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This theme under major updates to date trend and fixing all the bugs raised by users, we will update this theme within 2-3 days.

Please use proper version numbers for your releases!

This latest version (released in early June 2014) is labeled as version 2.0. But earlier releases are also labeled as version 2.0 including one that, according to its style.css, was released on 21st February 2012!

Please user minor version numbers e.g. 2.1 or 2.0.1. It is difficult to determine which version of this theme is currently installed on my website because they are all v2.0!

Yes you are right, but here we changed lots of changes to the theme and we are keeping it as version 2.0 which is more know version for most of the issue fixed.

From now onwards the version numbers as you mentioned will be followed.


What size do the featured images need to be on the home page slider (carousel-slider) in the new updated template? I am currently using 600×250px and they are expanding beyond that size.

Thanks, Craig

maintain the image size 520 width, then re upload.

Sorry, the width is already 520. What do I do with the height?

Sorry, the width is already 520. What do I do with the height?

hi, does this theme come with layered photoshop files of the home page?

sorry, you wont need it as we designed the theme using complete CSS.


In the GreenBusiness Portfolio Widget, is there a way to hide/exclude the Portfolio categories when Enabling the Post Title? I want the Post Title to appear, but not the categories.

Thanks, Casbuffs1

You want an option to hide the portfolio categories under the post title right?

We will add an option to hide them in Portfolio widget, is it ok?

We will do it within 2-3 days.

Yes. Thank You. How will I update my template?

Re down load theme from themeforest and replace it with older one.

I will let you know once its updated.


What is the assigned pixel width of the BX Slider (as used in “Home -2” page)? I am using featured image files that are approximately 1650 to 1700px. I want to optimize the portion that appears on the page.

Thanks, Craig

1920×600 is enough.

Let me see your slider how it looks so that I can suggest you more.

What screen resolution you have on your pc?

I think I have it figured out. I will send link via email.

ok fine.

Hello Kayapati,

I need a theme with online shop integrated. I like this design a lot. Does this theme contains online shop also? I mean in the demo there’s a shop button. But can you give me the shop features and also the snapshot of admin management area for products. I just want to be sure that I will get all feature to create this site as well as online shop with it.

Waiting for your reply.


This theme fully support WooCommerce, so you can do with this theme what ever you can do with WooCommerce plugin.

thanks.. :)


Updated documentation

Please ignore the old comments which are related to Older niche theme.

When WooCommerce will be updated to the latest available version? I would like to know before buying this theme. Thanks for listening. Congrats!

I fully support latest WooCommerce plugin.

I’ve got the theme “smell” to set on my web-site but “one click demo menu” doesn’t work. I’ve tried many times with watching the videos you provide but there is no change. It just has stopped, even I press the button several times. Could you please let me know the solution?

Please email us the wp admin access to check it out.

Hello do you know why the scroll up button changed like this? http://cl.ly/1E0x0m020z15

The latest!

Sorry again, can you tell me the chrome version you see the issue.

Version 50.0.2661.102


I’ve just installed your template and I was wondering If with the portfolio widget I can display the category description of each one. I am using the portfolio view for different brands, and each one has to display their description. So is there any posibility to show this? Thank!

It would be more helpful if you can give us any image draft, or more details with images?

I have in one page a SMELL-PORTFOLIO WIDGET, in order to show different types of meals. It shows the typical portfolio filter tab, so while I am selecting a category, the images are filtered.

My question is if you can display the description of each category just next to their own pictures.

Heres is a screenshot of what i want, if this is posible, because with the widget I only can hide the name, the link, or the image of each item.



I am considering to use your theme. Do I need any paid-plugin to make this theme work on my site ?

No, there is no paid plugin. You can make your website like my demo easily without any paid plugins.

Thank you for your reply

Thank you for showing interest buying our theme.

Hello again, Can you please tell me how to fix this? https://cl.ly/213Y2R1b1L1L

Just updated successfully but the problem insists! What else should I try?

Ok I solved it manually by editing the css. Here’s what I did in case this happens again: http://pastebin.com/GZz1KDub

Thank you, I updated it in my backup.

Hello, do you have any idea how can I disable the sticky header for specific pages?

sorry, you do not have an option for specific pages but for entire site.

Hi, Is there any shortcode doc for the testimonial widget?

There is no shortcodes in this theme, all are widgets.