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So cute. Fantastic job.

Thank you!

Nice work! Turbo? ;)

Hey, thanks! I didn’t know of Turbo until now. The inspiration came from an actual snail.

Congratulations Great work , Good Luck With Sales :)

Thank you! Good luck yourself.

Nice work! Good luck :)

Thank you. Good luck to you too.

Hello, Was wondering how to “implement the behavior of the save function in order to save the user-provided e-mail address (store it locally, send it in an e-mail or save it in the database).” i have the two files open for editing, just not sure what code goes there.

Thanks in advance!

This is up to you. The reason I left that space blank was so that you can implement your own solution, depending on the environment you have set up (using Zend or another PHP framework, for example).

Appending to a local “filename.exe”

$fileName = dirname(__FILE__) . '/filename.txt'; file_put_contents($fileName, file_get_contents($fileName) . PHP_EOL . $emailAddress));

Sending via e-mail

mail('your@address.com', 'New subscriber', $emailAddress);

Storing in MySql

mysqli_connect("localhost","db_username","db_password","database_name"); mysqli_query( "INSERT INTO `table_name` (`subscribers`) VALUES '" . mysql_real_escape_string($emailAddress) . "'");

I would strongly suggest you seek the help of a PHP programmer for this.

I will update the code shortly to include the above examples, with added security measures.

Template very cute. :)

You, very awesome :grin:

Hello Stephino, Because I thought the contact.php en newsletter.php files where easy to change I purchased Snaily. But it is not easy at all. Please will you help me out as you said 13 day’s ago to dictation_depot and update the code with some examples? Thanks for your help.

Regards from Holland.

Thanks for yoour fast reply, Stephino. I am waiting for your update(s). I have another question; I am living in Holland/Europe, how can I chance the hour in one hour earlier? Regards from Holland.

The update with the PHP code you requested is pending review. As for the GMT settings, I’m not quite sure, I must recheck the code first so I could give you an answer. But this is an interesting request so I’ll code the option of specifying a GMT location with the next update.

Thank you!

The updated PHP code works perfect Stephino. Thanks! I rated the script with 5 stars. I am waiting for your GMT settings, would be very nice!

Amazing job Stephino ! One of the cutest templates I have seen till date ! I would say it a must have template for all the portals in the launching stage.

Thank you so much!

We have integrated a preview control panel in all our themes. You can now play with it to customize the design live!

Please make sure to clear out your cache before checking out the preview if you are a recurrent visitor!

Thank you.

Can you provide me a full set of newsletter.php and contact.php, what should be delete and kept if select db or save local method, I kept getting an error “Could not contact host, Please try again latter”.

Does the item load correctly? You should see the “Snaily” index.html page loaded in your web browser.

You should check that the forms <form method=”post” action=”/newsletter.php” class=”validate text-center”> actually lead to the contact.php and newsletter.php files. If the item is installed on a primary domain or subdomain you should have no issue. If it is placed in a subfolder, make sure to replace action=”/newsletter.php” with action=”newsletter.php”.

If the problem is deeper than this, it has nothing to do with this simple 3-files HTML and PHP item.

Thank you.

thank god, that’s it. should remove / . thanks very much.

You are welcome!

I will make sure to include this in the next update.

Thank you and have a great day!