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Hello, i have question. In this link: http://deroiy.at/galerie, is a white space, when i use Filter and there is minimal “albums”. Is able to repair?

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Nice work. Any way to make the popup photos bigger in size?

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Can I remove the bars from the photos on the home page?

Ok, those can be removed, I believe you are talking about the diagonal lines appearing on slider

ok, so i’m the next person who thought that is a wordpress theme.. How to install this html theme ?

HTML version can not be installed. Please purchase WordPress version from below link


is this template able to be adapted to asp.net method?

It’s a html Template and you can make it any language


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Hi! How do I remove the sloping streaks from backround images?


class “bg-pattern” is responsible for the background stripes and for that it uses image “images/bg_pattern.png”.

You have several ways how to remove them:
- remove class “bg-pattern” from selected html pages (if you want to remove the stripes only on some pages)
- remove class “bg-pattern” from styles/main.css (if you want to remove the stripes globally)
- delete image “images/bg_pattern.png” (not recommended, internet browser would have to deal with not existing resource)

Hello, is that possible to replace those photos in portfolio into videos? Maybe using embeded link from youtube? I want to use this website template for film maker and photography portfolio

sure you can have video posts, there are several post types ready to use – check http://event-theme.com/themes/smarty-html/template/blog_grid_v1.html the first post is just image, second is youtube video, thrid is gallery, fourth is audio, fifth is text over image and sixth is image as link.

I would just recommed to use max 10 videos per page, because loading videos from youtube is heavy on performance