] {width:100% !important;}

Also undo the changes you made to the viewport meta tag, that should fix this issue.


Thanks! this is a great template! great in all devices, just what we added caused issue.

Hi hessfirm,

Thanks for your feedback, glad the issue is fixed.



For some reason the head tag is being removed by user client (i think). I am using sendgrid to process the emails. Problem is that all media queries are in header. Apperantly it will also remove style tags. How do I go about it or how can I debug where the head tag is being stripped.

For example I use to send myself test, and it is delivered on gmail with all html, so I am not sure what the hell is going on. Everywhere else on the internet they tell that it will absolutely be stripped.


Hi a13y,

Thanks for purchasing Smartx Mail, send the email directly from SendGrid to gifkynet {@} and I’ll check what’s being stripped out.


Hello I’ve purchased this and customizing this email as well. However, responsive template works on browsers as intended. When emailed, it doesn’t work on any device properly.

All full width content scales properly, however the two column content remains two column without the second column going below top. What would you require to assist?

Hi prepriyadarshane,

Thanks for purchasing Smartx Mail, it’s possible that while you are customizing the template you either removed the proper classes or created a new table with two columns and you didn’t assign for those columns the proper classes so they are not acting responsive, just make sure those two columns have the proper classes like any of the two columns in the default layouts.

If you still can’t get it to work, just send the template to gifkynet {@} and I’ll check it out.


Thanks for your response. I emailed a test to your email. I’ve added proper classes.


It appears you have removed the doc type which leads to that issue, just copy it back and the template will work perfect.


Do you know if Constant Contact strips out the media query code? I can’t seem to get the responsive piece to work with them!

Hi AMGill,

Thanks for purchasing Smartx Mail, I got your email and will send you some detailed answer, the short answer for your question is the current editor in Constant Contact strips out the doctype declaration on sending (which is a bad practice!) that would cause a bug on webkit browsers so won’t be responsive as intended, the solution is to contact Constant Contact support asking them if they have any method to ensure the doctype isn’t stripped out when you send the email.


Thank you. for your reply. I will ask Constant Contact and look forward to you replying to the email I sent you. Beautiful template. Just love it.

Just answered your email :)

This template is awesome. Looks great on all devices. Thank you for your excellent customer service in making this work properly in Constant Contact! I will be downloading more of your beautiful email templates in the future! Thanks again

Thank you for your great feedback, enjoy using the template :)

I just ran the blue version of Layout3.html (with no modifications) through W3C Mobile validator and it generated : 3 sever errors 3 medium errors 6 low errors.

Am I missing something, I certainly didn’t expect serve erros.

Hi cteager,

Thanks for purchasing Smartx Mail, those sever errors marked by the validator are not real errors but rather a needed default techniques to make an email template compatible with major email clients. If you want to check the template compatibility, you should use like Litmus or EmailOnAcid to see how it renders on different devices, validating the code itself or W3C Mobile validation has nothing to do with email rendering or compatibility.

Email templates are way different than web templates since most of email clients have outdated rendering engines and standards compared to modern web standards, if you check this link you will have an idea how outdated and different the level of HTML & CSS support in email.

Hope that clears it out.


Hi Gifky – awesome templates!

Do they need to be converted to inline CSS once content has been added and before sending?


Hi Brian,

Thanks for purchasing Smartx Mail, the template already has inline CSS so no need to inline it anymore, just add your content instead of the dummy content and it’s ready to be sent :)


Couldn’t be any easier! Many thanks!

Enjoy using it :)

Gifky, any idea if this template works on StrongMail? Would like to know before purchasing, thank you

Hi gibumkang,

Thanks for your interest in Smartx Mail, this template is pure HTML so it would work in any service/program which allows you to import your HTML, with one additional exception since the template is responsive the service you are using Must keep the doctype declaration in order for the template to remain responsive, otherwise it won’t be responsive on webkit browsers.

So if you are able to insert your own HTML code in StrongMail you just need to contact their support with the question if they strip out the doctype declaration or not, that will give you clear idea if the template will render as intended or not.