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Very nice design.

What about add support to all standard jquery-ui (css) components?


I can do this but I won’t be able to start on it right away.

Thanks, Mike

it would be nice if you do so :-) Your design with jquery-ui was really smooooth :)

I just bought your template…I must say very elegant template.

I have few queries :

1. I was curious to know if there is any option of dividing the content area into 2 or 3 vertical sections. I have lots of labels and textboxes, so need to divide the screen into 3 vertical sections.

2. I am using DataTable JQuery Plugin. When I have a wide table my screen used to scroll. But now it has stopped scrolling. How can i get that scrolling back?

3. I read in the post above about AutoComplete of JQuery UI. I am also using AutoComplete. When it pops up it has transparent background and values are in blue, it is not readable and values overlap controls below it. How can I change the background to be white?

Thanks, Bhoomi.

Thanks Mike..

Yes indeed overflow was missing..I got my scroll bars back!

In Autocomplete it was my mistake I forgot to include JQueryUI.Custom.css.

I was curious to know the role of TinyMCE in the template. Its size is quite big it’s 14.2 MB. Can I avoid using it? What all functionalities i lose if i do not use it..

Thanks, Bhoomi.

Yes you do not have to use tinymce. The only funtionality you will lose is the rich text editing for the textarea.

Thanks Mike..:-)

Really enjoying working with your template. Couple of quick questions:

1. What’s the correct way to create a page level heading? I’ve tried using h1 by itself and in a box / title, but it doesn’t look so good. I like adding all the boxes to the page, but would like to have a top level heading above all these? What’s the best way to go about achieving this?

2. I’d like to have several lines of example text in a text area that disappears when the user clicks on it. Rather like the Auto Complete example you have but for a textarea. What’s the best way to go about doing this?

Many Thanks soitgoes

1. You can find the following line in style.css and change it to the following:

#content div.box div.title h5


#content div.box div.title h1,
#content div.box div.title h2,
#content div.box div.title h3,
#content div.box div.title h4,
#content div.box div.title h5,
#content div.box div.title h6

2. There is currently a update waiting to be approved that will provide the same focus effect for textareas by using the class “focus” on the textarea. Download the files again from themeforest in about a day.

Notice: I could not get the focus effect to work on textarea’s that use the tincymce editor. I am still looking into what is causing this.

That’s great. I’ll look out for the new files.

Thanks soitgoes

Shouldn’t the browser remember the color selection of the user? I am struggling with the colors as the color returns to default on every page change.

Thanks, Freddy

I didn’t code this feature into the javascript for the color selection. The color selection javascript was mainly just for preview. When I get some time I will look into making it remember based on cookies.

Anything new about the jquery-ui components?

nothing as of yet, It is actually a holiday weekend here so I wont be getting started on it until probably wednesday.

Hello csa.

Can you tell what jquery-ui components you would like styled for the theme?

I just bought your template…It is very elegant and developer friendly template. But I have a weird issue with the Arabic Characters Display in Firefox. the characters are separated from each other.

check the shot :


Which version of firefox are you using?

It is fixed and the reason behind that was the default font you used in the template ‘Lucida Grande’ please update your template with a font like Arial or Tahoma or give the option to the user to choose the default font. Regards

You do have the option to change the fonts. You just simply open the style.css file and change the font in the body { } section.

How am I not allowing people to change the fonts?

Hello Mike343,

I wonder how I display the error message in the login page

Thank you.

Hello viniciuscainelli

Have you purchased smooth admin?

Thanks, Mike

Okay, now what?

ok, if you can please contact me via email or the themeforest contact page and I will send you some updated files via email so you can display messages on the login form :)

I have tried sending you the updated files but your email server/ provider keeps rejecting the email and bouncing it back.

Hi Mike

Just started to use the template and really like it.

I have a quick question. What would be the best way to display login/password errors on the login template?

I don’t think I can use the error styles that are setup for the main template.

Basically I need to be able to display an error message if a login/password match fails… ther error would be like the one setup for message-error div.



Can you email me please and I will send you some updated files :)


Is there a way I can turn off the red squiggly lines under misspelled words in the form input fields?

Thanks soitgoes

This seems to be some addon you have installed for your web browser because I am not using any addon myself or code to underline misspelled words

Okay, no problem Mike



How do I get a input field followed directly by a fancy blue button? In other words I want the input field and button on the same line rather than have the button underneath as in the examples?

Contact me by email and I will send you some updated files.

The files worked perfectly. Thanks!

Hi Mike

Any thoughts on how I can get the tabindex to be respected for select, checkbox and radio buttons?

The issues is this.

If there are a multiple fields in a form, the user normally clicks tab to move to next. But if you have a selectbox/checkbox/radio buttion, then the tabbing simply skips these widgets.

I’ve tried putting in a tab index, but that doesn’t seem to work.

Any help would be appreciated.



Helli, indiver

Thats odd as tabbing does work for me and the only element it seems to have problems with is the textarea and that is because if tinymce.

What browser are you using? I just tested in the major browers myself and had no problems except for the textarea with tinymce which can be disabled.

Thanks, Mike

hi the template is great.

tinymce works fine on both IE and Firefox except Chrome. I use Chrome and I got the following error “Uncaught ReferenceError: tinymce is not defined”

any ideas thanks

Hello drunkpanda.

To fix this issue for chrome you can add the line below to the head section of your page above the following line:

<script type="text/javascript" src="resources/scripts/

Line to add above:

<script type="text/javascript" src="resources/scripts/

Thanks, Mike

thanks that does fix the problem.


Fantastic theme, thanks!

Noticed a few requests for JQuery UI components and wanted to add my vote for this. Any chance you could add the required CSS , etc for UI Dialogs to fit in with your design?




I have added the styling in for the jquery ui dialogs. The update should be approved within a day. You can see them in action by going to the theme preview.


Absolutely spot on, thanks Mike, look forward to getting the update.


You should be good to go with downloading the update.


Demo was working properly yesterday, today it gives me a jQuery error. Too bad I can’t view and test is some more. Can you please fix the demo?

Looked great btw yesterday, big chance I will buy this template to use for my own customer/invoice back-end :)

- PENDO .nl

Hello Joshua,

I can’t reproduce the errors you where having?

Maybe it is themeforest’s overlay. You can try viewing the demo directly here and see if this helps.


Thanks, Mike

Hi, I´m tryinh to use tha tabs but it´s workinb bad for me. Can you see this? http://www.velasco.inf.br/efinance/index2.php Try to click on the Menu “Clientes” and click on the tabs

Can you tell me what is it? How can i resolve this?

Thanks in advanced


After looking over your source code, It appears you have commented out the javascript to make the tabs function correctly.

anywhere you see

 means you have commented that code out.



jquery slider does not work, CSS is missing, I’ll be glad you solved the problem, thank you

Having some problems in IE 8 using the index-no-column.html.

Viewing from a linux host Search, Apply to Selected, & Submit Empathized buttons look normal but viewing from a windows host the buttons are bigger and the spacing is off. Viewing the file in IE from my local drive or a mapped drive on the windows host the file looks normal. The top dark blue section is also about 1/4” lower than on the linux host & network drive. Any ideas? I’ve already checked permissions.

When attempting to remove the sales graph the buttons lose their CSS formatting and all of the dialog box text shows at the top of the page.

Make sure IE8 is not in compatibility mode and also this is a issue with the jquery ui framework.