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I hello i am having an issue with the Video on the page i can see it but it play when i click. Any Ideas?

Thank You in Advance


Your video embed URL starts with ”//www” – adding the http: to have

<iframe src="http://www...">
makes the video work. Can you confirm that?

Fixed thank you for the great Customer Service! I will Rate right now.

Glad i could help – thanks in advance for the rating :-)

Good morning, I’m trying to install this wordpress theme but throws this error: The package Could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Can you help? thanks


This is because SmoothSailing is not a WordPress theme but just an HTML template.

WordPress on ThemeForest are usually priced $35 or more. They are listed in the WordPress section –

I am sorry if you got confused – I cannot issue a refund myself but you can try contact Envato support.

Hi Simon… loved and bought your template in a snap.

Since it is using bootstrap 3 I am trying to use Dropdown buttons without success in the Hero section. I tried also to add a dropdown js but without success… (link only for reference

can you help me? Enrico

Hi Enrico,

I just downloaded the last version of SmoothSailing and tried to add a dropdown button with straight copy and paste code from bootstrap documentation.

Here is the code (i have just added the btn-secondary class to the button to make it fit with the design):

<div class="dropdown">
  <a class="btn btn-large btn-secondary" data-toggle="dropdown" href="#">Dropdown trigger</a>
  <ul class="dropdown-menu" role="menu">
    <li><a role="menuitem" tabindex="-1" href="">Action</a></li>
    <li><a role="menuitem" tabindex="-1" href="">Another action</a></li>
    <li><a role="menuitem" tabindex="-1" href="">Something else here</a></li>
    <li class="divider" />
    <li><a role="menuitem" tabindex="-1" href="">Separated link</a></li>

It works perfectly.

Are you sure you have the HTML markup setup correctly? It looks like in your code the “li” items don’t have a link anchor tag “a”, and therefore appear white on white bg, with no linking action.

I could help you further if you open a ticket on the support forum.



Hi guys!

I will be on a bushwalking expedition during the next 4 days – no internet connexion, no phone reception.. Don’t expect any support during these days, but i promise i’ll respond to your questions as soon as i am back in civilisation!


Hey—great theme! Just one HUGE question…

What’s the trick in getting the tweets to display? Right out of the ZIP the current code doesn’t work. I have also tried Twitter Apps I have made and still doesn’t work. I have changed the line in /js/custom.js from “envato” to the name of my own domains/apps as well as adjusted the Twitter Keys in /assets/twitter/index.php accordingly. It appears to simply not work.

I’m thrilled with the theme otherwise! =]

Thanks for looking into it. What version of PHP are you running on your server?

NVM….my box WAS running PHP 4.0 (really?!?). I upgraded to PHP 5.4 and it’s working now.

Thanks for your help and patience!

ah, yep, 4.0 is a bit outdated :-) – glad you got it working!

Hello Simon and congratulations for the theme, I really like it! But I’ve to ask a thing: I need to add a checkbox to the contact form (for the privacy stuff that’s mandatory to have here in Italy in contact forms) and make mandatory to tick it to send the message, how could I do it? I’ve already added the checkbox to the page, but I don’t know what to add/edit to the contact.php file (or another file) to “make” it mandatory to send the message.

Thanks in advance :)

After testing, it appears you don’t even need to touch the php files – the following HTML

<input type="checkbox" required="required" value=""> Your checkbox description
works fine. It will prevent the submit logic to happen until the checkbox is ticked.

Let me know if that works for you.

Dear Simon, thanks for the quick answer and help, the solution you suggested works perfectly, thanks again!

Great, glad i could help. Enjoy the template!


I would like to know how can i integrate the “Sign up to our newsletter to stay in the loop! ” to my wordpress theme I’m using mailchimp.

Best my email


thanks for the purchase.

Not sure what you mean with “integrating the signup to the newsletter to your WordPress Theme”.. You can integrate it with MailChimp by creating a signup form in mailchimp and wiring the SmoothSailing to this form, but i am not sure how you want to integrate it in WordPress?

Hi Simon,

I have been trying very hard to get the dropdown action to work correctly. I have tried both the way you mentioned earlier and going through another bootstrap tutorial… however, when I add the code, I get the same result. The dropdown menu is always visible and makes the entire navbar expand to fit it. Its looks really funky and doesn’t work correctly.

Do you have a link to your site in development, so i can take a look?

Hi there! I purchased this amazing template and had a couple of (hopefully) easy questions:

1 – How do I embed a Vimeo video? I’ve tried several times by pasting the entire (full) URL but it does not play. It appears to only play YouTube videos.

2 – Twitter Feed: I just created a new Twitter page for my client, but how do I get it to load + display in the dev environment (not local)?

That’s it for now. I and my client absolutely love this template! You did a great job and I look forward to seeing more of your work! :O)

Hi, thank you for the kind words!

1) The template demo uses a Vimeo video, so it should work fine for you. If you are testing your site locally, make sure you add the “http:?” to the embed URL in the iframe.

2) You can follow the procedure in the documentation to set up the twitter feed – you need to create a twitter App to obtain user keys (4 different keys) and set them up in the twitter config file before your feed starts working.

Obtaining these keys is a requirement by Twitter’s API. I know this is a pain but there are no workarounds.

If you send me a link to your website i will see if i can help more than just guessing what your issues are :-)

Thanks again for the purchase and the feedback!

Hi simonswiss! Thanks so much for your feedback. I will try this now and let you know how it goes! Thanks!! :)

Great – let me know if i can do anything else to help :-)

Hi! I´m having problems with the contact form, I change the config.php <?php define(“WEBMASTER_EMAIL”, ‘‘); ?> but is not working at all, I have to change another info to make it work??

Is in a web server, I have to configure something else?? thanks for ther relply

Nothing else to configure for it to work, normally.

Can you give me access to your FTP (via my contact form)? I will have a look for you.

The form is not working because you’re trying to load an URL that’s outside the domain name in the AJAX request:


Did you set up that url somewhere?

Hey How r u I have bootstrap template and i want to upload on themeforest but i don’t know that it is acceptable or not

The demo link of my template is

Please check and give me suggestion..