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is the preview page included? (the one with index over all templates)

preview page is only for preview, you will get all websites in different folders like, business-1 & business-2 etc, thanks

yeah its also included in main file. thanks

Very Nice Design, GLWS ;)

thanks :)

Clean and Cool. :)

Thanks :)

Nice and Clean job, GLWS ;)

thanks :)

Great template, will probably purchase. Is there any option to make the header menu sticky. Is this phonegap ready? Thanks GLWS

thanks for liking, yup can make header menu sticky please see typography html, for phnoegap i used jquery mobile which support it. please demo must . thanks

Very neat and clean. Well done!

thank u so much :)

how do I change the twitter feed?

hi please see help file, thanks

Please follow this.


After generating “Token”, update this line at the end of each html page. by adding your “operator” & “Token”.

$(".tweets").liveTweets({operator: "#google", liveTweetsToken: "815fc7WqduR9I20NR8HsLxvHZIogp3wt62O7tp9Zf40"});


Great looking designs…

Is it easy to change the colours of the header bar and navigation menus?


Thanks for liking.

yeah you can change header n navigation menus colors easily.


Hi , i´m your costumer , and i want to change the background-color of the left toolbar in css . How? THANKS ==================================================—> <!- Social Icons Starts ->

Hello, yes you can change

suppose you are talking about “Business-1” template. Plesae open index.html

Line #137
<!-- Left Panel Starts
                ================================================== -->
            <div data-role="panel" id="left-panel" data-theme="b">

here see "data-theme="b"", this set background color.
now please open "css\themes\default\jquery.mobile.structure-1.3.2.min" 

Line # 164, here you can change color.
<pre>.ui-body-b, .ui-overlay-b {</pre>



possible wordpress version coming?

hello, developer is busy with some other item, will take couple of weeks, thanks

Looks great. Wordpress version pleeease!

Version 2 [23 January 14]

  • Added New Themes (New-1, New-2, New-3, New-4 & New-5)
  • Added LayerSlider Responsive jQuery Slider Plugin

Having trouble finding the html file containing the templates with the 9 icon grid. Either for the Fashion or Music.

please see new-3 & new-4 thanks, demo index.html file will help too thanks

after i add to home screen, when i open the app it still takes me to safari to view the pages it should load inside the app like others please help

i need to load the web in the full screen functionality and prevent open pages in safari

I’m having trouble with the Photography theme. I’d like to have each superzise image pointing to a different URL. I changed links the js, but it stills points to home. What should I do?


please open this page “Photography/index.html”.

Delete “line # 14” to “line # 20”

Add following line
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.6.1/jquery.min.js"></script>


Thank you very much :)

How hard would it be to wrap your html5 version to a native ios7 or android application? Just wondering?


I used this framework http://jquerymobile.com/


Having terrible problems with this. The documentation is almost zero to be honest. Even a simple thing like someone asked above how to change the colour in the head bar on the index page so I can pop an image in there on a white background instead of the grey. There is no line 164 in this ccs code, why on earth is not documented or just a simple colour html change? This advice you gave to someone: here see “data-theme=”b””, this set background color. now please open “css\themes\default\jquery.mobile.structure-1.3.2.min” This file is an endless piece of code that means nothing to me. I cannot see how you alter the menu top header to white. Perhaps you can avise exactly the process please.


yes i sure about following css file having “min”



please confirm you have latest download, coz i updated version on 23 January 14.

to edit “data-theme=”f””, please open “Business-1/css/stylesheet.css”

Line # 61 
 /*  New Theme Added - Starts */

.ui-bar-f { here you can change color for top strip under logo}

Line # 181 
/*  New Theme Added - Ends */

letme know it it works for you.


lol ok thanks :) Before you said go to the jquery file, now this stylesheet, know wonder I was stuck! :)

your welcome :)

great theme, does it works with phonegap?

thanks for liking, i used jQuery mobile framework, http://jquerymobile.com/


thanks for the quick respond, I assume that means it is compatible with phonegap. arethe file php or html? please advise.

your welcome, yes all files are of html, i can send you test files drop me a mail, thanks

Hello, where can I find extended license pricing?

By the way, does the templates support json data input?



Hi extended license is not available,

i used jquery mobile framework.


Oh, so I can only use it for a single end product if I buy it? Thanks

yeah :) welcome, please drop me a mail for more info thanks :)