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Fantastic. You’ve done a great job on this one.

Thank you sir, glad you like it :)

There appears to be a small problem with the responsive menu in Chrome when resizing the browser.

Thanks for letting me know i’ll check this now.

Nice work! Congrats and good luck with sales ;)


Very beautifull template, especially navigation! GLWS!!

Thank you, glad you like it.

Good job! Any chance for Wordpress version in the future?

Will check to see how many request on this one, glad you like it.

Awesome Work ! Good Luck :)

Thank you :)

Nice job, i checked the website on the phone and the navigation does not resize :( even the buy mu app now button looks weird.

There is no need to have a navigation resize it looks and works properly, if don’t like the buttons you can always hide them, it’s a matter of preference/taste a simple display:none will do the trick, and on the navigation you can always use the built in bootstrap responsive nav.

I think “aaronlobo” is saying that when you resize your browser to make it narrower (< 800px) it looses the black background and is no longer a “sticky nav” when scrolling vertically. Something not quite right with the CSS media queries?

What happen is that there is a problem with scroll events on ios wich makes it a little buggy check this article, besides that i still don’t know why the way some guys check the sites by dragging the window browser to resize at certain width, when on ios / androids you have an static / fix width i.e. ipad 1024X768 or iphone 480X320 / so the way to go about it is use the chrome / firefox responsive tools and then check the site bound those width / height.

Awesome theme!

Looking forward to a WordPress version :)

Thank you, i’ll let you know :)

Is this wordpress theme or an HTML theme

This is an HTML theme.

Great site! Is there a way to fix the navigation to top of browser? I am not looking for the nav to fade in as your scroll but simply stay fixed to top of screen.

Thanks for the purchase, yes there is a way to have it at the top add this to your css

.navbar-fixed-top, .navbar-fixed-bottom{
   position: absolute;
let me know if that helps / and if you have anymore enquiries :) happy to help.

Dear Moosethemes, first of all congratulations for the template, it’s really well done .. are almost willing to buy it, but the only problem is that I need a little change with regard to the “portfolio”. I love those frames, but inserting an image that is larger than the frame itself, so even a picture in full HD, the frame is enlarged or not?

If you could give me more information, I would pay even more for a site that includes only the section portfolio and blog, and maintains the same style of this template.

P.S: sorry for my bad english, but I have a nice budget for buy your eventually template, if you like I can give you my mail…

Hi Ryuzakiprop thank you for your kind words :), about the images yes you can customize it however you like right now it’s using a span3 you can change it to spanx x= any #include fancybox to enlarge the images, ( sky is the limit ) also if you would like to have it customize to fit your needs let me know and i can help you with that.

Any updates on a Wordpress version of this theme being released in the near future? Really love the design. Thanks!

Sorry but right now i do not have any plans on creating a wp theme, if i decide to go that route i’ll let you know. Cheers.

Hello, very nice theme. I am wondering if it’s possible to use a plain color for the nav area (menu area) instead of the slider background. At least add a mask to make it darker. And also I use ie9 to browse it and the same are (menu) looks broken, I just see a light gray color instead of the slider background that I see using chrome and other browsers. Thanks in advance

Can’t believe you help me this much! This has to be the best support ever!!!

You’re very welcome!, thanks for the purchased and for supporting my work!

When will you fix the responsive issue in Chrome when the window is maximum and you click to float? thanks

I’m sorry that you are having problems, but could you be more descriptive with the issue? maybe some screenshots? an URL, I don’t follow “when the window is maximum and you click to float” i’ll wait for your response thanks :)

Great looking design. Purchased. Hoping to maintain the navigation while inserting some type of iframe for another site. Basically we are using it as a Kiosk and need to allow visting other sites with the navigation to remain. Any thoughts?

Hi claurenson, glad you like it :), it all comes down to rename/reuse the classes that the main nav already uses, so basically inside of the iframe you should be using/inserting the same structure of the main nav, so in that way you just need to adjust the specificity or add some classes i.e.

<iframe id="mynav"> <nav>....</nav></iframe>
, once you have implemented let me take a look to the url so i can give a better advice on that one. P.S. Thanks for the purchased!

I can’t get the social icons to show up for some reason.

Hi 212bydesign, thanks for the purchase if you could please give me a url so i can check the code and further assist you.

Regards David Moosethemes

Well done Moose Themes on Snap-On Responsive WD I had to score this one for my new project. thanks :)

Thank you, glad you like it!, if you need my help i’m here :),
Regards Moosethemes

Hello, I want to know how I can put the twitter because I copy the code and it’s not working. Another things is I want to put a google map in the page of contact, it’s possible to do that? I’ll appreciate your help, thank you very much.