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Something new, simple and nice at the same time! Good luck with sales ;)

Thanks! I do what I can ;)

Unique !
Wish you many sales with this, Nice Job :)

Very nice theme. Goodluck with the sales!


I have some embedded images in posts. Is it possible to get them the same white border as the featured images have?

If yes, which line of code I must add to style.css to get this?

Regard, r.

Hi Rappel, Thanks for the purchase. Please a thread in my support forum and I’ll help you over there.

Preview is pulling a 500 error .. I’ll check back later..


Hmmm… looks fine for me.

Thanks man.

hi, does this have Infinite scroll feature? just checking.

It does not. I wanted to put it in actually, but since the posts themselves are to jQuery heavy it just wouldn’t be able to do it. The new posts would load, but the text on top of the images wouldn’t size because the jQuery for that runs on page load.

ahh i get it. thanks for explaining. great theme!

The items on the home page: can they preview/be link to pages rather than posts?

No, they’re all posts. You’d have to do a little customization to it to display for pages.


Nice theme. I have a few questions before I buy …

1. Is video supported? if I embedded a video onto an imageless post, would it show on the homepage? 2. Are the posts custom posts or regular WP posts 3. Do images resize automatically? 4. Does the main image have to have text, can t be switched off on a per post basis? 5. Is it possible to remove the test and the opacity when in single post view – so the image is fully visible without the dimmed effect and the text.

Trying to see if the theme will work for what I have planned.

Thank you.

Thanks for the interest!

1 – No, I did not include support for video on the home page. If you embed it into post it will show up on the single post page. Depending on the demand, I may look into that for future updates.

2 – Regular Posts. There are no custom post types in Snapcase.

3 – Yes they do. I make use of the WP Featured Images. For Retina Display, your original image should be at least 1200px wide.

4 – If you don’t put any text in the text panel ( ) nothing will show up over the image and the divs and spans inside will be removed from the output to keep the code clean.

5 – Absolutely. There is also an option to remove the captions from single post pages sitewide. When there is no caption, the fading doesn’t happen. You can see this setting in the screenshots for the theme on the ‘basic’ tab.

I hope that helps!

Fantastic. Thank you.

Good luck with sales dude!


I think it would be fine, if you can add a nice navigation between blog-posts (< >) in an upcoming update.

Thanks and regard,


Thought about that myself! Will do!

Looks awesome, I have one question though. Is it possible to use a custom field for the featured image on the home page?

I’m not sure what you mean. A custom field to do what?


a further proposal for an update: a gallery-site-template für specific collections.

What do you think about this?

Regad, r.

WP galleries are already supported in Snapcase. Is that what you mean or are you wanting something else? Care to elaborate?

Hey, if I wanted to put my logo at the top of the page would that be possible? How does that work?

Absolutely. It’s an option in the backend. You simply upload it in the theme options panel. You can see how that looks in the screenshots.

Great. Sorry, I keep thinking of questions. Does the theme provide the ability to easily add advertisements?

Well there’s not really a dedicated ad space, no. It’s more of a personal blog. You could add in ads in the sidebar with a widget, but the only place they really display on every page is in the footer and in the drawer (which is hidden on every page)

Simple and cool. Great theme! Is video also supported? I would like to put video sometimes instead of just photo, if I am gonna use this theme.

Sure, the body text is Helvetica, and the heading font options are Franchise, Nevis, Bitter, and Museo Slab.

Hi again. Is it possible to open a blog entry in “Full Width” mode every time whenever I click one of big photo(a blog entry) in the main page? Also, Is it easy to customize to put the images smaller on the main page? Thanks for your patience and responses.

Welcome back ;)

Blog entries don’t have a ‘full width’ other than the image on top. If you wanted to remove the sidebar on the page and widen it you’d have to mess with the code in single.php a bit. I could help you with that in the support forum.

Smaller images will work fine. They’ll automatically center themselves.

Hey. When I upload the logo, the logo shows, but I get this right above it.

Warning: getimagesize() [function.getimagesize]: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration in /homepages/32/d364735025/htdocs/pfg/wp-content/themes/snapcase/header.php on line 61

Warning: getimagesize( [function.getimagesize]: failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found in /homepages/32/d364735025/htdocs/pfg/wp-content/themes/snapcase/header.php on line 61

Could you post this in my support forum please?


beautiful! Is it possible to add as many photos i want in an article?

You can add as many as you want and use the WP gallery feature as seen on this post:

The image with the text over the top of it uses Featured Images, so you can only have one of those per post.

Hi I tried to make a post with an image, but the image doesn’t show up on the home page. Please help.

thank you

Did you the images as Featured Images?

Please open a thread in my support forum and I can help you out over there if you still can’t figure it out.

So, I am sincerely in love with the massive photo. I am really looking for a template where I can have a blog with all the photos that size and where I don’t have to click into the post to see the whole thing. The full posts visible on the home page. Would your theme do that? I noticed you answered that I can add as many photos as I want to a post, but does it have to be in galleries? Or can they all be the size of the featured? Maybe have more than one featured image? I suppose what I’m really wondering is how customizable it is. I’ve had bad luck with buying themes and not being able to do much with them.

Each post can only do one big giant image like that. Anything else added would be in the post content (I hope that makes sense). But, you could always make a post for each photo – that’s more along the lines of what this theme was made for. It’s a photoblog rather than a photographer’s portfolio.

I hope that helps!

Tried to sign up for support but… What is a purchase code? I can’t find it anywhere….

However, I am leaving you a comment which shows I purchased the file. Please let me know where to find my purchase code, and I’ll be happy to provide it. I’m just trying to figure out why I keep getting the error message at the top of this page:



All fixed!! Thanks again. Rated 5 Stars

Sure thing! Thanks for the rating!