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ok, read the directions again and saw the steps for removing the graph. Now I’m having a problem with getting the form dialogs to actually submit. I get a javascript error ‘allFields’ is undefined on line 71 of smooth.dialog.js when I close or submit the Open Form Dialog. Same thing happens on the netcoders demo site.

Which web browser are you using and having these problems with?

I purchase smooth admin theme, it’s a really very good work, i have question I want To ask, how can support direction to be (RTL) I mean languages support , for example Arabic Languages from the right to left , if you can help me in that and if can give steps to Do this and files needed to updated to support, because in the documentation Not mention direction support .

Hi Mike,

Congratulations, great job! Question: how to fix the color chosen by the user. When the change of page, return the default color (blue)!

I look forward to his return, thanks.

Hello Mike, how to fix the color chosen by the user?


the javascript I wrote to change the color was just for demo purposes and will not remember the color between requests.

To change the colors yourself all you have to do is find this line in the head section of the page and change blue.css to either brown, green, red, etc.

<link href="resources/css/colors/blue.css" rel="stylesheet" id="color" type="text/css" />

Best Regards, Mike

Hi Mike343,

First off, I’d like to say thank you very much for your great work.

I have two rather minor issues, that I would like to kindly ask you to help me fix them:

1. Is there a way to make the height of left and right identical? Currently the height of left column is greater. Please note that I am using the fixed width option.

2. I am having a problem with message boxes. When the message box is too long than the close button appears at the bottom right corner of the box.

Plarform: Window 7 Browser: IE 9 , FF 3.6, Chrome 7



Hi UncleZen,

1. if you open up your style.css file and find this block: ”#content” you should just be able to remove “min-height: 100%;” to get the effect you want.

2. If you send me an email which is located in the readme / documentation I will send you updated source files which will fix this for the fixed width versions.

Hi, thanks for the awesome work!

I was wondering if there was any way to have a really long styled selectbox, it seems once the list of items in it gets to long, there ain’t any scrollbar so the list just keeps going down while it stretches the page overall height.

Thanks !

Hey Mike343,

An answer on my question posted on 11/14/2010 would be highly appreciated.



Love the template. Are there any jquery tool tips included?

Hi mbj470,

Jquery tool tips is not something I included with this theme.

Thanks, Mike

Is there any way to have the same error styling when using a form inside a dialog ?

Would it be possible for you to try all possible input types inside dialogs and make sure they all work 100%. The styled select won’t work, inputs won’t change their border color when focused, when adding .error to the input only the input itself changes color, not the div around.

Thank you.


If you send me an email I will send you some updated source files that fix most of these issues for you. Do note though it has been solved with css3 so it will only actually work correctly in firefox, opera, safari, chrome and ie9.

As for the select not working in the dialog it seems this is something to do with jquery select code itself. I can get the select so show up correctly in the dialog but when I try and expand the list nothing happens so this will take a little more time to solve if there is even a solution. Worst case is you could disable select styling for dialogs.

Thanks, Mike


I bought Smooth Admin template and so far I like it. Great job. I just have one concern related to forms.

Is there a way to style input elements in such way that they’re relative to the container. In my case I’m using grid css to layout the right content container and specifically have 3 columns. My input controls do not render as I expected.

Do you have a quick fix for this?

Best, Blerim


If you are using another external css framework I am sorry but I do not have a fix for that as that is not using my css classes for the layout.

Thanks, Mike

When you close the modal dialog form on the demo site, it gives this javascript error…

Line: 71 Error: ‘allFields’ is undefined

Using IE8 .

Hi mbj470,

I seemed to have left some old javascript code in the smooth.dialog.js file which is baiscally just for demo purposes.

If you open the smooth.dialog.js file and scroll down to line 70 and remove this code it should take care of that error.

Code to Remove:

close: function () {

Final Result:

    autoOpen: false,
    height: 300,
    width: 350,
    modal: true,
    buttons: {
        'Create an account': function () {
        Cancel: function () {

Perfect! I was going to do that, but wasn’t sure if would screw something else up. Love this template (fits my app perfectly) and your quick responses to issues.


What’s the code to actually get the button to submit on the Modal Dialog form? Using ASP .Net.

hello Mike, i buy your theme (sorry for my bad english).

i have one question for you. in left menu, i need ‘submenus’ in ‘submenus’, i need another levels, you know ?

how i do this ?


Hi rafaeltds,

Can you please email so I can send you some updated code so this works for you. I also have added an example in the code so you can see how it is done.

Thanks, Mike

Hello mike, my email rafaeltds at gmail. ok ? i’m wait for your example.

thanks my friend!


I enjoy your template very much. It’s very appealing. However, I am running into trouble customizing the color of the menu and menu tabs. From what I can tell in the CSS there is an image named quick_1.png that seems to make up the background of the tabs, but when I change the color of that image it only changes the left side of each tab. You can see here:


Also, how do I change the color of the tiny little round corners and the “home” icon area? Are there PSD ’s for the corners and the sprite images that make up the home icon area?


I don’t see the problem you are having, It look as if you have solved it yourself?

Yes, I solved it. Thanks

Also, in the PSD there is a pure GREY color scheme but there is no grey in the CSS folder or images folder. Only greyish-blue. Do you have the pure grey files?


I don’t have the files for a pure grey theme, The grey color scheme was never intended to be incorportated into the theme.

Bummer…it’s a nice look.

Thanks for the great theme ! I wanted to know if there was a technical reason why the jquery-ui styles were merged in the main css instead of being in a separate file. I was curious as I try to keep my libraries as intact as possible so I can update them. The useful feature of jqueryui css file is the link in the top comment that redirect you to the custom template builder from their website with pre-filled settings.

Thanks !

There is no specific reason why they are merged except for the simple fact of cutting down additional css files. You should be able to split them if you wanted without any problems.

Is there a way to change the slide effect on the menu to slide RIGHT instead of LEFT when the menu dropdowns are displayed???


Yes there is and actually both ways are included, You just have to look at the individual style sheets for the start of:

/* ----------- header -> quick ----------- */


Hello Mike! First, thank you for great job! But I received some comment about top menu from my user. For Example:
“I cant go into “missing parts(one of menu option after +)” because this button goes to fast away.”
I have the same problem – going by this ’+’ must be very precise to click – this should be more pratcical”
Are there any simple way to make menu usability better? I mean, some delay(0,5 for example) when cursor goes away from menu.

Hello Mike,

First, congrats for the great job.

Man, could you tell me if I can change the current version of the library to most current version without causing problems for my app ? I would like to work with the latest version of the jqueryui lib.

Thanks for advance,