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Lovely! Hope this gets the attention it deserves :)

Good job Danny! :)

Hey thanks Nik!!!

OOOHH Author Team! hehe looks really cool! :D

nice template gud luck :)

Thank you :) Been working on this for a while lol

Cheers, Danny

Awesome work! GLWS! ;)

Great work done. Congrats and GLWS :)

Loving this template. Quick question… when viewing on mobile (and when resizing desktop to mobile size) the text goes from uppercase to lowercase. Is it possible to leave it as uppercase? I can’t find where to change it in the style.css file.

(header .intro-text .intro-lead-in already has uppercase set)

Oh, and your support forum says “Oops! That page can’t be found”

Many thanks,


Oops. I realised I could also just press Caps Lock before entering text. I feel kinda silly now.

Hi there

Im SO pleased you like it! and i want to say thank you for the 5stars too!

There is some css for uppercase stuff in some places, so if you need a little css im always happy to help

Sincerely, Danny

nice template, I would like to know if after the purchase will be possible to add a small text type the name of the site in pre home where there are five animated rectangles (.sgv)

Hi Danny, I have display problems with chrome, firefox and opera you can see at this link http://www.studiodentisticobertoli.it/smash-regular-header and images with errors circled in red at these links http://www.studiodentisticobertoli.it/errori-con-chrome.png http://www.studiodentisticobertoli.it/errori-con-firefox.png Thanks in advance
your link on themeforest “Support for Smash – Responsive Bold Multipage/Onepage Template” doesn’t works: http://www.distinctivethemes.com/forum/?envato_item_id=9741965 the responce is: Nope, Not Here. Oh Bummer! We Lost It.

Hi there

Your server is not allowing the font file to load http://i.imgur.com/AWoge5N.png

So try editing assets/css/pe-icons.css and at the top of the file replace

@font-face {
    font-family: 'Pe-icon-7-stroke';
    src:url('../fonts/Pe-icon-7-stroke.eot?#iefix-9uki6c') format('embedded-opentype'),
        url('../fonts/Pe-icon-7-stroke.woff?-9uki6c') format('woff'),
        url('../fonts/Pe-icon-7-stroke.ttf?-9uki6c') format('truetype'),
        url('../fonts/Pe-icon-7-stroke.svg?-9uki6c#Pe-icon-7-stroke') format('svg');
    font-weight: normal;
    font-style: normal;


@font-face {
    font-family: 'Pe-icon-7-stroke';
    src:url('../fonts/Pe-icon-7-stroke.eot?#iefix') format('embedded-opentype'),
        url('../fonts/Pe-icon-7-stroke.woff') format('woff'),
        url('../fonts/Pe-icon-7-stroke.ttf') format('truetype'),
        url('../fonts/Pe-icon-7-stroke.svg') format('svg');
    font-weight: normal;
    font-style: normal;

For the support link – you will see the correct link on the main desciption area, right at the top :)

Cheers, Danny


Great theme, loving it so far! One issue im having is when the screen width is below 992px, and the Submit button for the form gets moved, it no longer works. I can hit submit while the width is greater than 992px without any issues. As soon as the button is moved to below the fields, it looses the functionality.

Is this something you have seen before?

Hi there

Ill admit its not been raised, but I want to help for sure! Do you have a URL i can look at or are you seeing this on the demo also?

Cheers, Danny


One quick question… Search is a requirement for my purpose. Can you help me set it up? I know html/css and some javascript, so you wouldn’t have to explain to much, just guide me in the right direction.

I am amazed at the level of quality of this design! I am buying it, I hope the code is clean, it looks like it is ;-) GLWS!

Hi, thank you for your reply. Well, I was asking about the search bar. Could you help me set it up (via php?) so that it returns the results of the search within the website. I know that usually search is meant for CSM themes such as Wordpress, but I was wondering if you could help me make the search bar work on this HTML template. That’s all :-)

Hi there

Actually the search function would be very hard to implement, as typically a search uses a database to pull the data

Ill look into any quick solutions for you, but I dont think its an easy task sadly

Cheers, Danny

Maybe a custom Google search on the page? Anyways, any quick solution would be of great help!

Thanks a lot,

Nice Template!!! Good work.

I am using smash-fixed-header template and having a trouble clicking dropdown-menu by smartphone. I think this problem is linking to following code at init.js.
    $('.navbar-collapse ul li a').click(function() {

When I remove this code , dropdown menu is seemed to work well, but design is broken a little on taking the finger off. Please tell me the best way to work it.

Best regards Yoji

Hi there

Let me take a closer look into this, ill be back with a solution!

Thanks so much for letting me know!

Cheers, Danny

Hi Danny, viewing the site with safari, the fonts are subtle and difficult to read, can You help me?

Hi there

Its likley an issue with the animation

Have you made any changes to the file init.js? I can provide a new file which should solve this but it will overwrite any changes

Cheers, Danny

Hi Danny, I have not changed the file init.js Also viewing the original template with safari characters are less clear and readable than other browser like firefox or chrome Ciao

Ok if its possible id like to look at this directly

Please email me via my profile – if its possible to provide some FTP details id like to try something

Its a bit complicated to do over the comments here as you can imagine lol

Cheers, Danny


How can we make the dropdown menus align with the parent menus? Right now they all go to the left. Can we make it centred please?


With a little CSS we can do this :) Do you have a URL i can look at so I can cook some up for you?

Cheers, Danny

Amazing theme, thank you so much… in the Teams sections, if there are only 2 team members, can that appear centered? At the moment they align left… thank you for a great theme once again.

Hey Danny… thanks so much, I do! can we private message this site is for a client… thanks!

Just fire over your URL via my profile page here and ill respond with the css

Cheers, Danny

Hi there

Ok so just copy and paste this in to the bottom of your style.css file

#team .row {
    text-align: center;

#team .row .col-md-3 {
  float: none;
  display: inline-block;

That will center the items for you :)

Cheers, Danny


Great work! However, if we have a question or two, we should not ask it on this forum, we should keep it clean… But I tried to register to your support platform and I keep getting an error… Try it yourself:


My question is: the numbers and testimonials parallax sections have a bug. Without changing you template at all, I get a grey strip over the parallax background image. I wish I could send you a screen capture. Please help, thank you!

Hi there

Iv just registered without an issue, but its ok you can email me from my profile here and ill be happy to help :)

Cheers, Danny

Hi Danny,

I did post a question on the WP version of this but bought the Html version which I really like, I haven’t used it yet because I noticed (and I do see it was asked further up as well), the submit on the contact form stops working when you resize the screen to below 992px – this does this on the demo here too, is this something that can be addressed easily? Apart from that, it is a nice theme.



Do you provide or is there CMS for this template? Thanks!

Hi there

Im afraid not – its just a HTML template – there is however a WordPress version available http://themeforest.net/item/smash-responsive-bold-multipageonepage-theme/9928615

Thanks, Danny

Hi, I think your demo link is down…

You certainly did! I think it must have been down for month too :(

Anyway, im glad you like my work :D

That sucks, it is a great template, you missed out on sales… GLWS now :-)

That sucks, so many missed sales… This is a great template! GLWS now :-)

Hello, I would need to create a pop up to the site done with your template, I want to know if you can sell a little advice on how to use your html / javascript / css code to activate the pop up, I see that everything is already there on the template but I have no knowledge of code enough to finish it myself.


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