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Hi, how can I replace the shadow1.jpg img in the html code because at the moment this file is missing. Can you tell me how the html line has to look like that this workes fine (I already uploaded the img to Mailchimp).

Thanks for you’re help. Btina

Hi Btina, Thanks for purchased my work! Btina, I am little bit confused about your issue. Please let me know in details so that I can help you. I am always ready to help you.

You can also email me directly at emailpaint@gmail.com or can add me on skype to discuss at “emailpaint”.

Looking to hear back from you.


Does this product include Mailchimp Templates including Block definitions etc.?

And also if you need any help regarding Mailchimp please feel free to contact with me.

are the templates fully responsive also when you use them within Mailchimp?

The template is responsive where ever you use. But you can not get this on Mailchimp Mobile editor. Mailchimp Mobile editor do not support this.



First of all, your newsletter template works great when using it with Mail chimp, but I’d like to know if there is a trick or something to make this work perfectly (as it does in mailchimp) when send it from a program like Apple Mail. I tried using it by itself without mailchimp, everything looks good but on iphone it gets distorted.

I mean exactly the same code Im using in mail chimp; it’s the code Im using on apple mail, but does not seem to be working fine in apple mail.

Just to make sure it was not my code, I just your original code and created a HTML apple mail email and it does not work either.

So, is there any trick to make it work the same as on mailchimp if using it by itself?

Again, it only gets distorted when seeing it on iphone. Mac computer and iPad is working great.

This is my newsletter I created with your template. http://www.thesignsguy.com/newsletter/09-25-13/

I hope there is a trick for it because I dont want to use MailChimp, but I want to be able to have a nice working newsletter on most common devices.

Or maybe just disable the responsive mode on iphone or small screens would be good.

Thanks!!! :)

I just removed the responsive code, and now it works as desired. Since I dont want to use mail chimp, i prefer to have it working in a non-responsive version. Excellent product!! thanks!!

Hi TheSignsGuy,

Happy to know that it’s working great for you now and your template is really looking very nice.

I will be happy to assist you if needed any further help.

Many Thanks


Hi, can i edit this template using mailchimp toolkit? or it requires only html expert to edit it?

Hi amaheer,

Yes, You can edit the template via Mailchimp editor.



I would be very interested in acquiring this mail template but has no comments observe that for over 6 months ago and I worry that is not compatible with the latest update to Mailchimp.

I wonder if when importing the html code of your MailChimp template will allow me to add / modify both sections of its workforce as adding elements of MailChimp own.

Thank You


If you still need any support then please contact by support page directly.

Sorry the support was disabled for last few months.


Bad Support. The author doesn´t reply. The theme is not good either. Bad option

Hello, yesterday I send an email to for support but I cannot see it here? I purchased your template and did everything you ask in your manual, but the newsletter is still with broken corners: have a look http://eepurl.com/bF79wv

And when I send it, the iphone version aint right? Is this a responsive issue? And how can I use the LINK right, without the line in it..?

Thank you…

Hello, is there an support????

Trying to look at your templates and the demo is bringing up 404 errors. Please fix!

where is my support ? I bought the item but, filed a support request but no answer ….

How do i upload this template to mailchimp? it doesn’t work

is it possible to use them with the feed rss template in mailchimp?