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Looks wonderful, wish you the best with sales!

Good useful product, will make the task easy for Gadget sellers to make a website. Well done

Nice one.. good luck :)

Congratulations Great work. Wish you best of luck!
Salam sukses :)

Awesome work. All best!

nice work on this.. good luck!

Nice !

added to favorite :)

But, Please make it support RTL Right to Lfet, for Arabs.

once u make that, Ill purchase .

Really great!Like the theme :)

Hi, I bought this theme and got a question. I wanted to change the default header image on each page and post. (the picture of a camera) So I uploaded an image on the ‘header’ and ‘background’ option, but failed to change it. Can you tell me how, please?


We have fixed custom header in the latest version. please update your theme. you can get it from download page.

Thank you.

Thank you! :)

Hi. Firstly great theme. I’m having a couple of issues.

1) I’ve switched the language to Spanish and now the products are showing a 404 page. With the new Spanish pages, it’s changed products to productos and this link come up with error /producto/pen-loop-negro-2/. If I change producto to product in the URL, it works. How do I standardise all products to show under ‘productos’ URL?

2) The thumbnail images on home page are very distorted. I’ve uploaded a large image size but it seems as if they’ve been resized too small and showing bigger than the saved thumbnail size.

3) How do I edit MY ACCOUNT / CART / LOGOUT etc into Spanish?



1. We do not implement the permalink translation yet.

2. You need to set the image size from woocommerce->setting->product, and here is the recomended image size for snapshop product :

3. You can use Plugin “CodeStyling Localization” to translate it. for further details you can read this tutorial :

Hi there, awesome theme…kerennn No catalog mode option for woocommerce?

Hi, i’d like to translate the template, was wondering if you happen to have a spanish translation already done. If not i’ll send you mine once done, but i never did a translation, can you give me a hint on this?


Please open new ticket at : . our team will help you as soon as possible.

Hi, I’ve bought you theme, Redaing your guide and trying to install dummy data, but can’t find this button in Theme Options, please help with this. Also when trying to Import data with WP importer – texts and products are importing, images not.

And so? Where is the Dummy content button????


1. You can found Theme Options menu in Appearance->Theme Options

2. Which do you mean with dummy content button?

For further question please open new ticket here : our team will help you as soon as possible.

From you documentation, section: How to Install Your Theme: You can import this file by clicking the “Import dummy data” Button of the Theme Options. .... Cant find this button (

Wah ternyata yang buat orang Indonesia toh, hehehe…

Mas mau nanya, itu icon home biar jadi gambar gmn ya? Bukan tulisan..

Makasih :D


Silahkan masukkan custom class pada menu home, contohnya cek disini :

oke thanks

I have purchase this template and cannot get it to show as in the demo, I just get half a picture of the demo camera where i want the slide show to be and I want the slide show to start at the top of the page and it will not do this, it starts halfway down the page under the demo camera picture can you help



i’m not really understand your question, we want you tell more details about it. please open new ticket here :

No problem resolved the issue, I had to set the home page default template to home and then from Theme Options set the Slider short code for homepage

Hi, my previous problem solved with reconfig server. Sorry for your time. Also have another: when clicking on product select options/add to cart (plus sign on hover) from iPhone/iPad or other mobile page scrolls to top because of ”#” link, how can i solve this?

And this also solved by removing #. )))


I have got an issue with this theme. I could not add the slides for Home Page. I use the Revolution Slider. When I add a shortcode to the Theme options in the form [rev_slider home] no slider displays. I installed all of the plugins required to the theme except “XTENSIONPRESS Woocommerce Catalog Mode”, because I could not install it. Althought, I do not think that is the problem. Please could you help me with this. Thank you.


Can you tell me your site url? we will check it directly.

It is: will you need a password to admin?

Hi Majur,

Yes we need a username and passwork to access your admin page. so, please open new ticket here : and give us the details account there.

Thank You.

How to set portfolio page as homepage? And why it can`t show PIC on my portfolio page? Thanks


1. The portfolio page should be created before. 2. You must create some portfolio item from post type “portfolio” 3. You must set the front page display to “portfolio”. Go to Settings->Reading->Front page display. please see this screenshot :

Hope It helps.

Hi there, Great Theme. I’m wondering if you can tell me where I can adjust the newsletter blurb – I have your demo content in place at the moment and just need to customize it to our content. Thanks in advance


Please paste the form template inside this file : to your WP MAILCHIMP from setting. it will make your subscribe form same as our demo.

Thank You.