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Hi! Can I use he “wp_enqueue_script()” to create my child theme? Thank you


You have available in the downloaded package the child theme so you just have to upload that one. It’s not necessary to use the wp_enqueue_script for creating the child theme, but you can use it to enqueue extra scripts/styles that you need, sure.


Hey guys I need assistance ASAP. I just purchased this theme for a site I need to have up and running by Saturday. I have uploaded it three times through Wordpress and twice via FTP and all ways make my entire site crash. Please help!


Please send me by email a temporary admin login and your FTP details, i’ll take a look first thing in the morning.

Send it to cristian.gogoneata [at] gmail.com


sorry all it was interacting with another plugin – all is fine now :)

Great then, which plugin was it?



GalloTM Purchased

Good afternoon friend really like your theme! :)

but tell me something because not updated this:

WooCommerce 2.1.x ,

a version of it is already in 2.6.4 , this leaves a margin of great vulnerability that we must mitigate always have a prediction for this update ?

And congratulations on the theme!


Thanks for your comment. I’ll release an update for this until the end of the week.

Thank you

Hi, i would like to know how can “edit” in taxonomy product page, the string “Our clients love shopping with us” i’m searching but nothing. I see in the code ”$page_title_short_desc = rwmb_meta(‘gg_page_title_short_desc’,’’,$post_id);”, but i can’t find how to edit


You can modify that message from the Shop page -> Page header options. That message appears on the Shop page and category pages, their connected. So, if you change it in the Shop page it’ll be changed in the category pages as well.



I am trying to add carousel in tabs using STM post. On load first tab display properly but if you click on another tab, it doesn’t show properly and also getting error in console on resize that “Cannot read property ‘_onResize’ of null(…)” in owl.carousel.min.js file.

Please see below link: http://marcusgrahamproject.org/mg-rebuild/our-people/

Hello again, we have one error in Google Data Testing

The breadcrumb has an error:

<li typeof=”v:Breadcrumb”>

<a rel=”v:url” property=”v:title” href=”http://dev.viajarporescocia.com/”>

<i class=”icon_house”></i>



The google structured data needs one title, you have the tag but not a content, only <li></li>

We view the “smarty_breadcrumbs” function in the code, but we can’t overwrite because he hasn’t the “if funtion exist”.

Can you fix the Structured Data tag in the breadcrumb? And, can you set if function exist in the function themes to overwrite the functions in child themes?

Hi there! Any update about this issue?


I’m releasing an update tomorrow that will contain the function_exist feature. I’ll let you know once it’s available.