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How do I set more columns for posts on the homepage (I currently see two, I would like 3-4 as in your sample, before clicking on live preview).

Also how do I change the color of the background of the post, when I use the “Quote” format? (it’s set to the default pink as in your sample).

Hi! 1. The number of columns on the site, depending on the screen resolution device. if you have a full HD and above you can see four columns if the less you see two or three.

Ok, thank you. How about my second question? How do I change the background color of the post, when I use the “Quote” format? (it’s set to the pink).

Hi! Unfortunately at this time you cannot change quote background color. We have added this feature in the list of updates, it will be available in future versions. Thank you!

Hi, this is a pre-purchase question. Is it possible to choose how many posts to show before the “Load More” button ? Is it possible to avoid the “Load More” button and show all the posts at the same time? Is it poossible to have page numbers ? Thank you for your time… Rajeev Thomas

Hi! 1. Is it possible to choose how many posts to show before the “Load More” button ? - Yes it is possible it is standard WordPress feature.

2. Is it possible to avoid the “Load More” button and show all the posts at the same time? Is it poossible to have page numbers ? Unfortunately not. Thank you!

can adds (google adsense) be between the posts?

Hi! Unfortunately no

OK, there is a possibility anywhere on the page to place adsense?

Hello, having issue with android firefox – pages with masonry are emty, only header and footer shown. All other js not working – sidebar menu. pages without masonry working fine. This issue also in default theme.

Hi guys, i’m searching about the menu bar on the left side. the slides are not slow all over. may i send you the side-link?

I modified the background colors of the main stylesheet and now the posts don’t appear on the mobile site. Where can I edit this CSS?

Does this work with WooCommerce products as well?

Hello. Is it possible to set full-width (with 2 or 3 columns) on the front page and archive pages without sidebar?

Hi, I think I’ve made a mistake I thought I was updating the theme, I deleted the old one and I downloaded it again, it failed the download, it’s saying it’s missing the style sheet css

Purchase code: 11fde893-20b7-45d9-b707-4d80cd66da07

Hi, I didn’t attach the code to the my prior message, I am concern about updating the theme, I deleted the old theme and downloaded the theme again from this site, when I uploaded it on wordpress it failed the upload saying that the stylesheet was missing…please help

When I upload “featured image” on a post, I sometimes edit the orientation of the picture. I then choose the saved image to the post. It looks fine on a browser on my laptop, but when I look in the mobile version, the photo orientation is back to the original. This has been true for all the photos I changed orientation for and set as “featured image.” please help.

I am having 2 more issues, and I believe it all has to do with editing/rotating the orientation of the photos. 1. I noticed that if I include the photos I edited orientation for in my gallery, then the gallery in the mobile version will still have the photos in the wrong orientation. 2. In the non-mobile version, if I try to use the facebook button to share a post that includes a gallery (with photos that have been edited in the same way), then the cover image becomes a blurred image with the wrong orientation. Basically, the only way things work correctly (in the mobile version and sharing with facebook) is if I never include a photo that’s been edited in its orientation/rotation. I really need this resolved. The look of the gallery, the mobile version, and the ease of sharing in social media were the reasons I purchased this theme. None of them are working correctly if I edit/rotate my photos.

After doing more research, I found out that this was a Wordpress issue, not the theme. If anyone is having similar problems, here is the link to a WP plugin that solved the issue for me:

hye..i need some to display menu(page) only in footer?

hye..i have problem with submenu.. how to fix it? my website under menu “sukan” should have—> tempatan and antarabangsa


Is this theme abandoned?

Hi. I have just bought your Wordpress Smoothie theme.

Could you please tell me if it is possible to load more posts in the in the Masonry view of the homepage by scrolling, rather than clicking the “Load More” link?

This functionality is part of the Wordpress Jetpack plugin, as well as other plugins.

I figured it may be as simple as turning this on somewhere in the functions.php file, but am stuck.

Many thanks


Damn, I didn’t realize this theme hadn’t been updated in 14 months. I guess that’s why there are no new features. I tried quite a few infinite scroll plugins, but none of them work well with this theme.

Hi. I bought your Theme “Smoothie” 2,5 years ago. Now I have a really big problem. Since 2 days ALL pics in the mobil version of my website are “broken”. There a only empty white borders. I dont know whats the problem and I dont change anything in css. PLEASE help me. The website ist Via desktop its also slow, but via mobile and iOS it doesnt show pics. No titlepics, no gallery pic – nothing. Pls help me.


dcutlip Purchased

Hi, please, what is the recommended imagem dimension?

Hi, pre-sale question here. On the home page of the theme demo, over the masonry tile of most of the post types, there is a “Share” button on the lower edge of the tile. But on the tile for the quote post type (Marilyn Monroe) it does not appear. Is it possible to have the “Share” button appear on the tile for quote posts? Thanks!

Hi there, I really have a big problem. After I did a plugin update I got an error. There was only a white side and everything seemed to be gone. When I login it comes only the white side with “The requested URL /wp-login was not found on this server.” I can not do anything. I think my blog is still there and that the problem is with the plugins. Can you please help me? Thanks a lot!!!