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When I add a filtre as a taxonomy term in the portfolio view, the view in the site is totaly wrong! All the pictures are unformated and not in place. I use the [Smartyr] Block section content – Portfolio grid #5. I hope you help me this time a soon as possible and give me a solution because at the past any bug I’ve sent you is not fixed!

Can you give me some information? A screenshot?

Just sent you an email

Please check your mail


This theme no longer shows various blocks when logged in as admin after update to Drupal 8.3, however blocks do show for anonymous users.

This appears to be a problem with Bigpipe which was moved to core stable modules in 8.3. Uninstall brought back the blocks, however would be good if Bigpipe works with this theme.

How do you remove | Drupal from the site name in this theme. Searched everywhere, added Metatag module… nothing seems to work to remove Drupal as site name. Where is it hardcoded into the theme?

It is not encrypted anywhere. That is the default of Drupal 8.


Not true that it is a D8 issue, switching theme gives the correct result.

It is an issue with your theme. If it is not hard coded, then it is pulling a db reference that there is no UI to change or has another configuration setting for. Unfortunately doing a db search for Drupal is not very helpful… there are a lot of Drupal references in the db.

Oh, I will ask staff to check, and send you update file.


Hi drupalet its been a week I have sent you an email for the bugs. Do you have any updates? Thanks!

Please check your mail!

I am very disappointed with the support. After 5 months nothing has happened and most of the bugs have been corrected by myself. Now I am asking you to fix two very important bugs and you tell me that the manufacturer of the html theme is the responsible person, with whom you have no communication… You are the seller and you are responsible to fix things! This theme is not workable and you should not sell it! It is not even compatible with drupal 8.3xxx!

This theme cannot duplicate views, cannot add filter to a view, cannot display correct portrait images, map is not working, after update to drupal 8.3.xx blocks are messed up, cannot set background images, only if hardcoded it. Can you tell me when you gonna fix them? And please dont answer me to my email. Answer here and tell the truth. Its been 5 months…

If you not fix the bugs I want refund my money. I mean, why you sell this theme if it is not working??? And why you dont sent me update fixed files??? Why you put the blame on the HTML author?? You sell a drupal theme that is not compatible with drupal 8.3xxx, views not working, taxonomy filters not working, maps not working, portfolio pages have bugs, background images imports only by hardcode and much more!!!! It’s a scam what you do and you have do it again on another theme I’ve bought from you.

From: <nikomaxia@gmail.com> Date: 17 May 2017 at 20:50 Subject: Re: [ThemeForest] drupalet replied to your comment on Smarty – Creative Agency & Portfolio Drupal 8 Theme with RTL To: Stefan Choi <drupalet022@gmail.com>

There is nothing to do with the html version. The problem is defently on drupal theme. Views, blocks, taxonomy terms are all drupal elements! Not html! You should fix them! Don’t try to put the blame on someone else! I had sent you the problems and clearly are bugs on your theme! You should fix them. Elsewhere stop to sell this theme

From: Stefan Choi <drupalet022@gmail.com> Date: 17 May 2017 at 20:01 Subject: Re: [ThemeForest] drupalet replied to your comment on Smarty – Creative Agency & Portfolio Drupal 8 Theme with RTL To: “Dimitris T.” <nikomaxia@gmail.com>

Sorry. I am not responsible for fixing the mistakes of the HTML version. Moreover, I do not have the right to fix it, it should be licensed. You also see that my DEMO version is the same, it can not be edited.

Its been a week and I have no response from you. Will you refund my money????

I wonder why you don’t reply to my messages and my emails… First, you don’t fix the bugs, second, you tell me that the bugs is not your problem and now you don’t even reply. I still have 10 days of support. Are you waiting to expire and then respond that I do not have support? I’ve been waiting for six months to fix bugs, and you’re fooling me. I want immediate refund of my money! Thank you!

Are you going to return the money? The theme does not work and you have not sent me any fixed files. You also do not answer me at all in my messages and mails

Hi Stefan Choi The whole page freezes so easily if you open one of the portfolios on iPhone. It seems they are working all right on computers. I tested your live preview on iPhone, and I found out that they are freezing the same way. This is the URL I tested.http://smarty.drupalet.com/portfolio-grid-v2

Any way to fix it?

I need to know when you going to give me an update because my client has been asking me when. Please don’t make us wait for another week.


Would you mention something about an update matter please? We are waiting and checking your reply everyday so.


It’s been about 2 weeks already since my question. I found out that the forums of drupalet is broken link which is this. http://support.drupalet.com I’m afraid to hear that you have quit your business without telling us so. Please reply something. Thanks.

i want this template html ?

Ok thanks… If i can buy wordpress, there is html ?

bacause drupal and wordpress portfolio another…

I do not own the WP version: D

Hello I update to drupal 8.4.2 and nothins is working.. please help

Give me a screenshot of the problem you are having.

My email: drupalet022[@]gmail.com


I have updated the core and the additional modules and as a consequence, the buttons to close the window and navigate between projects in the portofilo section have stopped working

the template does not work with the core update, return my money!

Hi, I purchased this template few days back. There are many issues like responsiveness, not work with Arabic language i.e. menu are not shifted if default style is choosen. I want a refund. Could you please help me with the return, I would be thankful. Thanks & Regards

Please let me know your problem. A screenshot, or your website. I will solve for you. Some language packs are not 100% supported, but must be edited in the theme. Or, problems arise when installing.


Hi Drupalet!

I bought your theme cause i like it very much, but had a question regarding core updates.

I tried updating the Drupal Core to version 8.6, but this results in all kinds of strange behavior, like the main menu showing up twice (the multi page and single page menu), the background images not being shown correct (not updated scales the images to the whole screen (4k resolution) but after updating it does not gets bigger than 1920 * 1080), the diagonal overlay is not stretrching over the whole screen and so on.

Is there any way I could get your help, updated files or directions how to get it to work without losing the update function?

Hope to hear from you!

I sent you an email, please check your email.


Hi there! Is there any solution how to fix the poblem of Portfolio pop-up navigation buttons wich are not working after Drupal Core Update?

Can you give me a screenshot? My email: drupalet022[@]gmail.com


Unfortunately, you are not answering to my quastions by email. I sent you meny emails.

Hello, multipage demo does not work?


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